Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School

Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School

j=zam3 sun3 wui2 lui3 ming4 coi4 zong1 hok6
p=Jìnxìnhuì Lǔmíngcái Zhōngxué
name = Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School

imagesize = 260px
motto = "The fear of the Lord is the beginning
of wisdom, and the knowledge of the
Holy One is understanding. (Proverbs 9:10)"
location = 11 Yuen Wo Road, Sha Tin District,
flagicon|Hong Kong Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
free_label = Motto
free_text = "Míng Dào Zhì Zhī" (明道致知)
religion = Christian
denomination = Baptist
oversight = Hong Kong Baptist Convention
founder = Lui Ming Choi Foundation
established = 1978
fundingtype = Direct Subsidy Scheme
schooltype = Grammar, day, secondary school
principal = Mr. Cheng Cho-chak
viceprincipal = Mr. Lam chik-keung
Mr. Lau Hon-tong
Mr. Yeung Kwok-kin
classes = 31
classrooms = 42
students = 1226
grades = Form 1 to Form 7
gender = co-education
language = Instruction: English
Administration: Chinese
houses = Red House, Yellow House, Blue House, Green House
yearbook = Fly Over BLMCSS (飛越呂中)
newspaper = "Míng Dào" (明道)
publication = "Qīng Miáo" (青苗)
feeders = [ BLMCPS] and
free_label2 = Philosophy
free_text2 = Christian-style whole-person education
free_label3 = Student union
free_text3 = democratic, with election on a one-student-one-vote basis
website = []

Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School (BLMCSS) is a secondary school in Hong Kong. It was established in 1978 by the Hong Kong Baptist Convention. Situated in the new town Sha Tin of Hong Kong, the school is a co-educational grammar school offering education at the first to seventh form levels education in Hong Kong. English is the major medium of instruction whereas Cantonese Chinese are used for subjects like Chinese History, Chinese Literature etc., and Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua) is also taught.

School ethos

Under the Hong Kong Baptist Convention, the school was founded by the Lui Ming Choi Foundation. It is one of the five secondary schools operating under the supervision of the Convention. The School’s motto is "明道致知" in Chinese , derived from the idea of Zhu Xi, a Confucianist in Song Dynasty and incorporated this into Christian belief, which means "understanding God’s teachings to become wise and intellectual". This concludes the expectation for its graduates. The school aims at enhancing student's virtue (德), wisdom (智), physique (體), fellowship (群), aesthetics (美) and spirituality (靈). The Christian-styled education of the school is reflected in the quote from the Bible displayed at the main entrance of the campus. It says: "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding." (Proverbs 9:10).

Though the School holds the spread of the Gospel to be one of its missions, the atmosphere is relatively open and liberal, not only in the religious aspect, but also the socio-political. Till to date, the School and its Student Union hold memorial service and activities concerning the Tiananmen Square protests and June Fourth Movement which happened in mainland China, 1989.


Situated at the bank of Shing Mun River, the campus development is restrained. Nonetheless, the school extended the new wing in 1999 and undertook renovation and classroom reshuffle in order to facilitate the setting up of its multimedia laboratory and language laboratory. In the construction plan, a roof garden was included. The building of garden expanded the very limited space in where casual activities or even relaxation for students and staff could be taken place. Apart from classrooms and congregation hall, the school equips with science laboratories, playgrounds, rooms for various kinds of art, language and multimedia facilities for modern education. The school applied to Education Bureau (EDB) in 2007 for a new campus site reserved under the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation Tai Wai Maintenance Centre Property Development Project, but lost to Shatin Tsung Tsin Secondary School.

Education reform of Hong Kong

Witnessing the vast change brought by the education reform in Hong Kong, the school was transformed to fit into the new environment and well preserve its teaching and learning quality. The new curriculum with new highlight on social science and liberal studies will be introduced. Syllabi for public examination for the entrance of university will soon be revised to catch the structural change of Hong Kong's educational system, from seven years secondary education to six years whilst one more year will be added to tertiary education.

The school has a strong structure bounding both internally and externally. The 3 main internal bodies, the Parents' Association, the Alumni Association and the Student Union, engage intimately in various aspects of school operations. Externally, the School has strong linkages with secondary schools over the city and educational institutions. In 2004, the Education and Manpower Bureau named the school as one of the twenty school tiding direct partnership with the best 20 in mainland China.

tudent exchange

It is one of the few secondary schools hosting an international student exchange programme. Each year, there is at least one foreign student joining in for one academic year. In the past, there were exchange students from France, Iceland, the United States, Australia, Denmark, Greenland, Germany, Czech Republic, and so on. Local students are encouraged to apply for exchange opportunities abroad. There are around 5 to 10 senior form pupils experiencing their life-time adventures on different continents.

Class structure

Like most other secondary schools in Hong Kong, Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School serves form 1 through form 7. Form 1 to 3 are Junior classes; 4 and 5 are Certificate; and, 6 and 7 are Matriculation.

Junior classes studies subjects of all streams like languages, computer, arts, science, sports and many others. As a Christian school, studied of bible is included in the curriculum. Certificate classes are targeted at the HKCEE, an open certificate examination for secondary education. Students are divided into arts, business or science stream according to their interests. For matriculation, their studies is further divided and confined within their preferred stream.

From the academic year 2009, the Form 4 class will be ceased, and those calsses will be replaced into NS1, NS2 and NS3 respectively to complying with the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education. [ [ Class Structure and Subject Offered] (accessed 4/11/2007)]

House system

In this school, all students and all teaching staffs are assigned into one of the four houses, they are called Red House (紅社), Yellow House (黃社), Blue House (藍社) and Green House (綠社) respectively. In each teaching year, there are several competitions held between those four houses including the Swimming Gala and Athlete Meet. And some of other matches are also competited among those four houses. Yellow House is the overall champion this year (07-08).

Extracurricular Activities

The School traditionally accommodates an active student body. Students participate widely in programmes and competitions of sports, music, performing arts, technological innovation and so on. There are more than 80 extracurricular activities students, most numerous options among schools in Hong Kong. Numerous students secured prestigious awards like Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarship in Hong Kong.

Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School boasts as one of the HK secondary schools with the largest variety of extracurricular activities for students to participate in, with particular strengths in sports, drama, and music. Many prizes have been awarded to the students of BLMCSS. Below is a list of student clubs:

*Student Union
*Academic Societies: Art Society, Home Economics Society, Europe Club, Bridge Club, Mathematics Society, etc.
*Service: Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Red Cross, Peer Support Scheme, Stage Support team
*Sports: PE Society and other ball teams
*Music: Music Society, and more than 30 different instrument class, including both Western and Chinese instruments
*Drama: Drama Club (Drama is a compulsory academic subject for F.1 - F.3 students)

tudent union

The Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School Student Union (also known as BLMCSSSU or LMCSU) has the longest history in its sort among schools in the East New Territories. Formed in 1983, the Student Union has been playing a key role in students' activities, as well as external involvement. Departments of the Union organise ranges of programme and activity to enhance learning experience and campus life. It also connects the student population with other schools' fellows through joint schools functions and friendly dialogues.

The Union is a democratic organisation which consists of two main bodies: the Executive Committee, which is the cabinet executing mandated power, and the Representative Council, holding power of amending the Constitution of the Union, passing working plans, budgets, approving reports, debate and vote on Committee proposals. In principle, the Committee and the Council cooperate to enact and push forward any proposals and plans. The principal acts as the President-in-Nomine. 2 to 3 teaching staff are assigned by the Principal to be Advisors to supervise and guide the operation of the Union, whom are seen to be real supervisors. The Committee coordinates working schedule and details with Advisors' consent, though not bounded in the Constitution.

The Constitution had been initially drafted in the early 1980s when several minor amendments were taken. It was until years around 1999 to 2001, the Constitution was completely reviewed. Two new drafts were proposed to the Council where the second one, which is the currently enforced one, were passed on the 19th Union Council. During those years, there was deep division among student leaders and head teaching staff. The conflict was ended up with a Committee concession to modify the more radical edition into a moderate one. Nevertheless, the period of quarrel divided the student leadership into polars that affected the politics in subsequent Committees.

Electoral system

The Committee is elected annually and elections are held by the Election Committee under the Council. All students of the School are eligible to cast one vote against proposed cabinet(s). They choose between or among one of the cabinets, or cast a confidence vote towards the single proposed cabinet. Usually, proposed cabinet(s) acquire 3 to 4 weeks to campaign. During the campaigning period, there are 2 rounds of policy debates held in the compulsory basis in front of all students, where they can post questions against cabinet(s). If no valid result were generated, the Election Committee will meet and hold the second round of election, till the third round, after that the President-in-Nomine will assign a student to be the Chairperson to form his/her cabinet.

Counselors are elected once a year. There is one seat for every class, therefore 31 in total. The method adopted is simple majority and monitored by the class teacher at the academic year commencement in September. Nomination is open to all in the class except members in any proposed cabinet(s) in the Committee election. Generally, most senior will seek incumbency and have sort of association with proposed cabinet(s) to complete the political system of the Union.


There are 99 staffs in LMC.
*Principal: Mr CHENG CHO CHAK
*Vice-principal: Mr LAM CHIK KEUNG
*Vice-principal: Mr LAU HON TONG
*Vice-principal: Mr YEUNG KWOK KIN


Due to the influence of the serving culture in their alma mater, alumni are observed in facets of social commitment. Large portion of graduates pitched themselves into education, some of them in academic research. Similarly large portion achieved qualification in professions like legal, medical services, and engineering business.

Notable alumni

* Chiu, Wai Tak (趙慧德): Members, the Gay Singers (well-known local "a capella" group)
* Fong, Ngai (方毅): Assistant Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs, HKSAR Government
* Ho, Siu Fong (何小芳), MBChB: Medical Practitioner, Médecins Sans Frontières Hong Kong
* Lam, Ching Man (林正文) : Co-Founder, Hong Kong Secondary Students Union
* Lau, Chong Fuk (劉創馥), PhD : Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, the Chinese University of Hong Kong
* Ng, Cheuk Yin (伍卓賢): Composer, lyricist, musicians, and performer
* Ng, Gene Bond (伍展邦): Co-Founder, Hong Kong Secondary Students Union
* Sun, Ka Yee (孫嘉兒) : Swimmer, Hong Kong Swimming Team; Record Holder for Hong Kong 50m Long Pool Breast Stroke
* Tam, Chung Ming (譚俊明): Cyclist, Hong Kong Cycling Team
* To, Wan Wai (杜蘊慧): Former correspondent and anchor, TVB News
* Wong, Sau Mei (王秀媚): Teacher of Fung Yiu King Seconday School, died in Pak Sin Ling hill fire on 10th February 1996 while attempting to save her student hiking team.
* Wong, Sze Heng (黃思荇): Editor, RTHK Chinese Radio News

ee also

* Education in Hong Kong


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* [ Baptist (Sha Tin Wai) Lui Ming Choi Primary School]

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