.307 Winchester

.307 Winchester

The 307 Winchester cartridge was introduced by Winchester in 1982 to meet the demand of .300 Savage performance in a lever-action rifle equipped with a tubular magazine. It is basically a rimmed version of the .308 Winchester cartridge with thicker case walls.

The Winchester Model 94 Angle Eject rifle was the only rifle produced to fire the cartridge, though Marlin created some prototype model 336 rifles chambered in .307 Win. It is still loaded today, but many handload to gain better performance & accuracy. It is recommended that only flat-nosed bullets be used.


180 gr (12 g) Super-X Power-Point bullet.Ballistic Coefficient: 0.251

DistanceVelocityEnergyShort TrajectoryLong Trajectory
Muzzleconvert|2510|ft/s|m/s|abbr=onAuto ft.lbf|2519|0--
convert|50|yd|m|abbr=on--0.3 in-
convert|100|yd|m|abbr=onconvert|2179|ft/s|m/s|abbr=onAuto ft.lbf|1898|00.0 in1.5 in
convert|150|yd|m|abbr=on---2.2 in0
convert|200|yd|m|abbr=onconvert|1874|ft/s|m/s|abbr=onAuto ft.lbf|1404|0-6.5 in-3.6 in
convert|250|yd|m|abbr=on---13.3 in-9.6 in
convert|300|yd|m|abbr=onconvert|1599|ft/s|m/s|abbr=onAuto ft.lbf|1022|0-22.9 in-18.6 in
convert|400|yd|m|abbr=onconvert|1362|ft/s|m/s|abbr=onAuto ft.lbf|742|0--47.1 in
convert|500|yd|m|abbr=onconvert|1177|ft/s|m/s|abbr=onAuto ft.lbf|554|0--93.7 in

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