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The Go! Team

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Img_capt = The Go! Team playing at "Accelerator The Big One" in Stockholm, 2004
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Indie rock
Hip Hop
Years_active = 2000—present
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Current_members = Ian Parton
Chi Fukami Taylor
Kaori Tsuchida
Jamie Bell
Sam Dook
Past_members = Silke Steidinger

The Go! Team are an English, Brighton-based six piece band (with two drummers) whose songs are a mixture of action theme songs, cheerleader chants, guitars and early hip hop, with a hint of '70s funk. Their songs are a mix of live instrumentation and samples from various sources.


Ian Parton conceived the project after wanting to create music incorporating his favourite things including Sonic Youth-style guitars, double dutch chants, and car chase horn music. [cite episode|title= 4Play - The Go! Team|url=|station=Channel 4|airdate=October 2005] He started jamming these sounds together and eventually recorded "Thunder, Lightning, Strike" in his parents' kitchen. [cite web|url=|title=Ready, steady...GO!|author=Linda Serck|publisher=BBC|date=2007-06-08]

"Thunder, Lightning, Strike"

The Go! Team's first full-length album, "Thunder, Lightning, Strike", was released in the UK and Europe on the Memphis Industries label in September 2004, to widespread critical acclaim.

In June 2004, Ian Parton recruited a band in order to play as a supporting act for Franz Ferdinand.cite web|url=|title=The Go! Team is On!|author= Erik Leijon|publisher=PopMatters] The live band became a "separate entity" to the original studio vision, as the performances became radically different from the recordings, particularly due to Ninja's freestyled vocals, in contrast to the sampled vocals present on the album.

The album was nominated for the Mercury Prize in 2005, which coincided with an international release of a "legal" version of the album wherein the album was partially re-recorded, replacing samples which could not be cleared for commercial use with alternatives.

The band's popularity increased with the re-issue of "Ladyflash" in the UK, resulting in national primetime airplay on radio stations such as BBC Radio 1 and the Atlanta, USA based 99X. They achieved further popularity when their single "Get It Together" from "Thunder, Lightning, Strike" was featured in trailers for the videogame "LittleBigPlanet", with the song eventually becoming identified with the game. []

"Proof of Youth"

On the 13th of May 2007, The Go! Team announced the release of their new single and subsequent album on their website. [cite web|url=|title=News|date=2007-05-13|accessdate=2007-09-10]

The single, "Grip Like a Vice", was released on 2 July 2007, and the new album, called "Proof of Youth", was released on 10 September in the UK and a day later in the US. The new record continues The Go! Team’s mix of samples, live band recordings and an array of special guests, including hip-hop legend Chuck D, electro diva Solex and Bonde do Rolê ex-singer Marina Ribatski. [cite web|url=|title=There's an "I" in The Go! Team|date=2007-09-14|accessdate=2007-09-14] Their new single "Milk Crisis" was released via free download on 21 July 2008. They later released a 2-disc limited edition of the record with b-sides of the album including "Milk Crisis", "Phantom Broadcast", "A Version Of Myself", and a remix of "Grip Like a Vice" by Black Affair.In 2008 The Go! Team contributed the song "Templates from Home" to the Survival International charity album, "Songs for Survival".


* Ian Parton - electric guitar, harmonica, and drums
* Sam Dook - electric guitar, banjo, bass, and drums
* Chi Fukami Taylor - drums, vocals
* Kaori Tsuchida - vocals, electric guitar, keys, and melodica (replaced Silke Steidinger (Now In Kaputt), Autumn 2006)
* Jamie Bell - bass
* Ninja - rapper/vocalist



* "Thunder, Lightning, Strike" (2004) #48 UK
* "Proof of Youth" (2007) #21 UK, #142 US, #1 UK Indie


* "Junior Kickstart" 7", 12" and CD single (2003)
* "The Power Is On" 12" Single (2004)
* "Ladyflash" 7" and CD Single (2004) #68 UK
* "Bottle Rocket" 7" and CD Single (2005) #64 UK
* "Ladyflash" (re-issue) 7" and CD Single (2006) #26 UK
* "Grip Like a Vice" Single (2007) #57 UK
* "Doing It Right" Single (2007) #55 UK, #3 UK Indie
* "The Wrath of Marcie" Single (19 Nov 2007)
* "Milk Crisis" Single via free download (21 July 2008)


* "Get It Together" 7" EP (2000)
* "Are You Ready for More?" (Australian Tour EP) (2005)
* "Audio Assault Course" (College Radio Sessions) (2006)
* "Step and Repeat" (8 Track EP) (2006)


ee also

*Night-life and popular music of Brighton and Hove

External links

* [ The Go! Team] - official website
* [ Memphis Industries: The Go! Team] - UK label-operated band website
* [ Official sub pop Records website] - US label-operated band website
* [ The Go! Team at Lollapalooza]

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