French Barracuda class submarine

French Barracuda class submarine

The "Barracuda" class is a planned nuclear attack submarine class of the French "Marine Nationale", designed by the French shipbuilder DCNS to replace the "Rubis" class submarines.

"Barracudas" will use technology from the "Triomphant class", including pump jet propulsion. They will be fitted with torpedo-tube-launch cruise missiles for long-range strikes against land targets. Their missions will include anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare, land attack, intelligence gathering, crisis management and special operations. The "Barracuda" will use X-shaped stern planes.

The "Barracuda" class nuclear reactor incorporates several improvements over that of the preceding "Rubis". Notably, it extends the time between refuelling and complex overhauls (RCOHs) from 7 to 10 years, enabling higher at-sea availability.

In support of special operations missions, "Barracudas" may also accommodate up to 12 commandos, while carrying their equipment in a mobile pod attached aft of the sail. [ [ France’s Future SSNs: The Barracuda Class - Defense Industry Daily ] ]

On 2006-12-22 the French government placed a €7.9 billion order for six "Barracuda" submarines with DCN and their nuclear powerplants with Areva-Technicatome. [cite news | title = France orders six 'Barracuda' class nuclear-driven submarines | publisher = Agence France Presse | date = 2006-12-22 | accessdate = 2006-12-23] According to the DGA “Competition at the subcontractor level will be open to foreign companies for the first time.” [ [ Navy League of the United States - Citizens in Support of the Sea Services ] ] The first submarine will be delivered in 2016. Alain Aupetit, DCN's "Barracuda" programme director, said “The gap between the delivery of boats one and two will be two-and-a-half years.... After that, we will deliver one boat every two years through to the delivery of the last submarine in 2026.”

The names have been selected for the Barracuda class. The first submarine will be called "Suffren", and will be followed by the "Duguay-Trouin", "Dupetit-Thouars", "Duquesne", "Tourville" and "De Grasse", the order of these five following submarines being subject to change. [ [ Les noms des futurs sous-marins nucléaires français dévoilés] 30/05/2007]


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