Alexander Soloviev (historian)

Alexander Soloviev (historian)

Alexander Soloviev (Serbian: Александар Соловјев, Russian: Александр Соловьёв) (1890 – 1971) was a Slavist, researcher of the Bogumils, Serbian heraldry, philately, archeology, translator from Russian and French, and professor of history of Slavonic and Byzantine law at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law and Sarajevo as well.

Soloviev came to Yugoslavia from Russia in the 1920s with tens of thousands of other White Russian immigrants. Following the communist takeover in the Yugoslavia, both he and his wife were arrested and exiled from the country in 1949. He became professor of Slavic studies at the University of Geneva (1951 - 1961). Subsequently, he continued his career in Washington, D.C. Soloviev concluded his doctoral studies in Belgrade in 1928, and his thesis was on the legislature of Serbia on Stefan Uroš IV Dušan of Serbia. For a short time, he also lectured at the University of Lvov, where he published his research on Dušan's Code in Polish. His father, Vasili Fyodorovich Soloviev, was a judge at the Appellate Court in Warsaw. His son Alexander worked at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.

elected bibliography

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