Luo languages

Luo languages

The Nilo-Saharan Luo languages comprise about 15 languages spoken in an area ranging from Southern Sudan via Uganda to Southern Kenya, with Dholuo extending into Northern Tanzania and Alur into the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They form one of the two branches of Western Nilotic, the other being Dinka-Nuer.

The following subclassification of the Luo languages is based on SIL's Ethnologue:

*Northern Luo languages
**Anuak language (Sudan)
**Belanda Bor language (Sudan)
**Jur languages
***Luwo language (Sudan)
**Maban-Burun languages
***Burun language (Sudan)
***Maban language (Sudan)
****Jumjum language (Sudan)
****Mabaan language (Sudan)
**Shilluk language (Sudan)
**Thuri language (Sudan)
**Päri language (classification unsure) (Sudan)
*Southern Luo languages
**Dhopadhola language (Uganda)
**Kuman language (Uganda)
**Luo-Acholi languages
***Alur-Acholi languages
****Alur language (Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo)
*****Lango language (Uganda)
*****Acholi language (Uganda)
***Dholuo language (Kenya)


* Gilley, Leoma G. 2004. "The Lwoian family." "Occasional Papers in the Study of Sudanese Languages", 9, 165-174.

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* [ The Luo branch of Western Nilotic on Ethnologue]

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