Stevens (surname)

Stevens (surname)

Stevens as a surname may refer to:

Arts and entertainment

*Shadoe Stevens (born 1947), U.S. radio host


*Henry Stevens (1819-1886), U.S. bibliographer
*Benjamin Franklin Stevens (1833-1902), U.S. bibliographer
*Wallace Stevens (1879-1955), U.S. poet
*Barry Stevens (1902-1985), writer, Gestalt therapist
*Shane Stevens (born 1941), U.S. crime writer
*K.J. Stevens (born 1973), U.S. writer

Visual arts

*Alfred Stevens (sculptor) (1818-1875), British sculptor
*Alfred Stevens (painter) (1828-1906), Belgian painter
*Noreen Stevens (born 1962), Canadian cartoonist
*Craig Stevens (photographer), U.S. photographer and educator


*Ragbaby Stevens (“Ragbaby Stevens”) (1887-c.1927), U.S. ragtime and jazz drummer
*Risë Stevens (born 1913), American mezzo-soprano
*Roy Stevens (1918–1989), co-author of "Stevens-Costello Triple C Embouchure Technique" (1971)
*Ray Stevens (born 1939), U.S. country music singer and songwriter
*John Stevens (drummer) (1940-1994), British drummer in Spontaneous Music Ensemble
*Shakin' Stevens (born 1948), Welsh rock and roll singer
*Cat Stevens (born 1948), British musician
*Leigh Howard Stevens (1953), marimba artist
*Steve Stevens (born 1959), U.S. pop guitarist
*Rogers Stevens (born 1970), pop guitarist
*Sufjan Stevens (born 1975), U.S. musician and songwriter
*John Stevens (singer) (1987), U.S. singer and "American Idol" contestant

*Connie Stevens (born 1938), U.S. singer and actress
*Rachel Stevens (born 1978), British singer and actress

Theatre, film and television

*Ashton Stevens (1872-1951), U.S. drama critic
*Onslow Stevens (1902-1977), U.S. actor
*George Stevens (1904-1975), U.S. film director
*Craig Stevens (actor) (1918-2000), U.S. actor
*Robert Stevens (director) (1920–1989), U.S. film director
*Leslie Stevens (1925-1998), U.S. television writer ("The Outer Limits")
*Inger Stevens (1934-1970), U.S. actress
*Stella Stevens (born 1936), U.S. actress
*Andrew Stevens (born 1955), U.S. actor and film producer
*Michael Fenton Stevens (1957), British actor and comedian
*Fisher Stevens (born 1963), U.S. actor
*Carrie Stevens (born 1969), U.S. model and actress


*Thomas Stevens (cyclist) (1854-1935), British cyclist, the first person to circle the globe by bicycle
*Greville Stevens (1901-1970), English cricketer
*R. C. Stevens (born 1934), Major League Baseball first baseman
*Huub Stevens (born 1953), Dutch football (soccer) player and coach
*Kirk Stevens (born 1958), Canadian professional snooker player
*Raymond Stevens (born 1963), English judoka
*Scott Stevens (born 1964), Canadian ice hockey player
*Patrick Stevens (born 1968), Belgian sprinter
*Matthew Stevens (born 1977), Welsh professional snooker player
*Chase Stevens (born 1979), U.S. professional wrestler
*Aaron Stevens (wrestler) (1982), U.S. professional wrestler

cience and technology

*John Stevens (inventor) (1749-1838), U.S. inventor, recipient of the first American railroad charter
*John Frank Stevens (1853-1943), U.S. engineer (Great Northern Railroad, Panama Canal)
*Nettie Stevens (1861-1912), U.S. biologist and geneticist
*Stanley Smith Stevens (1906-1973), U.S. psychologist
*Brooks Stevens (1911-1995), U.S. car designer
*Peter Stevens (born 1945), British car designer
*W. Richard Stevens (1951-1999), author of UNIX and TCP/IP books


*Edwin A. Stevens (1795-1868), U.S. philanthropist
*Robert L. Stevens (1787–1856), U.S. railroad executive


United States

*John Stevens (New Jersey) (c.1716-1792), U.S. politician, delegate to the Continental Congress
*Hestor L. Stevens (1803-1864), U.S. Representative from Michigan
*Isaac Stevens (1818-1862), first governor of Washington Territory, brigadier general in the Union Army
*John L. Stevens (1820-1895), U.S. diplomat
*Robert Ten Broeck Stevens (1899-1983), U.S. businessman and politician
*John Paul Stevens (b. 1920), U.S. Supreme Court Justice
*Ted Stevens (born 1923), U.S. politician, Senior Senator from Alaska
*Richard Y. Stevens, U.S. politician (North Carolina)


*Henry Herbert Stevens (1878-1973), Canadian politician and businessman
*Sinclair Stevens (born 1927), Canadian politician
*Ron Stevens (born 1949), Canadian politician
*Jenny Stevens, Canadian politician
*Dale Stevens, Canadian politician and television producer

Other countries

*Siaka Stevens (1905-1988), former President of Sierra Leone
*Jimmy Stevens (1910s or 1920s-1994), Ni-Vanuatu politician
*John Stevens, Baron Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, (b. 1942), former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, London


*Thomas Holdup Stevens (1795-1841), American naval admiral in the War of 1812
*Thomas H. Stevens, Jr. (1819-1896), American naval admiral


*John Stevens (immigrant) (1682-1737), immigrant to the U.S.A., Port Collector at Perth Amboy, New Jersey
*Thaddeus Stevens (1792-1868), U.S. lawyer famous for defending runaway slaves
*John H. Stevens (1820-1900), considered to be the first settler in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota
*Robert Stevens (photo editor) (d. 2001), U.S. photo editor, 2001 anthrax attacks victim


*Gary Stevens (disambiguation)

Fictional characters

*Bebe Stevens, "South Park"
*Chris Stevens (Northern Exposure), "Northern Exposure"
*Izzie Stevens, "Grey's Anatomy"
*The Stevens family, in "Even Stevens", U.S. comedy television program
*Stevens, the butler in Kazuo Ishiguro's 1989 novel "The Remains of the Day"

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