The Tic Code

The Tic Code

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name = The Tic Code

image_size = 144px
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director = Gary Winick
producer = Polly Draper
Michael Wolff
Karen Tangorra
Midge Sanford
Sarah Pillsbury
Larry Meistrich
writer = Polly Draper
narrator =
starring = Polly Draper
Christopher George Marquette
Gregory Hines
music = Michael Wolff
Alex Foster
cinematography = Wolfgang Held
editing = Bill Pankow
Kate Sanford
Henk Van Eeghen
distributor = Avalanche Releasing
released = 2000
runtime = 91 min
country = USA
language = English
amg_id = 177439
imdb_id = 0165986

"The Tic Code" is an award-winning 1998 [

The release date for "The Tic Code" is reported differently by different sources, and was later released direct to video.
The film was released in 1998:
*The film was released in 1999:

] independent film starring Christopher Marquette, Polly Draper and Gregory Hines.Gates, Anita. [ Spring films/The lineup;; Looking for Love, Among Other Things".] "The New York Times", 2000-01-16. Retrieved on 2008-06-30.] The film is about a boy and a jazz musician who have Tourette syndrome. In 2000, "The Tic Code" was released direct-to-video.


The film tells the story of a young boy, [

The age of the character Miles Caraday, played by Christopher George Marquette is unclear. "Variety", "The New York Times" and IMDb report the character age as 10, while the "San Francisco Chronicle", "Village Voice", "Chicago Sun-Times" and Rotten Tomatoes report it as 12. The confusion may be because Marquette was 12 at the time he played the role, according to the "Associated Press" and the "Seattle Post-Intelligencer".
Miles Caraday is a 10-year-old:
*Miles Caraday is a 12-year-old:
*Marquette was 12 when he played the role of Miles Caraday:

] Miles Caraday (Marquette), a jazz piano prodigy who has Tourette syndrome, and his divorced mother Laura Caraday (Draper). [ "The Tic Code - Trailer - Cast - Showtimes."] "The New York Times". Retrieved on 2008-06-30. ] Miles has a school friend, Todd (Desmond Robertson) who seems not to bothered by Miles' condition. Miles wants to become a jazz pianist against the wishes of his classical-oriented instructor Miss Gimpole (Carol Kane). [ The Tic Code (1999) - Plot summary.] Retrieved on 2008-06-30.] Miles becomes friends with a jazz saxophonist, Tyrone Pike (Hines) at a local nightspot, who also has Tourette's, but who has learned to cover it up.Thomas, Kevin. [,0,3973115.story "The Tic Code - Entertainment, Gregory Hines, Fairfield County"] . "The Baltimore Sun", 2000-08-03. Retrieved on 2008-06-30. ]

Tyrone says that the reason they tic is:

Tyrone: Because we both know the code.
Denny: Code, what code?
Tyrone: "The tic code."
Denny: So you and Miles made this whole thing up?
Tyrone: No, the C.I.A. did, a lot of people know about it now.


The film's screenplay was written by Polly Draper; her husband—jazz musician Michael Wolff—contributed the music score. Wolff and Draper also produced the film. Wolff has Tourette's and the script was loosely based on his life.cite news|author=Anderson, Brett|title=Playing It Backward: Musician's Medical Disorder May Be a Grace Note|work=The Washington Post|date=June 8, 2001|page=C01|quote=Wolff's diagnosis might have remained a family secret had Draper not decided to write a screenplay loosely based on his life. [...] Bruce Lundvall, the president of Blue Note Records, has called "The Tic Code" the best jazz movie since "Round Midnight." The film even succeeds in linking its two subjects by exploring the idea that Tourette's isn't an entirely bad thing, particularly if you happen to be a jazz musician.] cite web|url=|format=PDF|publisher=Tourette Syndrome Association|title=TSA Family Portrait: Jazz Musician Michael Wolff|date=Fall 1998|accessdate=2007-11-11]

Awards and mention

In 1998, Gary Winick (director) won the Audience Award for Most Popular Feature at the Hamptons International Film Festival, while Mario Grigorov won the Audience Award for Special Recognition. Polly Draper won the Bronze Gryphon award for Best Actress at the Giffoni Film Festival, and Christopher George Marquette won the Bronze Gryphon award for Best Actor. In 1999, Gary Winick won the Crystal Bear award for Best Feature Film at the Berlin International Film Festival. [ [ Awards for The Tic Code (1999).] Retrieved on 2006-06-10.]




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