List of Troma films

List of Troma films

This is a list of films made and distributed by Troma Entertainment.


*"Cabinet of Dr.Caligari"





*"Vagabond Lover"


*"Sin Takes a Holiday"
*"Danger Lights"
*"Painted Deserts"
*"Silver Horde"
*"Light of Western Stars"
*"Beau Ideal"

*"Fighting Caravans"
*"Woman Between"
*"Royal Bed"
*"Kept Husbands"
*"Lady Refuses"

*"Bird of Paradise"
*"Monster Walks"
*"Last Frontiers"
*"Most Dangerous Game"

*"White Zombie"
*"The Three Musketeers"
*"Tarzan the Fearless"
*"Man of the Forest"
*"To the Last Man"
*"Riders of Destiny"
*"Heritages of the Desert"
*"Sagebrush Trail"
*"Oh! Susanna!"
*"Thundering Herd"
*"His Private Secretary"

*"Phantom Empire"
*"Massive Centaur Romance"
*"Blue Steel"
*"Of Human Bondage"
*"Texas Terror"
*"Lost Jungle"
*"Frontier Days"
*"Trail Beyond"
*"Randy Rides Alone"
*"Wagon on Wheels"
*"La Cucaracha"
*"Hotel Anchovy"
*"Broken Melody"
*"West of the Divide"
*"Star Packer"
*"Lucky Texan"
*"Our Daily Bread"
*"'Neith Arizona Sky"
*"In Old Santa Fe"

*"Branded a Coward"
*"The Mysterious Mr.Wong"
*"Paradise Canyon"
*"New Adventures of Tarzan"
*"Lawless Frontier"
*"Desert Trail"
*"Miracle Rider"
*"Rainbow Valley"
*"Fighting Westerner"
*"Between Men"

*"Revolt of the Zombies"
*"Sins of the Children"
*"Lawless Land"
*"Desert Phantom"
*"The Gun Ranger"
*"Undersea Kingdom"
*"West of Nevada"
*"Rip Roarin Buckaroo"
*"Old Corpal"
*"Winds of the Wasteland"
*"Danger Trails"
*"Ride Ranger Ride"
*"Hair-Trigger Casey"
*"Vigilantes Are Coming"
*"Desert Gold"
*"Something to Sing About"
*"Daniel Boone"
*"I Conquer the Sea"
*"Man of the Frontier"
*"Bold Caballero"
*"Cowboy Holiday"
*"Little Lord Fauntleroy"
*"Everyman's Law"
*"Ghost Town Gold"
*"Three Musquiteers"

*"Where Trails Divide"
*"Legion of Missing Men"
*"Zorro Rides Again"
*"Guns In the Dark"
*"Hell Town"
*"Sing, Cowboy, Sing"
*"Tall Timber"
*"Forlorn River"
*"Feud of the Trail"
*"Painted Stallion"
*"Riding the Lone Trail"
*"Trouble in Texas"
*"Yodelin' Kid from Pine Ridge"
*"A Star is Born"
*"Doomed at Sundown"
*"Lawman is Born"
*"Springtime in the Rockies"
*"Public Cowboy Number One"
*"Hittin' the Trail"
*"Gambling Terror"
*"Boots & Saddles"
*"Round Up Men in Texas"
*"The Big Show"
*"SOS Coastguard"
*"Git Along Little Doggies"
*"Roll-A-Long Cowboy"
*"Cheyenne Rides Again"
*"Hoosier School Boy"
*"Mystery Range"
*"Rootin Tootin Rhythm"

*"Billy the Kid Returns"
*"Devil's Party"
*"Riders of the Black Hills"
*"Tarzan and the Green Goddess"
*"Tarzan's Revenge"
*"My Old Kentucky Home"
*"The Feudmaker"
*"Western Trails"
*"Man from Music Mountain"
*"Shine on Harvest Moon"
*"Durango Valley Raiders"
*"Under Western Stars"
*"Old Barn Dance"
*"Under the Big Top"
*"Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus"

*"Saga of Death Valley"
*"Rough Riders Round Up"
*"They Made Me a Criminal"
*"Fighting Renegade"
*"Love Affair"
*"Dark Eyes of London"
*"Zorro's Fighting Legion"
*"The Secret of Dr.Kildare"
*"Dawn Rider"
*"Way Down South"
*"Southward Ho!"
*"Come on, Rangers"
*"Little Princess"
*"Arizona Kid"
*"Wall Street Cowboy"
*"Sky Patrol"
*"Days of Jesse James"
*"In Old Caliente"
*"Made for Each Other"
*"Frontier Pony Express"
*"Lights of Old Santa Fe"


*"Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe"
*"Chamber of Horrors"
*"Second Chorus"
*"Young Buffalo Bill"
*"Death Rides the Range"
*"Night Train to Munich"
*"Take Me Back to Oklahoma"
*"Fisherman's Wharf"
*"Radio Ranch"
*"Santa Fe Trail"
*"West of the Badlands"
*"The Ape"
*"Carson City Kid"
*"British Intelligence"
*"John Brown's School Days"
*"Ranger and the Lady"
*"Young Billy Hickcock"

*"King of the Zombies"
*"Robin Hood of the Pecos"
*"The Red River Valley"
*"Invisible Ghost"
*"Sheriff of Tombstone"
*"Nevada City"
*"That Uncertain Feeling"
*"Jesse James at Bay"
*"The Prime Minister"
*"Wrangler's Roost
*"Bad Man of Deadwood"
*"In Old Cheyenne"
*"Penny Serenade"
*"West of Cimaron"

*"The Mad Monster"
*"Devil Bat"
*"Black Dragons"
*"Sunset of the Desert"
*"Corpse Vanishes"
*"Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen"
*"Lady Gangster"
*"South of Santa Fe"
*"Riding Down the Canyon"
*"Heart of the Golden West"
*"Romance on the Range"
*"Sunset Serenade"
*"Forbidden Trails"
*"Man From Cheyenne"
*"Sombrero Kid"
*"Private Buckaroo"
*"Arizona Stage Coach"
*"Omaha Trail"
*"Bowery at Midnight"
*"Rock River Renegades"

*"Hands Across the Border"
*"Stage Door Canteen"
*"Adventures in Iraq"
*"Silver Spurs"
*"Black Raven"
*"Song of Texas"
*"Dead Men Walk"
*"Texas Legioners"
*"King of the Cowboys"

*"Immortal Battalion"
*"Oath of Vengeance"
*"Zorro's Black Whip"
*"Enemy of Women"
*"Yellow Rose of Texas"
*"Monster Maker"
*"Song of Nevada"
*"Forty Thieves"
*"Gambler's Choice"
*"Cowboy and the Senorita"

*"Dick Tracy: Detective"
*"Blood on the Sun"
*"Fighting Billy Carson"
*"Scarlett Street"
*"Strange Illusions"
*"Enemy of the Law"
*"Great Flamarion"
*"Bells of Rosalita"

*"Gentlemen with Guns"
*"Angel on My Shoulder"
*"Overland Raiders"
*"Under Nevada Skies"
*"Song of Arizona"
*"Strange Love of Martha Ivers"
*"Abilene Town"
*"Roll on Texas Moon"
*"Dick Tracy Meets Cueball"
*"My Pal Trigger"
*"Stage Coach to Denver"
*"Home in Oklahoma"

*"Apache Rose"
*"Son of Zorro"
*"Scared to Death"
*"Angel and the Badman"
*"Smash Up: The Story of a Woman"
*"Buffalo Bill Rides Again"
*"Until the Clouds Roll by"
*"Bells of San Angelo"
*"Fabulous Dorseys"
*"On the Old Spanish Trail"
*"Springtime in the Sierras'
*"Dick Tracy's Dilemma"
*"Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome"
*"Perils of Pauline"

*"The Amazing Mr.X"
*"He Walked By Night"
*"Far Frontier"
*"Eyes of Texas"
*"Nighttime in Nevada"
*"Grand Canyon Trail"
*"Time of Your Life"
*"Gay Ranchero"
*"Under California Stars"
*"Great Dan Patch"

*"Rim of the Canyon"
*"The Outlaw"
*"Loaded Pistols"
*"Call of the Forest"
*"Riders of the Whistling Pines"


*"Three Came Home"
*"Condemned to Die"
*"Big Lift"
*"Cyrano De Bergerac"

*"Three Guys Named Mike"
*"Heart of the Rockies"
*"Second Woman"
*"My Outlaw Brother"
*"Royal Wedding"
*"Go For Broke"
*"Vengeance Valley"
*"Cause for Alarm"
*"Painted Hills"
*"Happy Go Lovely"

*"Radar Men From the Moon"
*"Colorado Sundown"
*"Jack and the Beanstalk"
*"Big Trees"

*"The Hitch-Hiker"
*"Marshall of Cedar Rock"
*"Decameron Nights"
*"Kansas Pacific"
*"Beneath the 12 Mile Reef"

*"Robinson Crusoe"
*"Last Time I saw Paris"
*"Indiscretion of an American Wife"

*"Rage At Dawn"

*"Indestructible Man"
*"Hidden Guns"
*"Daniel Boone Trailblazer"

*"The Sword and the Cross"
*"She Gods of Shark Reef"

*"House on Haunted Hill"
*"Blood Creature"
*"The Bat"
*"Great St.Louis Bank Robbery"
*"The Scavengers"


*"The Little Shop of Horrors"
*"The Green Eyed Elephant"
*"The Amazing Transparent Man"
*"Horror Hotel"

*"One Eyed Jacks"

*"Night Tide"
*"Raiders of Leyte Gulf"

*"Dementia 13"
*"The Last Man on Earth"
*"Rudolf, The Red Nosed Reindeer"
*"Walls of Hell"

*"Finger on the Trigger"
*"Psycho A-Go Go"
*"Fata Morgana"
*"Kill, Baby, Kill"
*"The Sweet Sound of Death"
*"The Ravagers"

*"The Drums of Tabu"
*"The Blood Drinkers"
*"The Tall Women"

*"The Christmas Kid"
*"The Fickle Finger of Fate"
*"Hawk of Castille"
*"Bang Bang Kid"
*"Treasure of Macuba"
*"Operation Deliah"
*"The Vengeance of Pancho Villa"
*"Journey to the Center of Time"
*"Witch Without a Broom"
*"Beverly Hills Broad"

*"Madigan's Millions"
*"Brides of Blood"
*"Ballad of a Bounty Hunter"
*"A Thousand and One Nights"

*"The Wedding Party"
*"The Girl Who Returned"
*"Scream, Baby, Scream"
*"Mad Doctor of Blood Island"
*"Battle of the Last Panzer"
*"The Female Bunch"
*"The Emerald of Artatama"
*"The Battle of Neretva"


*"Satan's Sadists"
*"No Substitute to Victory"
*"Seduction of a Nerd"
*"The Man from O.R.G.Y.
*"Brother, Cry for Me"
*"The Butchers"
*"Five Bloody Graves"
*"Curse of the Vampires"
*"The McMasters"
*"Horror of The Blood Monsters"
*"Hell's Bloody Devils"

*"The Battle of Love's Return"
*"Cry Uncle!"
*"The G.I. Executioner"
*"Blood of Ghastly Horror"
*"Demented Death Farm Massacre"
*"The Love-Thrill Murders"
*"Tis a Pity She's a Whore"
*"Someone Behind the Door"
*"Daughters of Darkness"
*"Legacy of Blood"
*"Up The Chasity Belt"
*"Beast of Blood"

*"Dracula vs. Frankenstein"
*"Angels' Wild Women"
*"Night of a Thousand Cats"
*"Hands Up, Amigo!"
*"The Boxer"
*"Brain of Blood"
*"Operation Fred"
*"Mean Mother"
*"California Fever"

*"Sugar Cookies"
*"Savage Abduction"
*"The Cheerleaders"
*"Big Gus, What's the Fuss?"
*"Johnny in the Valley of the Giants"
*"Hanging Woman"
*"The Mad Bomber"
*"Fantastic Planet"
*"Bad Charleston Charlie"
*"From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler"
*"The Naughty Stewardess"

*"Sizzle Beach, U.S.A."
*"I Spit on Your Corpse"
*"Garden of the Dead"
*"Hot Summer in Barefoot County"
*"Centerfold Girls"
*"Dan Candy's Law"
*"Ginger in the Morning"
*"The Dynamite Brothers"
*"Child Under a Leaf"
*"Front Page"

*"Video Vixens"
*"Fore Play"
*"Bet To Kill"
*"Hollywood Cowboy"
*"Black Stewardess"
*"Trucker's Woman"
*"Redneck County"
*"Black Hit Women"
*"Dragon Gate"

*"Blood Sucking Freaks"
*"East End Hustle"
*"Mad Dog Morgan"
*"Project Kill"
*"Feelin' Up"
*"Attack of the Killer Manatee"
*"God's Gun"
*"Mister Scarface"
*"Citizen Soldier"
*"Black Cobra"
*"Jet Sex"
*"Black Heat"

*"Grey Matter"
*"Love Trap"
*"Uncle Tom's Cabin"
*"The Black Pearl"
*"Mission to Glory"

*"Innocents From Hell"
*"The Glove"
*"Cinderella 2000"
*"Black Voodoo"
*"The Comeback"

*"Squeeze Play!"
*"The Capture of Bigfoot"
*"Border Cop"
*"She Came To the Valley"


*"Mother's Day"
*"The Children"
*"Acting Out"
*"Escape from Hell"
*"Graduation Day"
*"Beyond Evil"
*"Nightmare Never Ends"
*"Fist of Fear, Touch of Death"
*"Cuba Crossing"
*"Circle of Two"

*"Play Dead"
*"Great White Death"

*"Stuck on You!"
*"Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters"
*"Curse of the Cannibal Confederates"
*"Deadly Drifter"
*"Doctor Dracula"
*"Blood Song"

*"The First Turn-On!"
*"Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters 2"
*"Tortured Hearts"

*"The Toxic Avenger"
*"Zombie Island Massacre"
*"That's My Baby!"
*"Dreams Come True"
*"The Stabilizer"
*"The Dark Side of Midnight"
*"Breakin' in the USA"

*"When Nature Calls"
*"Igor and the Lunatics"
*"Star Worms II: Attack of the Pleasure Pods"
*"I Was a Teenage TV Terrorist"
*"Ocean Drive Weekend"
*"Rebel Love"
*"Rockin' Road Trip"

*"Class of Nuke 'Em High"
*"Combat Shock"
*"Girls School Screamers"
*"Skeleton Coast"
*"Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid"
*"Hollywood Zap!"
*"Shadows Run Black"
*"Nightmare Weekend"
*"Hunted to Death"
*"Club Life"

*"Redneck Zombies"
*"Surf Nazis Must Die"
*"Monster in the Closet"
*"Lust for Freedom"
*"Story of a Junkie"
*"Student Confidential"
*"Deadly Daphne's Revenge"
*"Blood Hook"
*"Mirror of Death"
*"Plutonium Baby"
*"The Newlydeads"
*"The Adventure of the Action Hunters"
*"Mission Terminate: Return of the Kickfighter"
*"I Married a Vampire"
*"Death to the Pee Wee Squad"
*"Fresh Kill"
*"Heat Street"
*"Dance or Die"
*"Mommy's Epitaph"

*"Troma's War"
*"Rabid Grannies"
*"Dr. Hackenstein"
*"Merchants of Death"
*"Evil Clutch"
*"LA Crackdown"
*"LA Crackdown II"
*"Death By Dialogue"
*"The Killing Game"
*"Not Another Mistake"
*"Blood Spell"
*"Hollow Gate"
*"Outlaw Force"
*"Contra Conspiracy"
*"Emperor of the Bronx"
*"Knee Dancing"
*"The Glass Jungle"

*"The Toxic Avenger Part II"
*"Fortress of Amerikkka"
*"They Call Me Macho Woman!"
*"Beware! Children at Play"
*"Chopper Chicks in Zombietown"
*"Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator"
*"Video Demons Do Psychotown"
*"Tale of Two Sisters"
*"Dialing for Dingbats"
*"Princess Warrior"


*"Maniac Nurses Find Ecstasy"
*"Def by Temptation"
*"Luther the Geek"
*"Strangest Dreams: Invasion of the Space Preachers"
*"Time Barbarians"
*"No Way Back"
*"Twisted Justice"
*"Fertilize the Blaspheming Bombshell"
*"Best Shots"
*"Street Beat"
*"Nerds of a Feather"
*"Electra Love: 2000"
*"Getting Lucky"
*"Crystal Force"
*"Witchcraft II: The Temptress"

*"Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D."
*"Toxic Crusaders"
*"Vegas In Space"
*"Killer Nerd"
*"Tomcat Angels"
*"A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell"
*"Ragin' Cajun"
*"Wizards of the Demon Sword"
*"Dead Dudes in the House"
*"Prime Target"
*"Haunting Fear"
*"Cause of Death"
*"Witchcraft III: The Kiss of Death"

*"Bride of Killer Nerd"
*"State of Mind"
*"Media Madman"
*"Romeo: Love Master of the Wild Woman's Dorm"
*"Ghost Ship"
*"Fratnerity Demon"
*"Witchcraft IV: The Virgin Heart

*"Cannibal! The Musical"
*"Teenage Catgirls in Heat"
*"Tuesday Never Comes"
*"Space Zombie Bingo"
*"The Baby Doll Murders"
*"Time Wars"
*"Young Goodman Brown"
*"Eyes of the Serpent"
*"Death Dancers"
*"I Slept with an Alien"
*"Eye of the Stranger"
*"Taxi Dancers"
*"Out of Time"
*"Witchcraft V: Dance with the Devil

*"Body Parts"
*"Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills"
*"House of the Rising"
*"The November Men"
*"Witchcraft VI: The Devil's Mistress

*"Blondes Have More Guns!"
*"Digital Prophet"
*"Eve's Beach Fantasy"
*"The Suburbanators"
*"The Final Showdown"
*"Dragon Fury"
*"I Stand Condemned'
*"Witchcraft VII: Judgement Hour"

*"Tromeo and Juliet"
*"The Stendhal Syndrome"
*"Killer Condom"
*"Macabre Pair of Shorts"
*"The Imitators"
*"Fugitive X"
*"Butch Camp"
*"Jurassic Women"
*"Dragon Fury II"
*"Flesh Eaters from Outer Space"
*"Invasion for Flesh and Blood"
*"Witchcraft VIII: Salem's Ghost

*"Hellblock 13"
*"Dog Years"
*"Mommy 2: Mommy's Day"
*"Blood Sisters of Lesbian Sin"
*"Kick of Death"
*"The Hotel Manner Inn"
*"Advising Michael"
*"Southern Belles"
*"Last Way Out"
*"So Shall You Reap"
*"Witchcraft IX: Bitter Flesh"

*"Terror Firmer"
*"Viewer Discretion Advised"
*"Fag Hag"
*"Crapston Villas
*"Chosen One: Legend of the Raven"
*"Space Freaks from Planet Mutoid"
*"Canadian Ballet: Strip Tease Dancers of the North"

*"Touch Me in the Morning"
*"Fatty Drives the Bus"
*"Sergio Lapel's Drawing Blood"
*"Back Road Diner"
*"Outlaw Prophet"
*"Shakespeare... In and Out"
*"Alien Blood"
*"Vegas High Stakes"
*"Go to Hell"
*"Horror of the Hungry Humongous Hungan"
*"A Midsummer Night's Dream"
*"The Blank Page"


*"Superstarlet A.D."
*"Legend of the Chupacabra"
*"Dumpster Baby"
*"The Rowdy Girls"
*"Angel Negro"
*"Viral Assassins"
*"Sour Apple Freeze Pop"

*"Farts of Darkness: The Making of Terror Firmer'
*"Rockabilly Vampire"
*"Real Time: Siege at St.Lucas Street"

*"All the Love You Cannes"
*"Apocalypse Soon: The Making of Citizen Toxie"
*"The Hall Monitor"
*"New Gladiators"
*"Silent But Deadly"
*"Pure Blood"

*"Trailer Town"
*"Skunk Ape!?"
*"The Wounded"
*"Parts of the Family"
*"Wiseguys vs. Zombies"
*"Meat for Satan's Icebox"
*"Wasabi Tuna
*"Thanks For a Lovely Dinner"
*"Coming Distractions"

*"Tales from the Crapper"
*"Offensive Behavior"
*"The Thick Brown Line"
*"Space Daze"
*"The Ruining"
*"Marijuana's Revenge"
*"PDA Massacre"
*"Monkey Brains"
*"Kung-Fu Kitties"

*"Make Your Own Damn Movie!"
*"Pot Zombies"
*"Coons: Night of the Bandits of the Night"
*"Rock 'N Roll Space Patrol: Action is Go!"
*"Belcebu: Diablos Lesbos"
*"Virgin Beasts"
*"Slaughter Party"
*"Devoured: The Legend of Alfred Packer"
*"Actium Maximus: War of the Alien Dinosaurs"
*"Knight of the Living Dead"
*"Mike Jacobs’ Explosive Golf"

*"Period Piece"
*"Yeti: A Love Story"
*"Crazy Animal"
*"Special Needs"
*"Meat Weed Madness"
*"Debbie Rochon Confidential: My Years with Tromaville Exposed"
*"The Evolved"
*"Demons Among Us"
*"Scarlett Moon"
*"No Substitute for Victory 2"

*"Dancing Into the Future"

*"Poultry in Motion"
*"Cyxork 7"
*"King Kaufman: The Passion of Lloyd"

Future releases

Completed, but not released

*"Splendor & Wisdom"
*"Super Tromette Action Movie Go!"
*"The Sexual Desires of Dr.Fugazzi"
*"Blood, Boobs & Beasts"
*"Eye of the Chameleon"
*"Okie Dokie"

In Post-Production

*"Terror Talk"
*"Kickball! The Movie"
*"In Search Of Independence"

In Production

None at current time.

In Development

*"Shlock and Shlockability"
*"Toxic Avenger 5"

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*Troma Entertainment
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*List of fantasy films
*List of science fiction films

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