Women's International Rugby Union Sevens

Women's International Rugby Union Sevens


The objective of this page is to put on record the details of all International Rugby Union Sevens matches for women. These will be listed as tournaments on the whole although there may be the occasional example of one off games (e.g. as a curtain raiser). Attempts will then be made to collate each teams personal record.

All tournaments will be listed chronologically with the earliest first. If two tournaments are run concurrently the apparently more senior will be listed first.

Tournaments will only be included where the majority of teams are International (where some teams may be age grouped, emerging, developmental etc. or scratch teams). Tournaments which include only one International team will not be included in the main list but there will be category briefly noting their attendance.

The summary at the foot of this page attempts to collate results for nations across tournaments. This is naturally flawed due to missing results and as a result does not include a running total of scores. Tournaments that have been included will have Summarised shown in their entry. This will be limited to tournaments that are either complete or near complete.

Hong Kong Tournament 1997

"Played at Hong Kong March 1997" "(Source Hong Kong Union)"

The first women's tournament at Hong Kong.

Winners New Zealand

Australia may have won the plate 17-7 (listed as 1996 on Australia national pages)

Canada participated

Hong Kong Tournament 1999

"Played at Hong Kong 22nd to 24th March 1999" "(Source Hong Kong Union)" Summarised

Winners New Zealand

Group stages


USA 62-0 China


Australia 56-0 Singapore

USA 29-0 Netherlands

Kazakhstan 19-5 Japan

Australia 48-7 Netherlands

Kazakhstan 34-0 Singapore

USA 35-0 Japan

Netherlands 10-5 Kazakhstan

USA 7-7 Australia

Japan 43-7 Singapore

USA 14-0 Kazakhstan

Australia 29-5 Japan

Netherlands 29-5 Singapore

Australia 12-5 Kazakhstan

Netherlands 24-10 Japan

USA 50-0 Singapore

Classification Stages


Semi Finals

Japan 46-0 Arabian Gulf

Singapore 19-0 Thailand


Japan 55-7


Semi Finals

Kazakhstan 46-0 Hong Kong

Netherlands 12-7 Wales


Kazakhstan 20-7 Netherlands


Semi Finals

Australia 26-10 Samoa

New Zealand 17-10


New Zealand 36-10 Australia


Believed to be an additional match called an Asian Final, based on group standings.

Kazakhstan 41-0 Hong Kong

Hong Kong Tournament 2001

"Played at Hong Kong 28th to 30th March 2001" "(Source Hong Kong Union)" Summarised

Winners New Zealand

The tournament also incorporated an Asian Group with Kazakhstan, Hong Kong and Japan also playing in the main competition. It is possible that the first matches for the Asian teams were knockout to see who would proceed into both the Asian Semi Finals and the main cometiton but this is not confirmed. If this is the case China did not play a knockout game but went on to win the Asian sub group and claim a place in the semi finals.

Group stages


Possible Knock Out Round

Hong Kong 17-0 Arabian Gulf

Kazakhstan 29-0 Thailand

Japan 10-0 Singapore

Group Games

Singapore 7-5 Thailand

Arabian Gulf 22-5

Singapore 7-5 Arabian Gulf

China 19-17 Arabian Gulf

China 20-0 Singapore

China 5-5 Thailand

Classification Stages

Plate Semi Finals

Australia 31-0 Sweden

Kazakhstan 24-0 Netherlands

Asian Semi Finals

Hong Kong 19-5 Japan

Kazakhstan 48-0 China

Cup Semi Finals

USA 10-0 Samoa

New Zealand 25-0 England

Asian 3rd Place

China 19-5 Japan

Bowl Final

Hong Kong 25-12 Japan

Plate Final

Australia 41-12 Kazakhstan

Overall 3rd Place

Samoa 25-0 England

Asian Final

Kazakhstan 45-0 Hong Kong

Cup Final

New Zealand 22-0 USA

Whangerei Tournament 2002

"Played at New Zealand on 17th February 2002" "(Source NZ Rugby)"

New Zealand A 12-12 USA

New Zealand B 31-5 Invitation

New Zealand B 12-5 USA

New Zealand A 35-0 Invitation

USA 19-0 Invitation

New Zealand A ?-? New Zealand B

Details of the Invitation team are not known

Hong Kong Tournament 2002

"Played at Hong Kong March 2002" "(Source Hong Kong Union)"

Winners New Zealand (this was actually the Aotearoa Maori team but the IRB have recognised them as the full New Zealand team. They have continued to represent New Zealand since)

Classification Stages

New Zealand 14-7 USA

Lomai Tournament 2003

"(Source Fiji Rugby)"

Mainly a club tournament in Fiji, the Fiji team took the opportunity to help some of their players make the transition from touch to contact. The USA also played thus warranting inclusion in the main list.

The Touchdown team seems to have been the basis of the Fiji team and it is possible that the group game was counted as

Fiji 7-0 USA

although more properly this was actually the Fiji touch team playing contact.

The tournament saw USA 3rd and Touchdown 1st.

What leads to confusion is that an exhibition match was played with mostly Touchdown players bolstered by two from the runners up (QVSOB). This appears to be considered the national Fiji team.

Fiji 0-21 USA

The USA are then described as Champions although the last match appears to have had little to do with the tournament.

Whangerei Tournament 2003

USA are known to have gone on to this tournament before Hong Kong.

Asian Tournament 2003

"(Source various)" "Played at Hong Kong 27th March 2003" Summarised

Pool A

Kazakhstan, Hong Kong Barbarians replacing Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Kyrgistan (debut)

Pool B

Hong Kong, China, Arabian Gulf, Sri Lanka (debut), Uzbekistan (debut)

The top two from each pool progressed to the Hong Kong Sevens below - Kazakhstan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Arabian Gulf


New Zealand 26-12 England

USA 38-0 Fiji

New Zealand 38-0 Fiji

England 5-0 USA

New Zealand 22-0

England 27-0 Fiji

POOL B - Asian Qualifiers

Croatia 19-5 Bulgaria

France 22-0 Portugal

Sweden 32-0 Croatia

Portugal 40-0 Bulgaria

France 40-5 Sweden

Portugal 40-5 Croatia

Sweden 19-0 Bulgaria

France 52-0 Croatia

Sweden 12-10 Portugal

France 51-0 Bulgaria

Classification Stages

Plate Semi Finals

Portugal 26-5 Norway

Belgium 7-0 Croatia

Cup Semi Finals

France 35-0 Switzerland

Spain 49-0 Sweden

Shield Final

Czech Republic 24-0 Bulgaria

7th Place

Croatia 7-5 Norway

5th Place (Plate)

Portugal 14-0 Belgium

3rd Place

Switzerland 5-0 Sweden

Cup Final

Spain 21-12 France

South Pacific Games 2003

"(Source Fiji Union)"

Plans were afoot for a women's sevens tournament but it required six teams. It is not thought that this was achieved.

CAR North Tournament 2004

Played in Tunisia. Montpellier known to have played. This is believed to be the first tournament in Africa.

Hong Kong Tournament 2004

"Played at Hong Kong March 2004" "(Source Hong Kong Union)"

Participants New Zealand, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, USA (with Macao and Hong Kong Barbarians as showcase teams)

Winners New Zealand

Classification Stages

New Zealand 10-0 Australia

South America Tournament 2004

"Played at Barquisimeto, Venezuela, 20th and 21st April 2004" Summarised


Kazakhstan 31-0 Japan

Japan 10-7 Thailand

China 31-0 Arabian Gulf

China 14-7 Thailand

Thailand 31-5 Arabian Gulf

Kazakhstan 17-0 China

Japan 38-7 Arabian Gulf

Kazakhstan 20-0 Thailand

Japan 22-12 China

Kazakhstan 55-0 Arabian Gulf


Netherlands 28-0 Croatia

Sweden 21-0 Italy

France 12-0 Croatia

Netherlands 19-0 Sweden

France 31-0 Italy

Sweden 21-0 Croatia

Netherlands 7-5 France

Italy 12-5 Croatia

Sweden 7-5 France

Netherlands 35-0 Italy

Classification Stages

Plate Semi Finals

France 22-0 Portugal

Italy 19-7 Belgium

Cup Semi Finals

Spain 28-5 Netherlands

England 49-0 Sweden

9th Place

Croatia 7-5 Switzerland

7th Place

Portugal 35-10 Belgium

5th Place (Plate)

France 33-0 Italy

3rd Place

Netherlands 21-7 Sweden

Cup Final

England 14-0 Spain

Friendly Games 2005

Held on 9th and 10th July 2005 at Grossmugl outside Vienna, Austria. '(Source Austria Union)"

The only information is that teams from Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bavaria, Bohemia & Moravia and Mugl took part in a men's and women's tournament. It is possible that this was a 10s tournament in which case it would be excluded.

Training Tournament 2005

Played in Hungary on 6th November 2005 "(Source Austria Union)"

Hungary 24-10 Austria

Austria 10-12 Croatia

Hungary played Croatia

NAWIRA Tournament 2005

Played on 19th and 20th November 2005 at Barbados Summarised


Venezuela 10-7 Colombia

Chile 17-0 Paraguay

Venezuela 15-0 Chile

Colombia 29-0 Paraguay

Chile 5-25 Colombia

Venezuela 29-0 Paraguay

Classification Stages

5th-8th Semi Finals

Peru 0-36 Chile

Uruguay 19-0 Paraguay

1st-4th Semi Finals

Brazil 21-0 Colombia

Argentina 10-5 Venezuela

7th/8th Final

Peru 5-14 Paraguay

5th/6th Final

Chile 10-5 Uruguay

3rd/4th Final

Colombia 12-19 Venezuela

1st/2nd Final

Brazil 34-0 Argentina

USA Tournament 2006

"Played at Los Angeles, USA" "(Source USA Rugby)"

Believed to be as an exhibition match.

USA 5-0 Canada

It is also possible that the teams played a second time, before the final of the men's competition.

Asian Tournament 2006

Winners China

CAR North Tournament 2006

Played in Tunisia. Montpellier known to have played.

CAR South Tournament 2006

Played in Uganda.

Hong Kong Tournament 2006

"Played at Hong Kong March 2006" "(Source Hong Kong Union)" Summarised (but with a number of missing games)

Group games

New Zealand 7-5 China

New Zealand 38-0 Japan

China beat Japan

Classification Stages

Quarter Finals

New Zealand 45-0 Netherlands

Kazakhstan 14-12 China

Semi Finals

New Zealand 25-7 Kazakhstan

Australia 15-0 USA

Spoon Final

Japan 24-0 Guam

Vase Final

Hong Kong 26-5 Sri Lanka

Shield Final

China 50-0 Thailand

Bowl Final

Netherlands 36-0 Singapore

Plate Final

USA 31-0 Kazakhstan

Cup Final

New Zealand 19-12 Australia

Emerging (European) Nations 2006

Played in Hungary. See 2007 tournament for likely participants. "(Source Austria Union)"

FIRA-AER Tournament 2006 - Division A

"Played at Limoges, France over 25th - 27th May 2006" "(Source Fira-Aer)" Summarised


Netherlands 29-0 Lithuania

France 28-0 Belgium

Netherlands 33-0 Belgium

France 22-0 Lithuania

Lithuania 35-0 Belgium

Netherlands 21-5 France


Andorra 17-0 Poland

Hungary 0-5 Austria

Poland 5-0 Malta

Hungary 7-0 Andorra

Austria 0-12 Malta

Poland 22-0 Hungary

Austria 0-29 Andorra

Hungary 12-19 Malta

Poland 29-0 Austria

Malta 0-15 Andorra

Classification Stages

5th-8th Semi Finals

Israel 7-0 Hungary

Bosnia Herzogovina 0-24 Malta

1st-4th Semi Finals

Romania 12-10 Poland

Bulgaria 0-22 Andorra


9th/10th Final

Luxembourg 0-26 Austria

7th/8th Final

Hungary 29-5 Bosnia Herzogovina

5th/6th Final

Israel 7-0 Malta

3rd/4th Final

Poland 10-7 Bulgaria

1st/2nd Final

Romania 7-0 Andorra

CAR Tournament 2006

"Played at Kyadondo Club, Kampala, Uganda, 24th June 2006 " "(Source CAR and Uganda Correspondent)" Summarised


Brazil 70-0 Peru

Venezuela 22-0 Chile

Brazil 24-0 Chile

Venezuela 62-0 Peru

Chile 45-0 Peru

Brazil 10-0 Venezuela



Malta 14-0 Denmark

Malta 7-7 Hungary

Malta 19-14 Finland

Malta 17-0 Bosnia Herzogovina

Malta 53-0 Serbia

Denmark 10-5 Hungary

Denmark 0-19 Finland

Denmark 41-0 Bosnia Herzogovina

Denmark 27-0 Serbia

Hungary 0-31 Finland

Hungary 10-0 Bosnia Herzogovina

Hungary 17-0 Serbia

Finland 32-0 Bosnia Herzogovina

Finland 55-0 Serbia

Bosnia Herzogovina 0-16 Serbia

POOL Two Note - Slovakia Georgia withdrew, Moldova joined leaving one team missing in the group. A Barbarians team is also listed in this group as having lost all games 0-3 suggesting the games were not counted towards the tournament.

Norway 26-0 Bulgaria

Germany 29-7 Andorra

Lithuania 42-5 Poland

Andorra 22-5 Bulgaria

Norway 31-0 Poland

Lithuania 14-12 Germany

Poland 0-29 Bulgaria

Lithuania 12-7 Andorra

Germany 25-0 Norway

Andorra 19-5 Poland

Germany 34-0 Bulgaria

Lithuania 19-7 Norway

Germany 40-5 Poland

Norway 7-15 Andorra

Lithuania 28-0 Bulgaria

Classification Stages

9th-12th Semi Finals

Croatia 12-17 Poland

Czech Republic 38-0 Bulgaria

5th-8th Semi Finals

Belgium 17-0 Norway

Romania 5-0 Andorra

1st-4th Semi Finals

France U20 40-0 Germany

Switzerland 20-0 Lithuania


11th/12th Final

Croatia 24-0 Bulgaria

9th/10th Final "Bowl"

Poland 5-17 Czech Republic

7th/8th Final

Norway 26-0 Andorra

5th/6th Final "Plate"

Belgium 10-5 Romania

3rd/4th Final

Germany 22-5 Lithuania

1st/2nd Final "Cup"

France U20 46-0 Switzerland

FIRA-AER Tournament 2007 - Top 10

"Played at Lunel, France over 2nd and 3rd June 2007" "(Source Fira-Aer)" Summarised


Emerging South Africa 14-12 Zambia

Kenya 57-0 Burundi

Emerging South Africa 28-0 Uganda Select

Kenya 17-14 Zambia

Emerging South Africa 59-0 Burundi

Zambia 7-10 Uganda Select

Kenya 12-0 Uganda Select

Zambia 57-0 Burundi

Burundi 0-27 Uganda Select

Emerging South Africa 24-12 Kenya


Classification Stages

Semi Finals

Thailand 43-0 Cambodia

Singapore 27-0 Laos

3rd/4th Match (Bronze Medal)

Cambodia 0-15 Laos

Final (Gold and Silver medal)

Thailand 19-5 Singapore

outh American Tournament 2008

At Punta del Este, Uruguay, 18th and 19th January 2008. This competition is acting as a qualifier for the World Cup in 2009. Summarised


Canada A 5-21 South Africa

Canada Collegiate 0-15 USA A

USA 21-7 South Africa

Canada 29-5 Canada Collegiate

USA 24-0 Canada A

Canada 26-10 USA A

Canada 19-10 South Africa

USA 15-0 Canada Collegiate

Classification Matches

5th Place

Canada Collegiate 10-24 South Africa

3rd Place

USA A 12-20 Canada A


USA 19-5 Canada

Exhibition Match

USA 17-12 South Africa

Poitiers Sevens 2008

To be played March 21st and 22nd 2008. Some nations are expected to use this as a warm up for Hong Kong

Emerging (European) Nations 2008

21st to 24th March 2008 in Austria. (Summarised)

Romania and Switzerland had been possible participants but do not appear to have attended..


USA 36-7 Netherlands

USA 33-0 Hong Kong

Netherlands 20-17 Hong Kong


Canada 56-0 Singapore

Canada 43-0 Arabian Gulf

Arabian Gulf 38-0 Singapore

Classification Stages

Cup Quarter Finals

Canada 35-14 Netherlands

Kazakhstan 12-7 China

USA 45-0 Arabian Gulf

France 15-7 Japan

9th to 12th Semi Finals

Hong Kong 15-0 Singapore

Papua New Guinea 0-29 Thailand

Bowl (5th to 8th) Semi Finals

Netherlands 5-5 China

Arabian Gulf 0-10 Japan

Cup Semi Finals

Canada 26-0 Kazakhstan

USA 5-0 France

11th Place

Singapore 5-17 Papua New Guinea

9th Place

Hong Kong 15-7 Thailand

7th Place

Netherlands 19-0 Arabian Gulf

Bowl Final

China 17-7 Japan

Plate Final

France 24-0 Kazakhstan

Cup Final

USA 21-7 Canada

World Cup Qualifier 2008 (Europe)

Played at Bosnia on 10th and 11th May 2008. "(Source FIRA-AER)" Summarised

POOL A"Note - Andorra shown by FIRA as 1st but due to head to head they finished below Moldova"

Andorra 41-0 Luxembourg

Norway 7-5 Malta

Switzerland 19-7 Moldova

Malta 50-0 Luxembourg

Andorra 5-17 Moldova

Switzerland 10-14 Norway

Moldova 20-0 Luxembourg

Switzerland 0-10 Malta

Norway 0-10 Andorra

Malta 5-15 Moldova

Norway 26-5 Luxembourg

Switzerland 5-14 Andorra

Norway 0-10 Moldova

Andorra 5-0 Malta

Switzerland 34-5 Luxembourg


England 31-0 Germany

Sweden 36-7 Andorra

England 56-0 Andorra

Sweden 10-33 Germany

Germany 45-7 Andorra

England 40-0 Sweden


Reunion 31-0 Mayotte

France 43-0 Madagascar

South Africa 75-0 Mayotte

France 45-0 Reunion

Madagascar 37-0 Mayotte

Reuinion 0-66 South Africa

Mayotte 0-76 France

Madagascar 5-5 Réunion

Madagascar 26-5 South Africa

South Africa 15-0 France

Oceanic World Cup Qualifier 2008

25th and 26th July 2008 at Samoa. This will be a regional qualifier for the Dubai tournament in 2009 ("source FORU")

Uganda 30-0 Zimbabwe

Tunisia 45-0 Botswana

Uganda 46-0 Botswana

Tunisia 53-0 Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe 24-0 Botswana

Uganda 5-12 Tunisia

Classification Stages

Cup Semi Finals

Winners qualify for Dubai

South Africa 26-5 Kenya

Uganda 7-0 Tunisia

Bowl Semi Finals

Uganda A 10-26 Zambia

Zimbabwe 17-0 Botswana

Shield Final

Botswana 7-20 Uganda A

Bowl Final

Zambia 38-0 Zimbabwe

Plate Final

Kenya 15-14 Tunisia"'Cup Final"'

South Africa 24-0 Uganda

Asia World Cup Qualifier 2008

Hong Kong, 4th and 5th October 2008. World Cup qualifiers. The winers, runners up and 3rd place all progress to Dubai.

Group Stages


Classification Stages

NAWIRA World Cup Qualifier 2008

Nassau, Bahamas, 25th and 26th October 2008. World Cup qualifiers

Women’s Day 1 Pools:Pool A: USA, Barbados, St Vincent & The GrenadinesPool B: Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, Cayman IslandsPool C: Jamaica, Guyana, Bermuda

Pacific Tournament 2008

To be played in Port Moresby, PNG, probably December 2008

FIRA-AER Tournament 2008 - Division A

No further details at this stage "(Source Fira-Aer)"

This was replaced in 2008 by World Cup qualifying

FIRA-AER Tournament 2008 - Division B

This was replaced in 2008 by World Cup qualifying

Slovenia, Ukraine, Georgia, Slovakia and Greece were expected to join this tournament in 2008 so may well be included now "(Source Fira-Aer)"

Pacific Mini Games 2009

To be held in the Cook Islands. Rugby sevens will be one of the larger events and it is believed that there will be a women's event.

World Cup Tournament - Dubai 2009

To be played in Dubai "(Source IRB and various national union web pages)"

This is a sixteen team competition played at the same time as the men's tournament. It appears likely that the federations will be represented as follows - 2 Africa, 2 North America (possibly NAWIRA), 1 South America, 3 Asia, 6 Europe and 2 Oceania.

At present the following appear likely attendees based on past records - South Africa, USA, Canada, Brazil, Kazakhstan, France, England, Australia, New Zealand.

Fiji and Samoa are both preparing for the tournament so may challenge Australia. It is not known what team New Zealand will use. The second African qualifier will depend largely on where the qualification tournament takes place with Uganda and Tunisia both likely. The other European places will be hotly contested with Wales, Scotland, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland and Italy all likely to be challenging.

It appears that Arabian Gulf have prequalified as hosts.

CONFIRMED QUALIFIERS (last update 22nd September 2008) - Arabian Gulf (Hosts), Brazil (28th January 2008), England, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, France, Italy (15th June 2008), Australia, New Zealand (26th July 2008), Asia 1, Asia 2, South Africa, Uganda, (21st September 2008), North America 1, North America 2

Commonwealth Games 2010

Rugby sevens being considered for this tournament in Delhi, India.

Pan American Games 2011

Rugby sevens being considered for this tournament.

"'Olympics 2012

Rugby sevens being considered for this tournament at London, England

Commonwealth Games 2014

Rugby sevens being considered for this tournament in Glasgow, Scotland.

Other appearances

In 2003, Fiji used the Marist Tournament to select their squad for Hong Kong by splitting their squad into a Red and Blue team who went on to contest the final.

Arabian Gulf played against club and scratch teams from across the world at Dubai 2006. There was also a tournament at the same time featuring Kuwait and Sharjah but these are not included as neither has its own national union.

In 2006 and 2007 what is described as the "CORE OF THE NATIONAL SELECTIONS" of Hungary, Bosnia and Serbia competed at the Krusevac tournament in Serbia against various club sides from across Europe.

Canada appeared at the 2007 Amsterdam sevens.

Dubai Tournament (21st September 2007) included Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Sharjah. None of these have their own union.

Singapore Bucks (may be a club side or development) and Hong Kong Development will compete at the Bangkok sevens 26th to 28th October 2007.

England are planning to use their National Sevens (Club tournament) as a preparation for the European Sevens.


Initially efforts were made to complete a cumulative record. The lack of inter regional competitions, the use of non national teams in tournaments, missing results and a lack of clarity over the make up of teams has made this increasingly meaningless.

The original "cumulative" record will now be replaced by an attempt to rank nations based on full blown competitive tournaments


The sources for each individual tournament entry are listed individually above. Most of the information has come from the websites of various nations which has also been contributed to by news reports. If only one source is listed then it should be considered the primary source.

The listings are also checked by members of various rugby discussion fora.

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