Republic of Entre Ríos

Republic of Entre Ríos

Infobox Former Country
conventional_long_name = Republic of Entre Ríos
native_name =
common_name = Entre Ríos
continent = South America
country = Argentina
era =
status = Unrecognized state
event_start =
year_start = 1820
date_start = September 29
event_end = Ramírez assassinated
year_end = 1821
date_end = July 10
p1 = Liga Federal
s1 = Argentina
flag_s1 =Bandera argentina federal.pngflag_p1 =Flag of Artigas.svg

image_map_caption = Republic of Entre Ríos (Modern day Argentine provinces of Entre Ríos and Corrientes
common_languages =
government_type = Republic
capital = Concepción del Uruguay
currency =
leader1 = Francisco Ramírez
year_leader1 =
title_leader = Jefe supremo
stat_year1 =
stat_area1 = 83000

The Republic of Entre Ríos was a short-lived republic in South America in the early nineteenth century. [cite book |last=Lynch |first=John |authorlink=John Lynch (historian) |title=Caudillos in Spanish America, 1800-1850 |publisher=Oxford University Press |date=1992 |pages=41 |isbn=019821135X] Comprising approximately 83,000 km² (32,000 square miles) [cite book |last=Macgregor |first=John |authorlink=John Macgregor (historian) |title=The Progress of America, from the Discovery by Columbus to the Year 1846 |publisher=Whittaker and Co. |date=1847 |pages=1020] of what are today the Argentinian provinces of Entre Ríos and Corrientes, [cite book |last=Robertson |first=James Alexander |authorlink=James Alexander Robertson |title=The Hispanic American Historical Review |publisher=Hispanic American Review |date=1918 |pages=387] the country was founded in 1820 by the caudillo General Francisco Ramírez (who styled himself "jefe supremo") [cite book |last=Tenenbaum |first=Barbara A. |authorlink=Barbara A. Tenenbaum |title=Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture |publisher=Prentice Hall International |date=1996 |pages=533 |isbn=0684197545] and lasted only one year. [cite book |last=Criscenti |first=Joseph T. |authorlink=Joseph T. Criscenti |title=Sarmiento and His Argentina |publisher=Lynne Rienner Publishers |date=1993 |pages=98 |isbn=1555873510]

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