Société Anonyme des Ateliers d'Aviation Louis Breguet

Société Anonyme des Ateliers d'Aviation Louis Breguet

The "Société des Ateliers d'Aviation Louis Breguet" also known as Breguet Aviation was a former French aircraft manufacturer.

The company was set up in 1911 by aviation pioneer Louis Charles Breguet. In 1971 it merged with Dassault.

Aircraft (before merger with Dassault)

*Breguet-Richet Gyroplane (1907) - One-engine one-seat experimental helicopter-like craft. Two constructed

*Breguet Type II (pre-WWI) - One-engine biplane light aircraft with tricycle landing gear

*Breguet Type III (1910) - Larger version of Type II. Three-seat, rotary engine
*Breguet Type R.U1 (1911) - One-engine biplane

*Breguet Aerhydroplane (1913) - One-engine one-seat seaplane. Did not fly

*Breguet Bre.4 (1914) - One-engine two-seat biplane bomber. Pusher configuration

*Breguet Bre.5 (1915) - One-engine two-seat biplane escort fighter. Variant of Bre.4

*Breguet 6 (1915) - Version of Breguet 5 with different engine
*Breguet 12 (1918) - Version of Breguet 5 with 37mm cannon and searchlight (night fighter)
*Breguet 14 (1916) - One-engine two-seat biplane bomber aircraft

*Breguet 16 (1918) - Larger version of Breguet 14. Bomber aircraft
*Breguet 17 (1918) - Smaller version of Breguet 14. Fighter aircraft.

*Breguet 19 (1922) - One-engine two-seat biplane reconnaissance/light bomber/sport aircraft

*Breguet 26T (1926) - One-engine biplane eight-passenger airliner

*Breguet 280T (1928) - Development of 26T with improved fuselage aerodynamics

*License built Short S.8 Calcutta (1928) - Three-engine fifteen-seat biplane transport aircraft

*Breguet 27 (1929) - One-engine two-seat biplane reconnaissance aircraft

*Breguet 270 (1929) - Development of 27 using steel chassis

*Breguet 393T (1931) - Three-engine biplane airliners
*Breguet 521 (1933) - Development of the S.8 Calcutta. Long-range patrol flying boat

*Breguet 530 Saigon - Civilian version of 521

*Breguet 693 (1938) - Two-engine two-seat monoplane ground attack/fighter aircraft

*Breguet 730 (1938) - Four-engine long-range flying boat. Piston engines

*Breguet Deux-Ponts (1949) - Four-engine double-deck large airliner. Piston engines.

*Breguet Alizé (1956) - One-engine three-seat naval anti-submarine aircraft. Turboprop engine

*Breguet Vultur (1951) - Two-engine two-seat naval anti-submarine aircraft. Jet engine and turboprop engine (mixed power)

*Breguet Taon (1957) - One-engine one-seat jet strike aircraft.
*Breguet 941 (1961) - Four-engine STOL transport aircraft. Turboprop engines

*Breguet Atlantique (1961) - Two-engine naval reconnaissance aircraft. Turboprop engines

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