The Tortoise Hustle

The Tortoise Hustle

The Tortoise Hustle is a CD crafted by producer El Keter and Fort Wayne rapper Sankofa. Sankofa was recently selected to be one of URB magazine's Next 100. Packaging was broken up in two formats: 250 hand-stamped and numbered tins for Sankofa's [ Obese America] imprint, and 50 limited-edition [ eyeballgraphics] silk-screened digipacks (called the imageyenation50) for El Keter's [ Imageyenation] .

Outside production includes ognihs' "Tale of a Cartoon Snake", Dagger's "Section8", Sankofa's "Needful Things", and FANGFACE's "Speaking in Tongues." The remaining 12 tracks were produced by El Keter.


1-The Bottom Line (3:39)

2-Speaking in Tongues (3:24)

3-They All Die (3:54)

4-Tale of a Cartoon Snake (4:18)

5-And It Goes (3:12)

6-Hoping (4:02)

7-Sharper Than Knives (4:21)

8-The Tortoise Hustle (4:23)

9-32106 (3:33)

10-Shiny (4:44)

11-Needful Things (1:08)

12-Taken (4:01)

13-Sing it Backwards-featuring Sub-Surface's RhymeWise37. (3:21)

14-The Zoom Zip (3:27)

15-Section8-featuring JON?DOE, Sankofa, AthenA, Ryan Officer, iCON the Mic King, Nick Sweepah, ADRU THE MISPHIT, and Sub-Surface's RhymeWise37. (3:05)

16-Creasy (4:03)

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