Pukapukan language

Pukapukan language

region=Pukapuka and Nassau islands, northern Cook Islands; some in Rarotonga; also New Zealand and Australia
fam7=Remote Oceanic
fam8=Central Pacific
fam9=East Fijian-Polynesian

Pukapukan is the Samoic Polynesian language spoken in the Danger Islands (Pukapuka) of the northwest Cook Islands.

The language had 750 speakers in the early 1990s. [Moseley, Christopher and R. E. Asher ed. "The Atlas of the Worlds Languages" (New York: Routlage, 1994) p. 100]

The name of the language they speak on Pukapuka Island (also known as Danger Island) and Nassau Island is called "wale".


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* [http://www.ethnologue.com/show_language.asp?code=pkp Pukapuka on Ethnologue]

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