International organisations in Europe

International organisations in Europe

The following table lists the independent European states, and their memberships in selected organisations and treaties, and their use of the euro (). Selected states in Asia, bordering Europe, have also been included.1 The United Nations is a world-wide organisation with members from all continents, not only from Europe.
2 OSCE and NATO are Europe-centric organisations, but have members from other continents too (USA, Canada and Central Asian states).
3 In Andorra and Montenegro the euro is used as a "de facto" currency (without any agreement with the ECB, EU or an Eurozone member state).
4 The euro is used as a "de facto" currency in Kosovo.
5 Switzerland has not signed to EEA, but is participating in EFTA and has some sectoral agreements with the EU with similar effect as EEA.
6 These countries are currently not participating in the EU's single market (EEA), but the EU has common external Customs Union agreements with Turkey (EU-Turkey Customs Union in force since 1995), Andorra (since 1991) and San Marino (since 2002). Monaco participates in the EU customs union through its relationship with France; its ports are administered by the French. Vatican City has a customs union in effect with Italy.
7 Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City are not members of Schengen, but act as such via their open borders with France and Italy, respectively.

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