SMS (software)

SMS (software)

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latest_release_version = 9.2 (minor updates not versioned)
latest_release_date = August 10, 2007
latest preview version = 10.0
latest preview date = September 1, 2007
developer = Aquaveo
operating_system = Microsoft Windows
genre = Hydrogeology software
license = Proprietary
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SMS (Surface-water Modeling System) is a complete program for building and simulating surface water models. It features 1D and 2D modeling and a unique conceptual model approach. Currently supported models include ADCIRC [] , CMS-FLOW2D, FESWMS [] , TABS [;10] , TUFLOW [] , BOUSS-2D [!23] , CGWAVE [;21] , STWAVE [;9] , CMS-WAVE (WABED), GENESIS [;34] , and PTM.

Version 9.2 introduced the use of XMDF (eXtensible Model Data Format), which is a compatible extension of HDF5. XMDF files are smaller and allow faster access times than ASCII files.


SMS was initially developed by the "Engineering Computer Graphics Laboratory" at Brigham Young University (later renamed in September, 1998 to "Environmental Modeling Research Laboratory" or EMRL) in the late 1980s on Unix workstations. The development of SMS was funded primarily by The United States Army Corps of Engineers and is still known as the "Department of Defense Surface-water Modeling System" or "DoD SMS". It was later ported to Microsoft Windows platforms in the mid 1990s and support for HP-UX, IRIX, DEC-OSF, and Solaris platforms was discontinued.

In April 2007, the main software development team at EMRL entered private enterprise as Aquaveo LLC [] , and continue to develop SMS and other software products, such as WMS (Watershed Modeling System) and GMS (Groundwater Modeling System).


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