Ibi River

Ibi River

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river_name = Ibi River

image_size = 250px
caption = Nishidaira Dam on the Ibi River in Ibigawa
origin = Mount Kanmuri
mouth = Ise Bay
basin_countries = Japan
length_km = 121
elevation_m = 1257
mouth_elevation_m =
discharge_m3/s = 84.28
watershed_km2 = 1840

The nihongo|Ibi River|揖斐川|Ibi-gawa is a tributary of the Kiso River located in Gifu and Mie Prefectures in Japan. Along with the Nagara and Kiso rivers, the Ibi is the third of the Kiso Three Rivers of the Nōbi Plain. It is one of Japan's first class rivers. The former Tōkaidō post station of Kuwana-juku was located on the western banks of this river during the Edo period.


The Ibi River has its source in Mount Kanmuri, [http://www.water.go.jp/chubu/tokuyama/outline/o-ichi.html Tokuyama Dam and the Ibi River] . ja icon Japan Water Agency. Accessed June 27, 2008.] which is located in the town of Ibigawa in Gifu Prefecture, and from there flows south. During its course, it temporarily merges with the Kiso and Nagara Rivers. In the city of Kuwana, Mie Prefecture, it finally joins with the Nagara River for good and continues flowing until Ise Bay.

River Communities

;Gifu Prefecture:Ibigawa (Ibi District), Ikeda, Ōno, Gōdo (Anpachi District), Mizunami, Ōgaki, Anpachi (Anpachi District), Wanōchi, Yōrō (Yōrō District), Kaizu;Mie Prefecture:Kuwana

Additional Notes

*Every year, on the second Sunday of November, there is a marathon in Ibigawa that goes along the river's shores. [http://www.ibigawa-marathon.jp/ Ibigawa Marathon Public Site] . Ibigawa Marathon Committee. Accessed September 18, 2007.]
*Kuwana is considered the meeting point between Kansai dialect and Nagoya dialect.


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