Plecostomus (band)

Plecostomus (band)

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Name = Plecostomus

Background = group_or_band
Alias = Pleco
Origin = Omaha, Nebraska
Genre = Alternative rock
Years_active = 2001 – present
Label = Squish Records
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Current_members = Jimmy

Plecostomus, or Pleco, is an alternative comedy rock band from Omaha, Nebraska. Best known for their quirky style of politically incorrect humor, the duo has found success on internet and college radio stations nationwide since forming in 2001. Plecostomus has released 2 full length albums: "Welcome to the Ple-ground" (2003) and "Society in General" (2007). The group’s most popular songs include “Fat America”, “The Sun”, and “Conor (Live from the BBC)”.

The early years

Plecostomus formed in the fall of 2001 shortly after Jimmy met Matt in a record store in Omaha, Nebraska. During high school, both Matt and Jimmy were involved in separate musical projects. A similar interest in creating funny music led Jimmy and Matt to form a joint venture, which for no reason other than the fact the name sounded ambiguous, they decided to call Plecostomus.

Welcome to the Ple-ground

After recording an initial demo of 14 songs in Matt’s apartment in November 2001, Pleco was invited to play their first show at a battle of the bands in the summer of 2002. Shortly thereafter, a local college radio station in Omaha put the band’s song “Conor (Live from the BBC)”, a satirical anti-tribute to a local music celebrity, into regular rotation. The popularity of the song led Plecostomus to spend the next year-and-a-half recording their first full length album. Pleco’s debut album, "Welcome to the Ple-ground", was released on December 31, 2003. The album was notable for containing 30 tracks and for being almost 80 minutes long. The band’s song “Conor (Live from the BBC)” ultimately received regular airplay on several internet and college radio across the country.

ociety in General

In 2006, the group began recording their second full-length album. Pleco’s second album, "Society in General", was released on July 16, 2007. Shortly after its release, the album’s second single, “Fat America”, became the #1 requested song and the #1 most played song on college radio in Omaha. The first single, “The Sun”, was pulled from regular rotation on that same station due to its highly controversial lyrical content.Fact|date=March 2008

Current projects

Plecostomus is currently rumored to be working on an upcoming album for release in late 2008.


*"Welcome to the Ple-ground" (2003)
*#"Hit It"
*#"Welcome to the Ple-ground"
*#"Conor (Live from the BBC)"
*#"The Off-Work UPS Fat Man Dance"
*#"Freestyle Funkfest
*#"I'm So Happy"
*#"In the Fish Tank"
*#"Shotgun Blues"
*#"Scrambled Porn"
*#"Matt Please Call Me On the Phone"
*#"Clam Chowder"
*#"Your Credit Card Has Been Declined"
*#"You're a Dude"
*#"Cut Off His Head"
*#"Gnome Named Norm"
*#"I Drive a Geo Metro"
*#"Midget Sex"
*#"Queen Mum"
*#"Do Do Do"
*#"Love Song"
*#"Great White"
*#"I Am a German"
*#"Silver Umbrella"
*#"Healthy Living"
*#"The Beginning of the End"
*#"Legion of Doom"

*"Society in General" (2007)
*#"Whatchya Gunna Do"
*#"Angelina Jolie"
*#"Attacked By Bears"
*#"The Poop Song"
*#"Anarchy Comics"
*#"At the Renaissance"
*#"Camel Toe"
*#"Fat America"
*#"City of Idiots"
*#"The Sun"
*#"Four Inches at Full Captain"
*#"Roller Skating"
*#"A Letter From the Pope"
*#"Bad Magician"
*#"Wax My Ass"
*#"We're In a Rock Band"
*#"Leader Of The Free World"
*#"Ribbed For Her Pleasure"
*#"Crystal Heart"
*#"Society in General"

Music videos

*"Great White" (2004)
*"Wax My Ass" (2007)

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