Stirrup (disambiguation)

Stirrup (disambiguation)

A stirrup is a metal loop for supporting the foot, attached to a riding saddle. It may also refer to:

* The stapes bone of the ear, resembling a stirrup
* "Stirrup", a clamp (tool) or support in the shape of a stirrup
* "Stirrup", a reinforcing bar which is used in concrete
* "Stirrup jar", a two handled amphora, whose opposing handles connect the aperture to the sides of the vessel
* "Stirrups", braces on which women can rest their feet during a gynecological examination
* "Stirrup pants" are a form of trousers commonly worn by women, that include a strap beneath the arch of the foot (See leggings)
* Baseball Stirrups, a type of socks worn by baseball players

ee also

* Jock Stirrup, nickname of Britain's Air Chief Marshal Sir Graham Eric Stirrup

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