Percy (given name)

Percy (given name)

Percy is a short form of the given name Percival.

The following list includes people with the given name Percy:
* Percy Vear (1911–1982), British Professional Boxer during the boom time 1920s & 1930s
* Percy Addleshaw (1866–1916), English barrister and writer
* Percy Adlon (b. 1935), German film and television director, writer, and producer
* Henry Percy Brewster (1816–1884), lawyer and personal secretary of Sam Houston,
* Percy Clarkson, U.S. Army Major General 87th, 33d, & 3d Infantry Division in World War II
* Percy Zachariah Cox (1864–1937) British administrator and diplomat
*Percy Wright Foote (1879–1961), Rear Admiral, U. S. Navy, World War I & II []
* Percy Eugene Foreman (1902–1988), millionaire murder case criminal-defense lawyer, defended James Earl Ray, Melvin Lane Powers, Alvin Lee King, Charles Harrelson
* Percy Gardner (1846–1937), English classical archaeologist
* Percy Grainger, American musician
* Percy Ives (1864–1928), American painter
* Percy Jones (1885–1951), railroad executive, oilman, philanthropist
* Percy Jones (b. 1947), Welsh bass player
* Percy Lavon Julian (1899-1975), American research chemist
* Percy Roycroft Lowe (1870–1948), English surgeon and ornithologist
* Percy MacKaye (1875–1956), American dramatist and poet
* Percy Metcalfe English artist, currency designer
* Percy Robert Miller, aka Master P, hip-hop artist and entreprenuer
* Percy Romeo Miller, aka Romeo (rapper), hip-hop artist, college basketball player, entertainer and son of Percy Robert Miller
* Percy Erskine Nobbs (1875–1964), Scottish born Canadian architect
* Sir Percy Noble, British Admiral in World War II, Royal Navy Commander-in-Chief, Western Approaches
* Percy Noble, former Member of Parliament in Canada
* Percy Avery Rockefeller (1878–1934), son of William Rockefeller, director of Remington Arms Company
* Percy Ross (1916–2001), millionaire philanthropist
* Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792–1822), English Romantic poet
* Percy Thrower (1913–1988), British gardener and television host
* Percy Marshall Young (1912–2004), British musicologist, editor, organist, composer, conductor and teacher
* William Percy French (1854–1920), Irish songwriter and entertainer
* Percy Harvin, Wide Receiver for the Florida Gators

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* House of Percy
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