Ausra (company)

Ausra (company)

Ausra Inc., developer of large-scale solar thermal power technology, has assembled a team of solar power researchers, power project developers and financiers to make reliable, solar thermal power stations a reality today for electric utilities in Palo Alto, California. [ Solar Companies Secure Large Investments] ]

Technical details

Ausra's power plants drive steam turbines with sunshine:

:"Locally manufactured solar concentrators made of steel and glass focus sunlight to boil water, generating high-pressure steam that drives conventional turbine generators. New thermal energy storage systems using pressurized water and low cost materials will provide for on-demand generation day and night."


Ausra's proprietary technology significantly reduces the cost of asolar thermal power plant and so is capable of significantly reducing global carbon emissions normally associated with electricity generation. [ [ Carrizo Energy Solar Farm, Volume 1] , p. 1-1.] Ausra has recently secured more than $40 million in funding from Silicon Valley venture capital firms Khosla Ventures and Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers.


Ausra has built the first U.S. manufacturing plant for solar thermal power systems, in Las Vegas. The 130,000-square-foot, highly automated manufacturing and distribution center produces the reflectors, towers, absorber tubes, and other key components of the company's solar thermal power plants. The plant began operation in July 2008. [ [ Ausra Opens US Solar Thermal Factory] ]

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