Saltfleetby is a village in the county of Lincolnshire, England. Situated approximately seven miles east of Louth, ten miles north of Mablethorpe and on the coast of the North Sea, the village had a population of 599 at the 2001 Census.

Amongst the amenities in the village are a public house (The Prussian Queen), the primary school and fishing lakes with a campsite.

A section of the seashore of the village is part of the Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe Dunes National Nature Reserve, which comprises sea dunes and both saltwater and freshwater marshes. The reserve is one of only five locations in the UK where the natterjack toad can be found.

Whilst named the Saltfleetby Gas Field, the gas wells situated at the far north of North End Lane are actually in the Howdales hamlet, part of the neighbouring village of South Cockerington.

Until 1999, the village legally comprised of three parishes, Saltfleetby St. Peter, Saltfleetby All Saints and Saltfleetby St. Clement, each one centered around the church that gave it its name. However, the village has operated as one entity for many years.

The village is known locally as Soloby.

World War Two

The World War Two defences constructed in and around Saltfleetby have been documented by William Foot. They included extensive minfields between the Great Eau and the dunes, a large number of pillboxes and a Home Guard shelter in the field adjacent to The Prussian Queen.


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