List of minor Star Wars droids

List of minor Star Wars droids

This article is about minor droids in the fictional "Star Wars" universe. It includes specific droids units, examples of those within the Star Wars universe, and some minor droid types, but not examples such as protocol droids and battle droids.


SW Droid

type=Medical Droid
manufacturer=Industrial Automaton
affiliation=Rebel Alliance
master=Rebel Alliance

2-1B ("two-one-bee") is a fictional "Star Wars" medical droid. The units are humanoid surgeon droids with a skull-shaped head, a transparent trunk, and numerous surgical appendages.

The most well known 2-1B unit was a masculine droid seen in "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi". He was owned by the Galactic Empire. He decided to work voluntarily for the Rebel Alliance on Hoth's Echo Base. 2-1B was the head medic involved in Luke's rehabilitation from the Wampa attack on Hoth, and he revived Luke in the kolto tank from a state of dormo-shock after he suffered exposure to the Hoth elements. For this reason, Luke chose 2-1B to be the droid that attached his cybernetic hand after his duel with Darth Vader. 2-1B is assisted by an FX-7 droid. An advice column written in his persona briefly appeared in the "Star Wars Insider".

Two 2-1B units can be seen operating on Darth Vader in "". Neither droid is the same unit that is seen in the original trilogy [ [ Star Wars: Episode III | 2-1B, MD] ] .


SW Droid

type=Reprogrammed Protocol droid
manufacturer=Industrial Automaton
affiliation=None (mercenary)|

4-LOM, a rusty looking protocol droid unit with an insectoid head, appears briefly in the background of "The Empire Strikes Back". Initially he is shown as one of the bounty hunters hired by Darth Vader to find the "Millennium Falcon". A similar headed model is seen damaged in the Cloud City "junk room" beside one of the Ugnaughts.

The character's back story has been fleshed out in the Expanded Universe, particularly the Kevin J. Anderson edited anthology, "Tales of the Bounty Hunters". According to the stories, 4-LOM was a protocol droid manufactured by the Industrial Automaton corporation. Originally equipped a head similar to that of C-3PO, he served as a Valet and a Human/Cyborg relations specialist aboard the passenger liner "Kuari Princess". In that role, he has a TranLang 3 Communications Module, giving him a knowledge of over seven million languages and forms of communication. He does well in his role as an interpreter between the rich guests aboard the "Kuari Princess" and the vessel's computer, and is aware of the movements of the guests and their possessions.

For his own entertainment, the protocol droid engages the ship's computer in a series of games that simulate the best possible ways to steal the guests' possessions. However, the computer and the droid begin to alter each other's programming to effect better results. The game becomes serious when 4-LOM actually begins stealing items. Before long, the guests of the "Kuari Princess" feel concern over the number of unexplained and perfectly performed thefts that take place. Nobody suspects the benevolent 4-LOM.

The reprogramming that the ship's computer performs on 4-LOM allows him more sentience, and he decides to escape while the ship docks. Eventually the droid sets himself up as a master thief and information broker for many crime-lords, including Jabba the Hutt.

Jabba realizes the droid has the potential to become a bounty hunter, but 4-LOM's programming prevents him from using violence on organic beings. Jabba has the droid reprogrammed to override this, and has a new head installed with modules pertaining to a bounty hunter's needs. 4-LOM decides its name would be an acronym for "For Love Or Money" and joins with Zuckuss, a Gand with damaged lungs who has a talent for out-guessing his opponents. The pair become Jabba's favorite bounty hunters.

Following the Battle of Hoth, Darth Vader sends out a call for bounty hunters to locate and capture the rebel Han Solo in order to lure Luke Skywalker in for capture. Jabba sends 4-LOM and Zuckuss. Aboard the Imperial Super Star Destroyer "Executor", they find that four other Bounty Hunters have already answered Vader's call, including the eventually successful Boba Fett.

While on the hunt for Solo, 4-LOM and Zuckuss attack a Rebel transport and capture those aboard, but the Rebels heal Zuckuss's lungs. As repayment, they join the rebellion temporarily.

In Dark Horse Comics' "Shadows of the Empire" adaptation, the pair attack Fett to take Solo's carbonite encased body to Jabba, but 4-LOM is apparently destroyed by Boba Fett.

Other media

In the video game , 4-LOM is a playable character. He wields a rare sniper blaster; he is one of the three characters to do so, the others being Boba Fett and Rebel Trooper (Hoth). 4-LOM is capable of unlocking doors like R2-D2 and C-3PO panels.


8D8 (also known as Atedeeate) was an 8D smelter droid manufactured by the Verpine Roche hive.

One of these units work in the Cyborg Operations division of Jabba the Hutt's court. The sadistic droid (due to his programming) piston-legged automaton tortures both droids and organics. It is a droid underling to the Cyborg Ops head, EV-9D9.

8D8 is part of a smelting line made by the Verpine, an insectoid species. More about him can be found in the Essential Star Wars Guide to Droids.

He is seen is .


8t88 has a model briefly featured in the LucasArts game "". He in the possession of a data disk recorded by Morgan Katarn meant for his son Kyle Katarn. After the initial encounter, the droid is chased by Kyle through the streets of Nar Shaddaa before he loses his arm and the disk, retrieved by Kyle. Later in the game, 8t88 is seen at the Dark Jedi Jerec's fortress in Barons Hed and then on a large Imperial ship at a fueling station, where he is terminated by the Dark Jedi twins Gorc and Pic and left as a trap for Kyle.


A-3D0 is a multitalented service droid owned by Jedi Andur Sunrider. A-3D0 is a crack mechanic and copilot who witnesses his master's death at the hands of a criminal gang headed by Bogga the Hutt, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Called ThreeDee for short, the droid then aids Andur's wife, Nomi, as she learns the ways of the Jedi.

A-Series Assassin Droid

The A-Series Assassin Droid is an advanced form of the super battle droid. It is deployed during the Clone Wars by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. It is one of the more advanced models used by the separatists.

Air Battle Droid

Air battle droids are upgraded flying versions of the Confederacy of Independent Systems standard B-1 Battle Droid. Unlike the ground units, these fliers are equipped with two short blades, arm-mounted blasters, and a shield that could block lightsabers.

Following the execution of the Separatist Council by Darth Sidious's new apprentice, Darth Vader, these units, along with the rest of the Droid Army, were de-activated.

This class of droid appeared in the "" .

Arakyd Recon Seeker Droid

Arakyd Recon Seeker Droids are fast and maneuverable droids. They are used as simple scouts to their owners. Darth Maul used them to find Qui-Gon Jinn and Queen Amidala on Tatooine. The droids are unarmed, although they have external clips for weaponry such as lasers or projectile launchers. The droids are also used in multiple armies, mostly by snipers. They can be used to trigger an Orbital strike, an effective method of clearing the way. When an orbital strike is launched, cruisers that orbit the planet start to bombard the ground, destroying the enemy, and the unfortunate scout droid most of the time. These were used by some Rebel Marksmen to try and assassinate Darth Vader on Kashyyk.


A sleek droid outfitted for the blood trade of assassination, ASN-121 was the property of Zam Wesell. The Clawdite bounty hunter dispatched the flying automaton on a mission to kill Senator Padmé Amidala. To that end, its small cargo hopper was loaded with a pair of squirming kouhuns, deadly centipede-like creatures with a poisonous sting. The droid flew high amidst the skyscrapers of Coruscant, stopping to hover outside Padmé Amidala's apartment window. Using disruptive energy beams, the droid was able to bypass the window's security screen, and used a laser cutter to bore a hole in the pane. The droid then deposited its venomous cargo.

It succeeded in its primary function -- to deliver the kouhuns, and was set to return to Zam, but a pair of Jedi protectors burst into the bedroom. Anakin Skywalker cut the kouhuns to pieces and Obi-Wan Kenobi brashly dove out the window to capture ASN-121.

The droid soared away, carrying the Jedi Knight with it. Kenobi clung tenaciously to the droid as it soared through the Coruscant air traffic. Zam, seeing that ASN-121 carried an unwelcome guest, destroyed the droid with a well-placed shot from her sniper rifle, sending Obi-Wan Kenobi tumbling through the air.

ASP droid

The ASP droid is one of a few types of worker droid in the galaxy.

One of the units is seen in the Special Edition versions of "Star Wars: A New Hope" just outside the Mos Eisley space port on Tatooine. The droid carries a large engine part, drops it, and knocks a passing Imperial sentry droid to the ground.

Assassin Droid

In the Star Wars universe, an Assassin Droid is a standard Battle Droid that distinguishes itself from its counterparts with its sophisticated targeting programming.

In pre-Imperial times, Assassin droids were used by crime groups, including the Syndicat on Phindar.

After the Clone Wars, the Assassin Droid served the empire by using sniper rifles to dispatch enemy infantry at far distances. The advanced targeting intelligence allows the droid to utilise the simple BAW-E5 Sniper rifle to its maximum efficiency -- something far greater than the Clone marksmen of the Galactic Republic. To supplement its capabilities, the droids are also equipped with a blaster pistol to defend themselves from infantry close by. In addition to this is an Akrayd Recon Seeker Droid which scouts the surroundings for droid forces.

List of assassin droids
*HK-47, "from
*HK-50, "from "
*IG-88, "from " and ""
*Imperial Assassin droid (unnamed) from


AV-6R7 was an Imperial supervisor droid during the construction of the second Death Star. He was deprived of arms for failing to keep track of a power droid, but appears to have been given replacement ones. AV-6R7 was working on the bridge of the "Executor" and was destroyed when Arvel Crynyd's A-Wing crashed through the outer hull.


B-4D4 was a protocol droid working for Czerka Corporation and a secretary of Jana Lorso, the Czerka representative on Citadel Station. He held the ID number 003127. Most of the time he served as a greeter for visitors of the Czerka office, but also had access to the corporate computer mainframe.

The latter fact was discovered by the Jedi Exile during his/her forced stay on Citadel Station. Interested in getting to the surface on the planet Telos, he/she agreed to help Chodo Habat and his Ithorians against Czerka, their competitors for the Telosian restoration project, in exchange for a shuttle off Citadel Station. By bribing a Czerka employee named Corrun Falt, promising him to search the mainframe for compromising evidence against Lorso, he/she found out that Opo Chano held droid repair credentials on B-4D4. After acquiring the credentials, the Exile entered the Czerka office and ordered the droid to follow him.

B-4D4 was taken to the Ithorian compound and reprogrammed. He was freed from his duty to serve Czerka and given the ability to lie. Using it, B-4D4 persuaded Lorso to grant him access to the mainframe, saying that he had found inaccuracies in corporate accounts and intended to correct them in Czerka's favor. Once inside, he manipulated T1-N1, the utility droid in charge for the mainframe, into attacking Czerka employees and, in the resulting confusion and panic, not only downloaded the files bringing light on the corporation's illegal operations, but also erased all the data referencing his own purchase.

Having delivered the files to the Ithorians, B-4D4 prepared to take off Citadel Station with T1-N1 (fired from Czerka for unreliability). The two droids boarded the first ship to Nar Shaddaa, and it is unknown what happened to them since.


The BD-3000 luxury droid was a versatile luxury attendant droid built by LeisureMech Enterprises.

It was programmed with a basic linguistic database and a respectable language processor, though its translation capabilities were not up to par with a dedicated protocol droid. Droids of this series were intended to be used in a number of roles, being equipped with over 25 secondary functions, ranging from the technical (repulsorlift pilot) to the mundane (cook and tailor). In addition, BD-3000s were programmed with extensive personality matrices, allowing for a variety of droid personality profiles. Sophisticated vocabulator systems allowed the model to project a large number of sounds and voices, including feminine presets described as "perky" and "sultry."

Onboard expansion slots allowed for user customization, with combat/bodyguard upgrades being common (although not strictly authorized). The droid's main selling point, however, was not its well-rounded feature set and broad capabilities. Rather, it was the droid's remarkable aesthetics — its sculpted curvature, gleaming torso, and gyro-stabilized gait.


The BT-16 [] droids are large, spider like droids used for many different purposes. Probably the most known use for these droids are Bo'Marr monk brain carriers. One can be seen walking by the closing door of Jabba's palace in Return of the Jedi.

A malfunctioning BT-16 was responsible for the death of Kyle Katarn's mother.

A BT-16 can also be found wandering along the hallways in Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, in Chapter one of the Return of the Jedi part of the game.

Chameleon droid

The Chameleon droid (also known as the "Arakyd Spelunker") model is from the fictional universe of Star Wars.

Originally this droid model was created by the Commerce Guild as a probe for exploring planets, after having been released in hyperspace, using hyperspace pods to exit hyperspace, land, and report its findings. They would then detect ore deposits and begin blasting them using mines stored in their cargo bay. However, they were greatly altered by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The droid design was commissioned by the Commerce Guild and at the outbreak of the Clone Wars, the capabilities of the droid were completely changed by Techno Union engineers.

The droid moves on a four legged body which supports an almost cylindrical form and a disc shaped head with various sensors. A quad blaster cannon replaces the original mineral sensors on the main body; these allow the droid to fire rapid bolts of energy at enemy targets. In addition to this, the droids are also equipped with shaped military charges that can be deployed from a small chamber at the lower end of the cylindrical central body. While the design seems fragile, the droid is far deadlier than it looks. The droids are equipped with a powerful passive cloaking system, based on holograms, allowing them to virtually disappear. This engenders a considerable element of surprise to the advantage of the Chameleon Droids. A repulsorlift system is further used to lessen the weight of the droid making it surprisingly agile on the battlefield, and more difficult to detect its tracks (especially useful on snow fields).

The primary aim of the Chameleon Droid was not as a front line combat unit but rather as a covert droid designed to sneak into enemy lines, lay mines and assassinate or sabotage Republic targets.

Chameleon Droids are seen in the series on Cartoon Network destroying the Jedi Temple on Ilum. As seen in the series, the droids are easily destroyed.

Crab Droid

The CIS LM-432 Crab Droid is an infantry-scale droid developed especially for use on swampy, muddy or other squishy-surfaced planets such as Utapau. Nicknamed ‘the Muckracker’ by Clone Troopers, Crab Droids scuttle over the terrain on 6 large, strong legs. They can wade through water or muck with their blaster-wielding head held above the surface while raking the area in front with laserfire. They are quite useful on hard surfaces, too; their powerful legs allow them to move quickly and their twin blasters can cover large arcs to destroy unfortunate Clone Troopers. Some were even equipped with Gungan bubble-wort launchers that allowed them to capture enemies in energy spheres.

Introduced in the later stages of the Clone Wars, Crab Droids had special suction pods on their legs that allowed them to slurp up mud and clear a path for conventional infantry. They were also heavily armoured, but did have their weaknesses: if a Clone Trooper managed to get around to the unprotected back of the droid they could jump on its head and fire through its lightly-protected sensor casing into the central processor, destroying it instantly. However, this was very hard to do, as Crab droids could either swat enemies that came near then with their pincers or mow them down with their blaster cannons, and much bravery and skill was needed to get anywhere near them.

Crab droids were highly adaptable, and thanks to the modular assembly lines of the Techno Union, many models could be produced. These ranged from the small scouts droids or 5-6 meter tall trailblazers packed with extra firepower and suited for use even in lakes and other not-too-deep bodies of water which could destroy larger targets such as vehicles.


The Dungball / (Jedi Killer Droid) is a droid type built by the 'Five Families' on Ord Cestus, it was originally a personal security droid. The droid proved difficult for even Jedi Master Kit Fisto to defeat. It produced metal tentacles to dispose of its enemies and used a powerful absorber shield to protect itself against its enemies' weapons. Called the 'Bio Droid' because a native alien species was used as a brain due to its ability to use the force. Count Dooku appeared to be interested in buying some and modifying them to make them dangerous for use in battles against the Galactic Republic. However this proved to be a trap to force the Republic to use Orbital Bombardment to stop the production of the droids. Even if Dooku had been serious, the mass production of the droids would have required cloning far beyond the skill of the experts at the time. Also, the Dacta Worms that were the brain proved to be extremely empathic and went insane if someone died near them.


A FX-7 unit is a medical droid. Once a cutting-edge design in medical droid technology, an FX-7 unit was one of the droids used to reconstruct Darth Vader following his disastrous injuries on Mustafar. The cylindrical droid had a skirt of a dozen modular medical tools to give it remarkable versatility, and seven upper arms equipped with even more. A trio of casters in the droid's base allowed it to move in any direction. A similar droid assisted 2-1B in the medical treatment of Luke Skywalker on Hoth in "The Empire Strikes Back" after Luke's run-in with a Wampa.

Grapple droid

Based on the Super Battle Droid model, the grapple droid was specifically designed for the Separatists' siege on Coruscant, and General Grievous himself personally oversaw its modifications. Bigger and profoundly more vicious than its predecessors, the grapple droid was equipped with electrically charged, industrial pincers, which it used to crush the life from its enemies. The grapple droid excelled at close-quarters combat and its embrace was quite deadly.

These units were shut down after the end of the Clone Wars.


SW Droid

type=Assassin Droid
master= G0-T0, HK-47
affiliation=The Exchange|

"HK-50" is the name (and model number) for a series of fictional characters from the 2004 video game '. The HK-50 series of droids are based on the earlier HK-47 assassin droid from '. Like their progenitor, these droids possess incredible linguistic skills and highly sadistic tendencies. The primary function of the HK-50 droids, as they state it, is to "facilitate communications and terminate hostilities." In accordance with the usual perceptions of Hunter Killer assassin droids, the best way to terminate hostilities is to kill everything present as compared to HK-47's more precise assassination protocols (although any bystanders dying still amuses him). HK-50 units are identical in appearance to HK-47, with the primary exception being that they are gray in color instead of HK-47's rusty orange. They also refer sentient species as merely "organics" instead of "meatbags" in HK-47's case, which infuriated the latter droid.

Though much of the background story for the HK-50 units is missing from "", cut content that was later released by Obsidian Entertainment indicates that the HK-50 droids were manufactured in secret by the droid G0-T0 using the schematics used to create HK-47. How G0-T0 gained the schematics is still an unanswered question. It was intended that HK-47, while interrogating an HK-50 unit, would discover the hidden droid factory on Telos. The HK-50 units were programmed to hunt Jedi, specifically the Jedi Exile (the player character and protagonist of the game). It should be noted, however, that since the material in question is indeed cut content, it should not be considered canon information (falling under the category of fan-based speculation).

HK-50 assassin droids were often able to successfully pose as protocol droids and they infiltrated much of the Republic fleet in doing so. Negotiations where HK-50s were used to translate often did not conclude well, as their cruel and violent desires influenced their interpretations of the various spoken languages. The HK-50 units hidden in the fleet were looking for the Jedi Exile, who was believed to be the last of the Jedi. When the Exile became a passenger aboard the "Harbinger", an HK-50 droid on board the Republic capital ship took note. The HK-50 unit forged orders that the Exile report to the medical bay for automated and mandatory injections. The Exile was injected with a dose of sedatives that would be lethal to a non-Jedi, but which would only render him/her unconscious. The HK-50 locked up the Exile and arranged a series of accidents aboard the "Harbinger" intended to disable it and allow for retrieval of the prize. The plans of the HK-50 were foiled when Kreia, flying in the "Ebon Hawk", was brought on board the "Harbinger" and took the Jedi Exile. The "Ebon Hawk" had been pursued by and fired upon by a Sith capital ship. When the Sith ship was investigated, cloaked Sith assassins boarded the "Harbinger" and seized it. Kreia and the Exile escaped the ship on the "Ebon Hawk", but the HK-50 unit tagged along.

The "Ebon Hawk", severely damaged, made its way to the Peragus II Mining Colony. Once there, the HK-50 again posed as a protocol droid and arranged for a series of accidents to befall the facility. The Jedi Exile was again drugged into unconsciousness. Division among the miners about what to do with the Jedi (the Exchange had a large bounty out for Jedi) was manipulated by HK-50 to kill all of the facility's workers. HK-50 also corrupted the vocabulators of the facility's mining droids, allowing them to "mine" organics. To ensure that no one would be able to escape the facility, the HK-50 unit also took numerous steps to block off certain parts of the facility. The subtle manipulations of the HK-50 unit and the highly fatal results demonstrate the dangerous nature of the HK-50 model of assassin droids. Before escaping from the facility, the Jedi Exile and company destroyed that HK-50 unit.

After Peragus, the Jedi Exile continued to run into HK-50 droids throughout his/her travels. After the previously damaged and inoperable HK-47 was reactivated, it was able to discover that the HK-50 droids were tracking the Exile through a sonic imprint sensor based on the vocabulator of the HK-50 from Peragus. HK-47, wanting to track down the HK-50 droids and their source, suggested that the tracking device be left intact until the group was again confronted by HK-50 units. Because the HK-50 units were made from HK-47's template, he could not harm them himself due to his self-preservation protocols. HK-47 therefore had to rely on the Exile to fight the HK-50 droids and possibly capture one.

Though cut from the game due to deadline constraints, HK-47 was supposed to discover the location of the droid factory after interrogating a captured HK-50 unit. HK-47 would have gone to the factory located in the abandoned military base on Telos and infiltrated the sub level of the base that housed the HK droid factory. HK-47 would then go on to fight the HK-50 units within the base discovering such things like training facilities, droid manufacturing facilities, and schematic information about the HK-50 units along the way. HK-47 would then encounter the newest model of HK assassin droid, the HK-51. HK-47 would have then persuaded the HK-51 droids to help him after they saw him as their superior. With their help, HK-47 along with HK-51 droids destroyed the factory. These HK-51 units would later come to HK-47's aid against their manufacturer, G0-T0, in a final confrontation on Malachor V.

Like HK-47, the HK-50 droids have become fan favorites, in particular the one you encounter on Peragus, for his definition of what he does. He states "assassin droid is such a crude term, reserved for durasteel drones uploaded with only the most archaic kill programs. The function I perform has been referred to as wanton slaughter.". It should be noted that HK-47 actually revels in wanton slaughter.


I-5YQ was a protocol droid in Star Wars. He appeared in and the Medstar Duology. He was known for his sarcastic tone and his seeming ability to express emotions on his metal face. He once worked as a business partner with Lorn Pavan. On Drongar, he reprogrammed himself to get drunk.


IG-72 was one of the prototype IG-88-series Assassin Droids to be used for the Galactic Empire against the Rebel Alliance. The model was later outdated by the IG-88 design. IG-72 appears briefly in the "Tales of the Bounty Hunters" anthology. IG-88 activates him, noting that he is inadequate in comparison to the newer models. IG-72 asks whether they need fight each other. The IGs agree not to fight each other, and ally themselves as they slaughter the security guards around the facility. IG-72 and the IG-88 take separate escape ships, and never contacted each other again.

There are few minor references to IG-72. One is Imperial Supervisor Gurdun's assistant Minor Relsted, who states that while the IG-88 droids appear to have disappeared, IG-72 appeared and killed seemingly random targets. The reasons for these killings is unknown, though it is rumored that IG-72, like IG-88, specifically eliminate beings who had knowledge of the IG-assassin project. IG-72 faked his own death in the Dune Sea of Tatooine; he did this because after he accepted a bounty set by two doctors the empire put a bounty on his head he took a bounty of Darth Vader to capture Adar tallon but on the plannet he killed imiprial prefect Orun depp then after many years he resurfaced and started bounty hunting again.


*"Therefore I Am: The Tale of IG-88", "Tales of the Bounty Hunters"

IG-100 MagnaGuards

The elite IG-100 MagnaGuards are fictional droids seen in the movie ', ' microseries, the "Republic Commando" video game, and the film "". They were commissioned as the personal bodyguards of General Grievous, but they are also seen serving other CIS leaders such as Count Dooku. They wield electrostaffs which can block lightsabers.

*sww|IG-100 MagnaGuard

Interrogator droid

A black colored, spherical droid used by the Empire to torture and interrogate prisoners. The droid hovers in mid-air with the aid of repulsorlifts. An interrogator droid is used on Princess Leia aboard the Death Star in "". They turn up as enemies in several "Star Wars" video games. [Fernando Bueno, "Imperial Interrogation Droid," "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Prima Official Game Guide" (Roseville: Prima Games, 2008), 14.]


The JN-66 analysis droid was employed by the Jedi Archives to solve that the Jedi are unable to solve. The JN-66 was created by Cybot Galactica for use as a general-purpose analysis droid, but the ones used by the Jedi are specially modified with advanced brains, sensor apparatus and quadruple photoreceptors. These allow for multi-wavelength imaging and extreme magnification. It is stripped of coverings for frequent irradiation baths and has paired repulsorlift projectors to ensure that it never touches the surface.

Originally, there was going to be a scene in "" where Obi-Wan Kenobi attempted to analyze the toxic dart Jango Fett used. The scene was cut from the movie for two reasons. The first was because the analysis droid failed to gain any information, and the second was because it simply wasted movie time.


JC-BZ1 is a droid mentioned several times on one of the books in the Jedi Academy Trilogy. His specialty is the lore of Yavin. At one point of the story, He tells the protagonists of a powerful Staff of Knowledge hidden in the forests. The Staff would give any Jedi who finds it immense knowledge of the Force. There is another instance in which he uses his persuasive expertise to save one of the heroes of the novel. Also, Obi-Wan Kenobi receives the gill to travel underwater from this droid, but the gill is defective, as in real life.

Krath War Droid

The Krath War Droid was a special type of droid designed and manufactured by the secret Sith cult called the Krath, four thousand years before the Galactic Civil War.

The droids were built by the Krath as a means of revenge against the Jedi Order because the Jedi opposed the Krath at the battle of Koros Major. The droids were designed to surprise and overwhelm their enemies in shock assaults. The war droids, like the battle droids used at the Battle of Naboo and The Clone Wars, had only limited cognitive matrices and thus only knew how to fight and nothing else. However, since the droids were never intended to be anything but a weapon, their lack of versatility was not seen as a significant drawback as it also kept costs of manufacturing them low, allowing the Krath to make great numbers of the machines.

The droid's weaponry consisted of a short, one-handed sword for gutting its enemies at close quarters as well as an antique pulse wave firing assembly that resembled a bow. Later on, an energy shield was mounted on the spine of the pulse wave firing assembly. The droid's armor consists of a cortosis alloy providing maximum protection, while still allowing the droid maximum versatility, considering the rather gravid alloy.

Later, the cybernetic body of General Grievous was constructed to resemble these droids.

M-3PO (Emtrey)

A military protocol droid that handles requisitions, duty assignments, and other chores for Rogue Squadron. It is fluent in over six million forms of communication and equally as many historical military doctrines, regulations, honor codes, and protocols. Some of the squadron members were concerned that the Empire might be using him as a spy when started exhibiting odd behavior patterns. After an investigation they realized that Emtrey had been cobbled together from scrounged circuitry from when the Alliance was based on Hoth and short on supplies. He appears in "," as well as "I, Jedi".


Emkay (MK) is a droid owned by the Azzameen family in the fictional "Star Wars" universe. Emkay's primary function seems to be that of a pilot, although he can also serve as a protocol droid. His personality somewhat inspires the characterization of HK-47 in the Knights of the Old Republic series.

MSE-6 Droid

The MSE-6 is a fictional model of droids from the Star Wars Universe. Sometimes referred to as "mouse droids" they are small and incongruous on the decks of the powerful Imperial war machines on which they serve. They are small, boxy wheeled droids that provide minor maintenance and courier duties for industrial facilities, such as those found on Mustafar, and space-based locations such as Star Destroyers and the Death Stars.


M-TD, or "Em Teedee," is a small device created by C-3PO. Having been created by C-3PO, he has the same personality and tendency to overstate things. As Threepio delights in pointing out he is fluent in over 6 million forms of communication, so M-TD points out that he knows over six. Lowbacca (Lowie), the nephew of Chewbacca, is the Wookiee for which Em Teede (M-TD) was intended. M-TD is a translating device, soon fixed to hover around Lowie. Jaina Solo can sometimes be found to make comments about M-TD, as well as C-3PO, not having a "mute" button. M-TD was fitted with micro-repulsorlift thrusters on Mechis III, by Tyko Thul.

M-TD was destroyed in 28 ABY during the Jedi mission to the Myrkr system.


SW Droid|

type=Waitress Droid
master=Dexanaca Sexaran| manufacturer=

WA-7 (Also, more colloquially known as FLO, as translated by her Aurebesh nametag.) is the name of a unicycled Waitress Droid in Dexanaca Sexaran's Coruscant diner. Her voice is extremely obnoxious and is supposed to resemble a diner waitress' voice. She competes with the human waitress Hermione Bagwa.

A spirited antique droid waitress, WA-7 served the patrons of Dexanaca 's Diner with officious precision and the programmed equivalent of sass. A streamlined mechanical body in a shape that suggests a humanoid female, WA-7 had a sleek build complete with a decorative metallic skirt and an agile unipod wheel. WA-7 featured a built-in order transmitter that kept her in touch with the kitchen at all times. A paired set of repulsor stabilizers helped her maintain balance as she rolled about on her unipod wheel. WA-7 always disliked low tippers, and was often seen shamelessly flirting with the dishwasher unit [cite web
url =
title = Star Wars: Databank WA-7
author =

Octuptarra Droid

Octuptarra Droids are anti-infantry droids used by the Separatists from the Star Wars series of films, in particular "". They were named after an eight-eyed, gasbag-bodied vine creeper beast living on the Techno Union's founding species' home planet of Skako. Though more intelligent, they did share some characteristics with these monsters – the multiple eyes, the bloated main body and the impulse to destroy on sight.

Octuptarra Droids were advanced combat automatons developed to provide an edge where firepower needed to be backed up by ruthless cunning. Equipped with a large, globular processor and 4 independent anti-infantry guns and a continuous laser beam, these droids went far to accomplishing this end. They were considerably more intelligent than normal battle droids and also had photoreceptors around their heads. Each eye was placed at 90° to the ones next to it and paired with an independent blaster to cover all angles of approach – Octuptarra droids were nearly impossible to get the drop on. Best employed in long-range engagements as their large central cognitive compartment made too tempting a target for Clone Trooper blasterfire up close, this trait could actually be employed to the CIS's advantage – early in the war, the empty spaces inside Octuptarra droids' craniums were filled with vials of deadly poison and the "host" droid was then sent towards the enemy on a suicide mission. Once blaster fire had cracked open the casing, the gas leaked out and killed any Clone Troopers in the vicinity. This nasty use of these units earned them the nickname among Republic troops of "virus droids".


Octuptarra Droids were sound in design, and successes in the field coupled to easily scalable equipment used in the Techno Union's manufacturing plants led to more advanced models being produced such as the Tri-droid, scalable from 2-3 meters tall to towering models and bristling with high-powered laser cannons, missile launchers and sometimes flamethrowers. Units of this type were deployed as field artillery on such planets as Mygeeto. They were also used in the Battle of Coruscant, where one of them attempted to kill Mace Windu.

Despite their effectiveness, relatively few of these droids were ever deployed because of their large cost, thanks mainly to their advanced processor. Some of these units were assigned to the force protecting General Grievous’ headquarters on the planet Utapau.


SW Droid

name= OOM-9
type= Special Commander Battle Droid
manufacturer= Eos droid factory
master= Nute Gunray
affiliation=Trade Federation
voice =Charles Martinet(Galactic Battlegrounds)|

OOM-9 was a command battle droid in the Trade Federation army. He also commanded the force that defeated the Gungan Grand Army, but the destruction of the Droid Control Ship deactivated all battle droids, including OOM-9, causing the Gungans to claim victory. In the game "Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds", he has his own campaign fighting with the Gungans and the Naboo.

PK Droid

The PK Droid are fictional droids appearing in "".

The PK Droid is a model of general work droid programmed for menial labor and simple tasks. These chromed droids are small and compact, with a shuffling gait that makes them appear like small humanoid children. The elongated PK heads are equipped with rudimentary sensors. The Trade Federation keeps a large number of PK units aboard their battleships.

Power Converter "Gonk" droid

A Gonk Droid refers to a type of droid used to supply power. It is considerably slow and consists of a boxy structure with two stout accordion-like legs. Though not identified by that name in ', it acquired the name due to the droid saying "gonk" rather clearly during its first appearance. In ', a Gonk droid is seen about to be tortured in Jabba's palace by droid interrogator 8D8. This one, surprisingly enough, is able to speak real words. Gonk droids in Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2 are found distributing ammo to troops. It also appears as a playable (albeit useless) hero character in . In Lego Star Wars II, the Gonk droid is one of the only characters that can climb slopes that other characters would slide down. Gonk droids are also found in as a mobile power core as well as Star Wars: Jedi Knight and Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast.

The Gonk droid was released by Kenner as a "Star Wars" action figure in 1977. Its packaging identified the Gonk droid as "Power Droid". []
* [ Gonk droid at Wookieepedia]

Probe droid

Probe droids, also known as Probots, are a fictional type of droid found in the Star Wars movies. They are automated reconnaissance and information-gathering vehicles that can be launched in special pods over great distances and will land on their intended target, usually a planet. Upon landing the droid will unfold from its pod and begin collecting information from the immediate area using its sensor pod mounted on the top and manipulator arms and instruments mounted on the bottom. Whether such information is intended for scientific, military or any other application then usually defines its subsequent actions. Military probe droids such as these were used by the Empire. An example was in "" when Darth Vader had several thousand launched to search for the Rebellion. These droids will seek out any hostile presence, mapping enemy positions and avoiding detection for as long as possible. Scientific or economic probe droids continue to gather information for their entire service life; probe droids are incapable of interstellar flight because they use repulsorlifts for locomotion and are usually launched in one-way pods. The collected data is transmitted regularly to pre-programmed coordinates using some communications method not extensively explained, at a speed far greater than the speed of light. Since the founding of the Galactic Republic, probe droids were made by Galalloy Industries. During the Battle of Hoth, the leading producer is Arakyd Industries. The probe droids appearing in these films are all Arakyd Industries Viper series military probe droids, carrying a single blaster for defense. Upon detection, the probes are programmed to self-destruct.

* [ Star Wars Databank entry on Probe Droids]


A protodeka is a large, fightercraft-shaped droid. Protodekas were used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems in the early stages of The Clone Wars. The manufacture of these heavily armed droids was so expensive that few were ever produced. Near the end of the Battle of Raxus Prime, a protodeka liquidated a Republic platoon and left Obi-Wan Kenobi to deal with it. After Obi-Wan destroyed the droid, Dooku's ship was gone. The second protodeka attack was during the Battle of Thule. While Jedi Master Mace Windu was proceeding to Kessia, the Sith City, he ran into two protodekas. He had to finish off one droid first, and then the other. Protodekas had three weapons: blasters, homing missiles, and blue clouds of gas that were released when an enemy got too close. Protodekas are also in the game.


Q9-X2 was a Q9 series astromech droid owned by the Drall Ebrihim during the Correlian Trilogy with masculine programing. Q9-X2 is sarcastic and a showoff. His colors are red and white.


R1-G4 was an astromech droid that was in the Jawa sandcrawler. In he was stuck in a room that, on Bounty Hunter mode, Obi-Wan Kenobi was stuck in.


R2-KT appeared in one scene of '. The pink droid was included to honor the work of 501st Legion. The droid was created in the memory of Katie Johnson (daughter of the 501st Legion's founder Albin Johnson) who died of cancer at the young age of 7. Some of the costumer's built a pink R2 (dubbed R2-KT) for Katie to provide her comfort in the last days of her life. This was to reflect the scene in ' when R2-D2 watches over Padme while she slept at night.


R2-X2 is an R2 series astromech droid during the Rise of the Emipire era used by Theron Nett (Red 10) during the Battle of Yavin in . It was with the Rebel Alliance. R2-X2 could have been destroyed when Theron Nett's X-Wing was shot by a TIE Fighter.


SW Droid

type=Astromech Droid
manufacturer=Industrial Automaton
master=Star Tours

R3-D3 was an astromech droid that worked as a pilot for Star Tours. He was assigned to maintenance of the Starspeeder 3000 line of ships. It is jealous of R2-D2.


SW Droid

type= Astromech Droid
manufacturer=Industrial Automaton
master= Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mara Jade-Skywalker
affiliation=Galactic Republic, Rebel Alliance, New Republic, New Jedi Order

In the movie ', R4-G9"' is the astromech droid assigned to Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi after the destruction of his previous droid, R4-P17, during the space Battle of Coruscant.

During the battle, R4-P17 had her head cut off by an enemy buzz droid. The remaining body of P17 was lost, along with Kenobi’s original red Jedi Starfighter, when General Grievous’ star cruiser crash-landed on the planet below. Afterwards, the Jedi Council issued Kenobi a new blue-painted starfighter, along with the brassy-domed R4-G9. On mission to capture General Grievous on the planet of Utapau, 'Geenine' was instructed by Kenobi to pilot the starfighter off-world, in an attempt to deceive the occupying Separatist forces.

Like many astromech droids seen throughout the series of films, R4-G9 served the role of a co-pilot on a starfighter. An astromech’s duty was to perform in-flight repairs and assist with navigation. With the exception of the series’ leading astromech character of R2-D2, Geenine joins the ranks of mysterious droids with little or no back-story. All that can be said with certainty about the droid is that it is a good pilot, as seen when it successfully pilots Kenobi’s starfighter off Utapau, allowing Kenobi to effectively hunt down and kill Grievous without detection.

Behind the scenes, the production crew of "Star Wars" has established a naming scheme for astromechs, as defined by the shape of their headpiece, or ‘dome.’ R4-G9, being of the ‘R4’ series of droids built by the fictional company Industrial Automation, is supposed to have a cone-shaped dome. Geenine instead sports a hemispherical dome, associated with the earlier ‘R2’ series, as is also the case with Kenobi’s previous droid.


R5-D4 (whom Luke incorrectly called an R2 unit) was the name of the red droid that Luke Skywalker's Uncle Owen Lars originally intended to purchase instead of R2-D2. Within seconds of the purchase, R5-D4's motivator malfunctioned, causing a small explosion, and the otherwise shifty Jawas let Owen have R2-D2 instead.

When Luke bought R5-D4, the droid seemed reluctant and even complained. Some say R5-D4, not wanting to split up the duo of R2-D2 and C-3PO, blew his own motivator (This was written on the back of the Star Wars toy by Hasbro). Some say R2-D2 himself had tampered with it (the version of events dramatized in the radio adaptation). In one issue of the Star Wars Tales comic series, there is a story that R5-D4, or Skippy the Jedi Droid as he's called, is force-sensitive, due to the concentration of midi-chlorians within his oil. When chosen by Luke, Skippy senses that R2-D2 will be important for the future, and so blows his own motivator and influences the choice of R2-D2. Most say the R5 series was poorly designed from the start, which is stated in the book "The Essential Guide to Droids."

After the sandcrawler was attacked by stormtroopers, another group of Jawas scavenged the craft, including R5-D4, refurbished it, and sold it to Voren Na'al. With the help of Momaw Nadon, Na'al programmed it to record everything it saw, and sold it to the local Imperial administrator.Fact|date=February 2007

R5-D4 is 0.97 meters tall.


SW Droid

type=Astromech Droid
manufacturer=Industrial Automaton
master=Luke Skywalker
affiliation=Rebel legion

R7-T1 is an Astromech droid. Like all R7 series droids, R7-T1 was produced by Industrial Automaton for exclusive use with the E-wing starfighter. R7-T1 was assigned to Luke Skywalker a short time before the Black Fleet Crisis (16 ABY), as the astromech counterpart to the E-Wing starfighter assigned to the Jedi Master.

The R7 series are specifically designed for service on E-wing fighters. The R-7 boasts storage space for a whopping 15 sets of hyperjump coordinates, and is designed to resist ion blasts which could disable or even destroy another droid's inner workings. Jedi Master Luke Skywalker was issued an R7 and E-wing starfighter, but (despite numerous improvements over previous models), Luke returned the droid and fighter to the New Republic, preferring the Incom T65 X-wing and his faithful droid companion, R2-D2.


SW Droid

type=Protocol droid
manufacturer=Arakyd Industries
master=Galactic Empire
affiliation=Galactic Empire

The RA-7 Protocol droid was designed by the Arakyd Industries and assigned to high ranking members of the Imperial military. Unbeknownst to most, the RA-7's were secretly programmed by the Imperial Security Bureau to function as spies and gather information on their masters. Periodically, these droids would make clandestine contact with the ISB, relaying the information they'd gathered.

Eventually, rumors about the RA-7's true purpose began to circulate and some Imperial officers began to conveniently and quietly "lose" their droids. As a result, a large number of them found their way onto the first Death Star, leading to them being nicknamed "Death Star droids". They were subsequently destroyed along with the entire battle station at The Battle of Yavin. However, not all the RA-7's in existence were destroyed on the first Death Star; some of the models that were "lost" became a common sight at droid auctions.


RX-24, nicknamed Rex, is the rookie pilot of the Starspeeder 3000 in the Disney theme park attraction Star Tours. He is voiced by Paul Reubens, more famously known as Pee-Wee Herman. His constant mistakes and endangerment of the guests is probably due to the fact that he has a ribbon coming out of his body which reads "REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT," and that it is his first flight.

*"(on screen)" "Welcome aboard! This is Captain Rex from the cockpit. I know this is probably your first flight, and it's mine, too. "(chuckles)" Well, it looks like we're going to have a smooth flight to Endor, so I'll go ahead and open the cockpit shield."
*"(after passing Endor moon)" "Artoo, we passed the Endor moon! "(R2-D2 beeps)" Now what's the matter? Comets? Comets!"
*"(after successfully piloting through a huge comet)" "Well, you can relax now. Everything's under control, and, uh, we'll be on our way to the Endor moon without any further delay. "(In irony, the Starspeeder gets caught in a Star Destroyer's tractor beam)" Oh, no! We're caught in a tractor beam!"
*"(end of flight)" Sorry, folks! I'm sure I'll do better next time! It "was" my first flight, and I'm still getting used to my programming! "(cockpit shield goes up, while Rex tries to get our attention, only to be interrupted by C-3PO) Hey! HEY!"

D series

The SD series of battle droids were produced on the planet Balmorra. The SD series began with the SD-1, which was extremely well-armed but lacked sophisticated tactical programming. The SD-4 was the first edition to offer enhanced programming to prioritize multiple targets. The series continued on through to the SD-10, with each new edition improving on its predecessor. Most of the SD series droids were conscripted for use by the Galactic Empire, however the Balmorrans secretly developed the superior SD-10 to repel Executor Sedriss after the death of the reborn Emperor. The SD-10 was armed with a repeating blaster, a concussion missile launcher, and a plasma-burst cannon, as well as having advanced servomotors and gyrobalancing systems to stabilize its massive bulk.

hadow droid

Designed by Imperial engineer Umak Leth, shadow droids were starfighters containing implanted brains from incapacitated TIE fighter pilots. The brains were twisted by exposure to the dark side, and would obey any command to the death. However, the brains first had to be stripped of all traces of humanity, since they would otherwise eventually go insane. Shadow droids were used at Balmorra, when Executor Sedriss tried to retake the planet after the death of the reborn Emperor. However, the droids were bested by the Balmorran X-1 Viper Automadons.


T1-N1 was an astromech resembling T3-M4. During the travels of the Jedi Exile, he worked for Czerka Corporation on Citadel Station above Telos-4, and was in charge of the Czerka Mainframe until B-4D4 revealed to T1-N1 that causing Czerka entailed unwitting involvement in crime, contrary to T1-N1's ethical programming.

B-4D4 persuaded T1-N1 into attacking and thus distracting Czerka employees while B-4D4 downloaded incriminating files from the Mainframe. T1-N1 was fired by Czerka for unreliability, and left the Telos system with B-4D4 in an orbital shuttle, destined for Nar Shaddaa.


Expert Droid featured in and . He Aided both Revan and the exile through their quests to rescue and/or destroy the Jedi Order and saved the exile and some of his party from death by reparing their ship and transporting them to Peragus.


"TC-14" was a silver protocol droid onboard the command ship of the Trade Federation in . She greeted Jedi ambassadors Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi upon their arrival and escorted them to the conference room. While the Jedi waited, TC-14 reported to Viceroy Nute Gunray that the ambassadors were Jedi knights. TC-14 was sent back into the room to serve the Jedi drinks as a distraction while the Trade Federation destroyed their ship and prepared toxic gas and battle droids to kill the Jedi.

The room filled with the opaque vapors, and TC-14 was the first to leave the room, saying "Excuse me" as she passed the battle droids waiting for the Jedi. But Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan had survived the assassination attempt, and quickly dispatched the droids, eventually boarding a Trade Federation invasion craft to make their way to the surface of Naboo.

In 32 BBY, she was destroyed when the Trade Federation Droid Control Ship was accidentally blown up by Anakin Skywalker during the Battle of Naboo. TC-14 is a playable character in and . She is able to unlock special doors as C-3PO can.


SW Droid

type=Utility and Repair Droid
master=Owen Lars
manufacturer=Cybot Galactica
The WED Tredwell is a common utility and repair droid. It is manufactured by the major company Cybot Galactica, and is characterized by a flat treaded base and a long spindly neck, with arms folding up against it. Treadwells are notorious for their stupidity and none-too-reliable construction. They speak in a mechanical language similar to that of R2-D2. The Lars family used to own a Treadwell model, WED-15-77. However, this droid broke down while repairing a moisture vaporator with Luke Skywalker in a scene from the Anchorhead Story of Star Wars, which was cut from "." Another Treadwell appears in the Anchorhead Story of Star Wars, in the scene in which Luke Skywalker and Biggs Darklighter speak in private outside of the Tosche Station. This Treadwell is presumably the droid that assists Laze “Fixer” Loneozner in the Toschi Station. Finally, a Treadwell is seen in "", helping Han Solo with repairs to the Millennium Falcon.


U-3PO was a protocol droid serving in the House of Alderaan's Diplomatic corps. His programming was altered by the Empire for espionage purposes. He looked very similar to C-3PO; the main difference in appearance was that U-3PO was of a light silver color with a slight copper tint. It was he who signaled the arrival of the Tantive IV carrying Princess Leia above Tatooine. The ship was then captured by the Star Destroyer "Devastator".

Vuffi Raa

Vuffi Raa is a star-shaped droid created by a race of star ship droids that had outlasted their alien masters. He was sent into the galaxy to act as a scout for his creators. He was sold to Lando Calrissian and the two became partners, with Vuffi Raa piloting the Millennium Falcon until his makers arrived to take him back.

X-1 Viper

The X-1 Viper Automadon is a type of droid in the fictional "Star Wars" universe (expanded universe). It is primarily depicted in the "Dark Empire" series.

In "Dark Empire II", the Core planet Balmorra, a major armaments supplier of the Empire, designed a new battle-droid called the X-1 Viper Automadon. the X-1s were capable of absorbing blaster fire through their molecular shields, and channel it right through the droids turbolasers. They were also capable at melee combat. They were first tested when the remnants of the Empire began "Operation Shadow Hand" under Executor Sedriss; Sedriss' forces mounted an attack on Balmorra, intending to return Balmorra to the fold. The ground combat began well, but Sedriss' troops had deployed SD-9 battle-droids, which were simply outmatched by Balmorra's freshly made SD-10s (as befitted the newest model of a weapon designed by Umak Leth). Sedriss had planned for this contingency, and launched his Shadow Droids- vast jet-black starfighters in which Imperial TIE fighter ace pilot brains were encapsulated; whether through Sith alchemy or simple bonds of the Force, the Shadow Droids were empowered by the Dark side. The Shadow Droids proved to be very effective against the SD-10s. But Sedriss had not plumbed the true depths of Governor Beltane's cunning however, and Beltane sent out the fearsome X-1 Viper Automatons, who obliterated the Shadow Droids which got in the way. Executor Sedriss wanted those droids for the Empire. Governor Beltane alerted the Rebels on Pinnacle Base. The Rebels suggested using commandeering the shipment and launching a surprise attack Byss, against the advice of Luke, who felt that those droids would be better used to liberate other worlds. But the Byss plan went right ahead. Lando, Wedge, 3PO, R2-D2 and a group of commandos infiltrated the delivery and set the programming and manual override on the droids. Once the last droid was down, they started wreaking havoc around the Emperor's citadel. That is, until they reached the bridge to the citadel, and the Chrysalis Beasts were released. The rancors, hideously mutated through long experimentation and subjection to Sith alchemy by the Emperor's dark side devotees, were essentially immune to blasters and projectile weapons, and were far the X-1's masters in melee combat. They began ripping apart the droids but the Rebel team escaped with the aid of Salla Zend and a group of smugglers. Whether Balmorra supplied the New Republic more droids is unknown.

Xim's War Robots

25,130 years before Luke Skywalker would eventually lead the Rebel Alliance to victory against the Death Star, the galaxy was divided up between warlords and crime lords. The most notorious of these warlords was Xim The Despot of the Tion Hegemony, which spanned for thousands of star systems and countless planets.

His success came from his war robots. These robots were eight feet tall and build from shining kiirium to reflect laser blasts. The robots had limited intelligence and relied heavily on commands from their master, but they were built with an array of devastating weapons that were incorporated into their bipedal humanoid designs. These weapons included the devastating heat projector, a number of projectile weapons as well as a small selection of caustic chemicals.

The robots fell into obscurity after Xim was defeated by the Vodrans and the Klatooinians on behalf of the Hutts at the Third Battle of Vontor.


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