Cockle Creek Power Station

Cockle Creek Power Station
Cockle Creek Power Station
Country Australia
Location Teralba, New South Wales
Status Decommissioned
Commission date 11 March 1927
Decommission date March 1976
Operator(s) Caledonian Collieries
Power station information
Primary fuel Coal

Cockle Creek Power Station was located in Teralba, New South Wales, Australia on the banks of Cockle Creek. The power stationed operated from 11 March 1927 until March 1976.

The Cockle Creek power station was built by Caledonian Collieries Limited between 1923 to 1927 to use low grade coal to provide power to Caledonian Collieries mines in the Lake Macquarie area. A weir at Barnsley along Cockle Creek was constructed to service the power station.

The power station had a capacity of 10,000 kilowatts and provided electricity to 17 mines and to Teralba, Barnsley, Estelville, Wakefield, West Wallsend and Killingworth.

The power station was closed in March 1976 and was demolished.

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