Dim may refer to:

  • A low level of lighting; lacking in brightness
  • A keyword that declares a variable or array, in most versions of BASIC
  • Stupidity, a lack of intelligence

The abbreviation dim may refer to:

  • Deportivo Independiente Medellín, a Colombian football club
  • Dimension, a measure of how many parameters is sufficient to describe an object in mathematics
  • Diminished chord, a dissonant chord with a minor third and diminished fifth to the root in music theory
  • Diminuendo, a word indicating changes of dynamics in music
  • Diminutive, a formation of a word

The abbreviation dIm may mean:

  • Some types of a dwarf irregular galaxy; a small galaxy (dwarf galaxy, "d") which contains a not easily classified structure (irregular galaxy, "Im") that is not spiral ("Sm"). It can also be abbreviated "dI" or "dIrr".

DIM may also refer to:

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