Belovo, Bulgaria

Belovo, Bulgaria

Belovo (Bulgarian "Белово") is a town in South West Bulgaria. It is located in Pazardzhik oblast, where the Yadenitza flows into the longest river in the Balkan peninsular-Maritza, at the foot of the three mountain ranges-Rila, Rhodopes and Sredna Gora, on the western end of the Thracian Plain.Owing to the confluence of the three mountain ranges,the Municipality of Belovo has a diverse landscape, with many forests and water resources in the area.

With the Decree of the State Council of 26. ХІІ.1978 Belovo municipality was created, which now covers 8 settlements, an area of 339 km2 and 10 thousand residents. Belovo town as a municipal center is surrounded by the villages of Akandjievo, Gabrovitsa, Golyamo Belovo, Dubravite, Menenkyovo, Momina Klisura and Sestrimo.

Belovo Municipality is a tourism and resort micro-region. The facilities Livada Bachia, Chaira, Dolni Undol (Yadenitsa), Belmeken Dam Lake, the Belmeken sports facility, Toplata Voda and Kourtovo are sites offering wonderful opportunities for recreation and tourism.

With the construction of a railway line Istanbul - Belovo by Baron Hirshovata company in 1873 Belovo become the most important center of wood and wood processing in the Balkans during the 18th century. Today the international road and the railway from West Europe through Belgrade, and Sophia to Istanbul are passing through the town of Belovo.The Belovo paper mill produces toilet paper and other disposable paper products.





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