Hildegarde (disambiguation)

Hildegarde (disambiguation)

Hildegarde may refer to:

In people:

*Hildegarde (1906–2005), American cabaret singer
*Hildegarde Dolson Lockridge (1908–1981), poet, playwright and novelist
*Hildegarde Flanner (1899–1987) , American poet and activist

In fiction:

*Hildegard von Mariendorf, from Legend of the Galactic Heroes
*Hildegarde (Marvel Comics), Marvel Comics character
*Hildegarde Withers, fictional character
*Hildegarde, a 2001 film by Di Drew

In animals:

*Hildegarde's Broad-Headed Mouse, a species of rodent
*Hildegarde's Shrew
*Hildegarde's Tomb Bat

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