Amandla (magazine)

Amandla (magazine)

"Amandla!" is a left monthly magazine launched in South Africa in April 2007 by Amandla Publishers.

Amandla! provides coverage and analysis of current political, economic, social processes, events and struggles from a radical left perspective. It gives extensive coverage of the issues, activities and debates of South Africa’s social, labour movements and other popular organisations, giving the reader an in-depth insight into their challenges, struggles, programmes and strategies. Analysis of current national, regional, continental and global events make up the bulk of the magazine. Proposals from a broad range of sources for alternative strategies and perspectives, that can deepen the process of social transformation in South Africa and the continent are featured. A key feature of the magazine is its extensive reporting on Africa, which will strive to overcome the current superficial and largely pro-Western bias of the mainstreamreporting of our continent.. The Leftstyle Section focuses on current issues, book and film reviews popular culture, music, photography and may even include a tasty recipe or two.

Amandla! provides a high quality read with excellent, accurate and insightful reporting. Issues tackled up till now have included the recent Public Sector strike, service delivery protests and the ANC Polokwane Conference and climate change. Regular features such as have included “It’s the economy stupid” which has dealt with the sub-prime crisis and the effects of neoliberalism, as well as as feature called “Debating Socialism” . Upcoming issues will include the State of the Nation, discussions on the Economy , gender issues, the unfolding crises in Kenya and Zimbabwe, as well as the Middle East. Amandla! will not be dogmatic, doctrinaire or thick. It is popular and accessible. The magazine is written by, and for activists in political, labour and popular organisations, as well as progressive intellectuals at the universities, in NGOs, parliament, community based organisations, churches, journalists, lawyers, public officials in state institutions, etc. Contributors thus far have included Noam Chomsky, Jeremy Cronin, Rob Davies and Joel Netshitenzhe. Possible future contrbutors include Neville Alexander, Blade Nzimande, John Pilger, Arundathi Roy, Mark Gevisser to name a few.The magazine takes its name from the Zulu word "amandla", which means "power".

Amandla Publishers

Amandla Publishers is a collective of socialists based in Cape Town, Gauteng and Durban, who have come together since October 2006 to build Amandla! Publishers. They come from a wide range of traditions and organisations on the left. They are united by their commitment to building spaces for left activists and intellectuals to share, learn, analyse, work and struggle together as part of the broader popular struggles against neo-liberalism in South Africa.


Amandla! Editorial Collective

*Cape Town: Donna Andrews, Brian Ashley, Sheila Barsel, Jamie Claassen, Roger Etkind, Prakashnee Govender, Mazibuko Jara, Helga Jansen, Hamied Mahate, Feroza Phillips, Mark Weinberg
*Johannesburg: Jacklyn Cock, Harry Letsebe, Hein Marais, Phumzile Mthethwa, Devan Pillay, Tengo Tengela, Vishwas Satgar, Ibrahim Steyn
*Members at large: Frank Fried (USA), Richard Kuper (Britain)

Amandla Editorial Advisory Board


*Patrick Bond
*Dennis Brutus
*Yunus Carrim
*Jacklyn Cock
*Jeremy Cronin
*Ashwin Desai
*David Fig
*Pregs Govender
*Stephen Greenberg
*Jonathan Grossman
*William Gumede
*Adam Habib
*Ferial Haffajee
*Pat Horn
*Dot Keet
*Leslie London
*Willie Madisha
*Hein Marais
*Fatima Meer
*Darlene Miller
*Sipho Mthathi
*Phumzile Mthethwa
*Andrew Nash
*Trevor Ngwane
*Lungisile Ntsebeza
*Tebogo Phadu
*Devan Pillay
*Vishwas Satgar
*David Sanders
*Christelle Terreblanche
*Salim Vally
*Mike Van Graan


*Gilbert Achcar (Lebanon/Britain)
*Alejandro Bendana (Nicaragua)
*Camille Chalmers (Haiti)
*Noam Chomsky (USA)
*Mike Davis (USA)
*Nawal El Saadawi (Egypt)
*Bill Fletcher (USA)
*Arndt Hopfmann (Germany)
*Joel Kovel (USA)
*Michael Lowy (Brazil/France)
*John Saul (Canada)
*Helena Sheehan (Ireland)
*Issa Shivji (Tanzania)
*Hillary Wainwright (Britain)
*Suzi Weissman (USA)

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