Chapayevka River

Chapayevka River
Chapayevka River, Mocha River
Origin Siny Syrt, Samara Oblast, Russia
Mouth Saratov Reservoir, Volga
Basin countries Russia
Length 298 km
Avg. discharge 2.53 m³/s
Basin area 4,310 km²

Chapayevka (Russian: Чапа́евка) or the Mocha (Мо́ча) is a river in Samara Oblast, Russia, a left tributary of the Volga River. It origins at the slope of Siny Syrt and flows to the Saratov Reservoir, near Novokuybyshevsk, Samara agglomeration. It is 298 km long. The town of Chapayevsk stays alongside the river. The river is navigable for 34 from its mouth. The river has snow feeding and dries up in the upper stream. Since November till April it is use to be frozen. Major inflows are Petrushka, Vetlyanka, Vyazovka.

The river originally was named Mócha (which is a homograph with моча (mochá), the Russian for urine). In 1925 it was renamed Chapayevka in honor of the Russian Civil War Red hero Vasily Chapayev.

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