USCG Coastal Patrol Boat

USCG Coastal Patrol Boat

The United States Coast Guard has maintained various classes of coastal patrol boats. The Coast Guard currently has sixty-six patrol boats in its "Marine Protector"-class. Their pennant numbers are WPB 87301 through WPB 87366. The 87 ft. (26.5 m) "Marine Protector"-class replaced the 82 foot "Point"-class. The "Point"-class had one small and one large berthing area, and they had to stop for five or more minutes to deploy or retrieve their pursuit inflatable boat via a small crane. As of 2007 no "Point"-class vessels remained in service.

General characteristics

Among their missions are combating smuggling and illegal immigration, and search and rescue. Since the September 11, 2001 attacks many have a homeland security primary mission.

Boarding parties can be launched while the vessel is underway, through the cutter's stern launching ramp. The inflatable boarding party launch has been upgraded and is faster than this vessel. The initial design has given way to an updated version as several capsized due to lack of flotation in the bow section.fact|date=May 2007 The stern launching system requires just a single crewmember to remain on deck to launch or retrieve the boarding party.

The cutter burns approximately 165 gallons of diesel per hour at its max speed of 26 knots.

Like all recent US Coast Guard vessels the "Marine Protector"-class were designed to accommodate crews of mixed gender with five separate small berthing spaces for the crews of ten or so.

The same design also operate with the Armed Forces of Malta which have operated two examples (P51 and P52) since 2003.

Boats in class

* ADELIE (WPB 87333) Port Angeles, WA
* AHI (WPB 87364) Honolulu, HI
* ALBACORE (WPB 87309) Little Creek, VA
* AMBERJACK (WPB 87315) Port Isabel, TX
* BARRACUDA (WPB 87301) Eureka, CA
* BELUGA (WPB 87325) Little Creek, VA
* BLACKFIN (WPB 87317) Santa Barbara, CA
* BLACKTIP (WPB 87326) Oxnard, CA
* BLUE SHARK (WPB 87360) Everett, WA
* BLUEFIN (WPB 87318) Fort Pierce, FL
* BONITO (WPB 87341) Pensacola, FL
* BRANT (WPB 87348) Corpus Christi, TX
* CHINOOK (WPB 87308) New London, CT
* COBIA (WPB 87311) Mobile, AL
* COCHITO (WPB 87329) Little Creek, VA
* COHO (WPB 87321) Panama City, FL
* CORMORANT (WPB 87313) Fort Pierce, FL
* DOLPHIN (WPB 87354) Miami, FL
* DORADO WPB 87306) Crescent City, CA
* FINBACK (WPB 87314) Cape May, NJ
* FLYINGFISH (WPB 87346) Boston, MA
* GANNET (WPB 87334) Dania, FL
* HADDOCK (WPB 87347) San Diego, CA
* HALIBUT (WPB 87340) Marina Del Rey, CA
* HAMMERHEAD (WPB 87302) Woods Hole, MA
* HAWK (WPB 87355) St. Petersburg, FL
* HAWKSBILL (WPB 87312) Monterey, CA
* HERON (WPB 87344) Sabine, TX
* IBIS (WPB 87338) Cape May, NJ
* KINGFISHER (WPB 87322) Mayport, FL
* KITTIWAKE (WPB 87316) Lihue, HI
* MAKO (WPB 87303) Cape May, NJ
* MANATEE (WPB 87363) Corpus Christi, TX
* MANOWAR (WPB 87330) Galveston, TX
* MANTA (WPB 87320) Freeport, TX
* MARLIN (WPB 87304) Fort Myers Beach, FL
* MORAY (WPB 87331) Jonesport, ME
* NARWHAL (WPB 87335) Corona Del Mar, CA
* OSPREY (WPB 87307) Port Townsend, WA
* PELICAN (WPB 87327) Abbeveille, LA
* PETREL (WPB 87350) San Diego, CA
* PIKE (WPB 87365) San Francisco, CA
* POMPANO (WPB 87339) Gulfport, MS
* RAZORBILL (WPB 87332) Gulfport, MS
* RIDLEY (WPB 87328) Montauk, NY
* SAILFISH (WPB 87356) Sandy Hook, NJ
* SAWFISH (WPB 87357) Key West, FL
* SEA HORSE (WPB 87361) Portsmouth, VA
* SEA LION (WPB 87352) Bellingham, WA
* SEA OTTER (WPB 87362) San Diego, CA
* SEAHAWK (WPB 87323) Carrabelle, FL
* SHEARWATER (WPB 87349) Portsmouth, VA
* SHRIKE (WPB 87342) Port Canaveral, FL
* SKIPJACK (WPB 87353) Galveston, TX
* SOCKEYE(WPB 87337) Bodega Bay, CA
* STEELHEAD (WPB 87324) Port Aransas, TX
* STINGRAY (WPB 87305) Mobile, AL
* STURGEON (WPB 87336) Grand Isle, LA
* SWORDFISH (WPB 87358) Port Angeles, WA
* TARPON (WPB 87310) Tybee Island, GA
* TERN (WPB 87343) San Francisco, CA
* TERRAPIN (WPB 87366) Bellingham, WA
* TIGER SHARK (WPB 87359) Newport, RI
* WAHOO (WPB 87345) Port Angeles, WA
* YELLOWFIN (WPB 87319) Charleston, SC

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