Canadian banknote issuers

Canadian banknote issuers

Banknotes have been issued in Canada and the British colonies that confederated to form the Dominion of Canada from 1 July 1867.

Some issuers issued notes for more than one entity. For example, the Bank of Montreal issued notes for both Lower Canada and Quebec.

This listing does not include the Newfoundland banknote issuers.

Issuers that have a French name will have an English translation.

British Colonial

British Army

British Army Bill (1813-15). PS118A-120.

Provincial Issues

Alberta Alberta prosperity certificates
British Columbia PS126-128.
Nova Scotia PS132-140.
Ontario PS141-143.
Prince Edward Island PS144-157.
Province of Canada PS161-176.

Chartered Banks

Bank of British Columbia PS201-219.
Bank of British North America PS221-435.
Bank of Hamilton PS441-468.
Bank of Montreal PS471-564.
Bank of New Brunswick PS571-599.
Bank of Nova Scotia PS601-633.
Bank of Ottawa PS636-664.
Bank of Toronto PS666-693.
Bank of Vancouver PS696-700.
Bank of Yarmouth PS701-704.Banque Canadienne Nationale (National Bank of Canada) PS706-717.Banque d'Hochelaga (Bank of Hochelaga) PS721-815.Banque Internationale du Canada (International Bank of Canada) PS816-818.Banque Jacques Cartier (Jacques Cartier Bank) PS821-837.Banque Nationale (National Bank) PS841-875.
Bank of the People PS875A-875E.Banque du Peuple (Bank of the People) PS876-909.Banque Provincale du Canada (Provincial Bank of Canada) PS911-922.Banque de St. Hyacinthe (Bank of Saint Hyacinthe) PS924-929.Banque de St. Jean (Bank of Saint Jean) PS931-935.Banque Ville Marie PS936-946.
Barclays Bank (Canada) PS947-951.
Canadian Bank of Commerce PS952-972.
City Bank PS972A-972C.
Commercial Bank of Canada PS973-996.
Commercial Bank of Manitoba PS997-1000.
Commercial Bank of the Midland District PS1000A-1000W.
Commercial Bank of Windsor PS1001-1004.
Crown Bank of Canada PS1006-1009.
Dominion Bank PS1011-1036.
Eastern Townships Bank PS1041-1057.
Exchange Bank of Yarmouth PS1058-1060.
Farmers Bank of Canada PS1061-1065.
Gore Bank PS1066-1069.
Halifax Banking Company PS1070-1086.
Home Bank of Canada PS1087-1091.
Hudson's Bay Company PS1095-1121.
Imperial Bank of Canada PS1122-1145H.
Merchants' Bank of Canada PS1146-1173.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax PS1174-1189.
Merchants' Bank of Prince Edward Island PS1191-1196.
Metropolitan Bank PS1197-1201.
Molsons Bank PS1202-1243.
Montreal Bank PS1243A-1243K.
Niagara District Bank PS1243L-1243V.
Northern Bank PS1244-1247.
Northern Crown Bank PS1248-1251.
Ontario Bank PS1252-1286.
Peoples' Bank of Halifax PS1287-1290.
Peoples' Bank of New Brunswick PS1291-1302.
Quebec Bank PS1306-1368.
Royal Bank of Canada PS1369-1394.
Saint Lawrence Bank PS1395-1399.
Saint Stephen's Bank PS1400-1430.
Sovereign Bank of Canada PS1431-1434.
Standard Bank of Canada PS1435-1447.
Sterling Bank of Canada PS1448-1453.
Summerside Bank of Prince Edward Island PS1454-1465.
Traders' Bank of Canada PS1466-1482.
Union Bank of Canada PS1483-1507.
Union Bank of Halifax PS1511-1521.
Union Bank of Lower Canada PS1521A-1521J.
Union Bank of Prince Edward Island PS1522-1533.
United Empire Bank of Canada PS1534-1535.
Western Bank of Canada PS1536-1538.
Weyburn Security Bank PS1539-1541.

purious or Expired Banks

Bank of Acadia PS1542-1545.
Accommodation Bank PS1546-1547.
Agricultural Bank, Montreal PS1548-1550.
Agricultural Bank, Toronto PS1551-1564.
Arman's Bank PS1565-1567.Banque de Boucherville (Bank of Boucherville) PS1568.
Bank of Brantford PS1569-1576.
British Canadian Bank PS1577-1578.
Canada Bank, Montreal PS1579-1580.
Canada Bank, Toronto PS1581-1583.
Bank of Canada, Montreal PS1584-1595.Banque Canadienne (Canadian Bank) PS1596-1599.
Central Bank of Canada PS1600-1602.
Central Bank of New Brunswick PS1603-1617.
Charlotte County Bank PS1618-1622.
Bank of Charlottetown PS1623-1625.

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