1570 in music

1570 in music


* Approximate beginning date of the late Italian madrigal style
* Luzzasco Luzzaschi becomes master of Duke Alfonso of Ferrara's private "musica da camera", which was soon to become one of the most distinguished in Europe
* Orlande de Lassus is made a nobleman by Emperor Maximilian II, and knighted by Pope Gregory XIII
* Formation in Paris of Antoine de Baïf's Académie de Poésie et Musique, and consequent development of musique mesurée by composers such as Claude Le Jeune and Guillaume Costeley
* First appearance of the air de cour, a ubiquitous type of popular secular music in France until around 1650
* Lázaro del Álamo leaves his post as maestro di capilla in Mexico City
* Approximate date of the "Son de la Má Teodora", the earliest surviving example of son montuno from Cuba


* Vincenzo Bellavere - First book of "Giustiniane"
* Maddalena Casulana publishes her second book of madrigals, the second printed collection of music by a woman in European history
* Andrea Gabrieli publishes second book of madrigals, for five to eight voices, in Venice
* Orlande de Lassus publishes two books of sacred music, one in Leuven and one in Venice
* Philippe de Monte - Third book of madrigals "a"5
* Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina publishes his third book of masses, for four to six voices, in Rome


* June 13 (baptized) - Paul Peuerl, German composer and organist
* June 18 (baptized) - Juan Pujol, Catalan composer (died 1626)
* August 19 - Salamone Rossi, Italian composer (died1630)
* October 21 - Wolfgang Schonsleder, German composer and music theorist
* "probable":* Giovanni Paolo Cima, Italian composer (died 1622):* John Cooper (Coprario), English composer (died 1626):* Ignazio Donati, Italian composer (died 1638):* John Farmer, English madrigal composer (died 1605)


* Jean Maillard, French composer (approximate date) (born c1515)
* Diego Ortiz, Spanish music theorist and composer (approximate date) (born c1510)
* Tomás de Santa María, Spanish music theorist, organist and composer
* March 25 - Johann Walter, German composer (born 1496)

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