South West African banknote issuers

South West African banknote issuers

South West Africa had banknotes issued at various times between 1916 and 1959 while under South African administration. The issues of 1916-18 are denominated in South West African marks. The later issues are denominated in South West African pounds.

List of issuers of South West African mark-denominated notes

*Sonja Scholz, Windhoek.

*Gibeon Savings and Loans Association, Gibeon.

*Speisser and Silla, Windhoek.

*South West African Land Credit Association, Luderitz.

*Swakopmund Co-operative Bank, Swakopmund

*Swakopmund Bookshop, Swakopmund and Windhoek.

*Viktoria Pharmacy, Windhoek.

*Wecke and Voigts, Karabib, Okahandja, Swakopmund, and Windhoek.

List of issuers of South West African pound-denominated notes

*Barclays Bank (Dominion, Colonial and Overseas)

*Standard Bank of South Africa Limited

*Volkskas Limited

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