Vuorineuvos ( _sv. bergsråd) is a Finnish honorary title granted by the President of Finland to leading industry figures. The title is honorary and has no responsibilities and no privileges. All Finnish titles are non-hereditary.

There is no official or established English translation. The title literally means "mining councilor" (c.f. German "Bergrat" and "privy councilor"), but it has long since lost all connection with the mining industry. It is usually erroneously translated (even in current dictionaries) as "(honorary) mining counselor" or even "mountain counselor" (or Finglish variations such as "counselor of mining"). Even many Finns are not aware that "vuori" does not mean "mountain" here although most Finns still realise that for example the Finnish words "vuoritekniikka" and "vuoriteollisuus" refer to mining, not mountains.

In cases in which translators are not able to convince their customers that it is best left out in English or at least untranslated, customers can usually be persuaded to accept the paraphrase "the highly respected industrialist X". Otherwise, a possible translation that does not ridicule the title holder would be "senior industrialist X", but this still conveys a very incorrect picture of Finnish society. "X, senior industrialist" would be a bit better.

The recipient is required to pay a stamp duty to the state that is so large (48,400 euros in 2007) [] that it is customarily paid by the company or other organisation that requested the title for the person receiving it. Due to the high stamp duty, the title is held by only few people, and these have had distinguished and long careers and are usually chief executive officers or chairmen of the board of major corporations. As of 2007, the title has only been held by one woman, Irja Ketonen, the principal owner and CEO of Turun Sanomat corporation.

Antti Ahlström, the founder of Ahlstrom, Jorma Ollila, the former CEO of Nokia and Pekka Herlin of KONE have refused the title out of personal preference.

List of notable persons with the title

*Juho Aalto
*Aarne Aarnio
*Juhani Ahava
*Einar Ahlman
*Hans Ahlström
*Krister Ahlström
*Walter Ahlström
*Tor Bergman
*Petri Bryk
*Casimir Ehrnrooth
*Gay Ehrnrooth
*Georg Ehrnrooth
*Göran Ehrnrooth
*Fredrik Castrén
*Stig Gustavson
*Helge Haavisto
*Reino Hanhinen
*Heikki Hakala
*Juhani Heinonen
*Heikki Herlin
*Gustav von Hertzen
*Harri Hintikka
*Paavo Honkajuuri
*Matti Honkala
*Martti Hovi
*Heikki Huhtamäki
*Jukka Härmälä
*Stig H. Hästö
*Jaakko Ihamuotila
*Jyrki Juusela
*Aulis O. Kairamo
*Kari Kairamo
*Heimo Karinen
*Mauri Karvetti
*Matti Kavetvuo
*Irja Ketonen
*Åke Kihlman
*Mikko Kivimäki
*Väinö Kotilainen
*Lasse Kurkilahti
*Jere Lahti
*Tauno Matomäki
*Björn Mattsson
*Mauri Melamies
*Esko Muhonen
*Eero Mäkinen
*Kari Neilimo
*Juha Niemelä
*Yrjö Niskanen
*Kalevi Numminen (businessman)
*Antti Oksanen
*Seppo Paatelainen
*Timo Peltola (businessman)
*Heikki Pentti
*Yrjö Pessi
*Pentti Rautalahti
*Uuno Takki
*Sakari Tamminen
*Uolevi Raade
*Juha Rantanen
*Kauko Rastas
*Jaakko Rauramo
*Olli Reenpää
*Martin Saarikangas
*Pentti Salmi
*Reino Salo
*Gösta Serlachius
*Keijo Suila
*Matti Sundberg
*Paavo V. Suominen
*Pentti Tuomala
*Eero Utter
*Jukka-Pekka Viinanen
*Erik Volmari
*Pertti Voutilainen
*Simo Vuorilehto
*Wilhelm Wahlforss
*Juuso Walden
*Verner Weckman
*Björn Westerlund

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