Jenkins (crater)

Jenkins (crater)

lunar crater data

caption=The craters Jenkins (upper right), Nobili (upper left), Weierstrass (lower center) and Van Vleck (lower right) from Lunar Orbiter 1. "NASA/L&PI image".
diameter=38 km
eponym=Louise F. Jenkins

Jenkins is a lunar crater that lies along the equator of the Moon, near the eastern limb. It is attached to the eastern rim of the slightly larger 'Schubert X' crater, intruding somewhat into the interior. The crater Nobili is likewise attached to the western rim of 'Schubert X' and intrudes slightly into the interior on that side. The three craters form a linear chain along the equator.

This formation was previously designated 'Schubert Z' before being given its current name by the IAU. Schubert crater is located to the northeast of Jenkins. To the east-northeast of Jenkins lies Back crater, and to the south is the Van Vleck-Weierstrass crater pair.

This is a circular crater with a somewhat worn rim. The small crater 'Schubert J' is attached to the exterior along the southeast. The western rim of Jenkins is marked by several small craterlets. The interior floor is relatively featureless, and is marked by a few tiny craterlets. There is no central peak on the floor.


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