SHARE Operating System

SHARE Operating System

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The SHARE Operating System, also known as SOS, was created in 1959 as an improvement on the General Motors GM-NAA I/O operating system, the first operating system, by the SHARE user group. The main target was to improve the sharing of programs over GM-NAA I/O.

SHARE Operating System provided new methods to manage buffers and input/output devices, and, like GM-NAA I/O, allowed execution of programs written in assembly language.

Initially it worked on IBM 704 computer, but later was ported to IBM 709.

Later IBM supported it under the name IBSYS, porting it to its new transistor-based computers, the 7090 and 7094.

ee also

* GM-NAA I/O, the first operating system and the inspiration for the SHARE Operating System.
* Timeline of operating systems

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* [ Upload of the SHARE Operating System software and documentation]

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