Jewish Theatre in Warsaw

Jewish Theatre in Warsaw

The Ester Rachel Kamińska and Ida Kamińska State Jewish Theater (in Polish "Teatr Żydowski im. Estery Racheli i Idy Kamińskich") is a state theatrical institution in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. It was named after the Theatre's founder and patron Ester Rachela Kamińska and Academy Award-nominated actress Ida Kaminska, her daughter. Ester Rachela is called "The Mother of the Jewish Theatre". [ [ Dia-Pozytyw: People, Biographical Profiles ] ] The Kamińskis are the most famous actresses of the Theatre. The Theatre is the only institution in the World where plyas are shown regular in Yiddish language.

The State Jewish Theater was formed in 1950 from two theater troupes which performed in Wrocław and Łódź in 1945-50. The theater worked in both cities over the next few years and gave guest performances across Poland. In 1955, it moved to Warsaw permanently. Ever since its inception, the theater has sought to continue the rich traditions of prewar Jewish theatrical stages in Poland. Plays at the theater are shown in Polish and Yiddish (headphones with Polish translation are available).

The theater cultivates the creativity of great Jewish drama. Its repertoire features the best works by Abraham Goldfaden, Mendele-Moykher Sforim, Sholom Aleichem, Isaac Leib Peretz and Jacob Gordin.

The director of the Theatre is since 1970 also its actor Szymon Szurmiej.


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