Oscar (given name)

Oscar (given name)
Gender Masculine
Language(s) Irish, English
Language(s) Irish
Derivation os + cara
Meaning "deer" + "friend"
Other names
Cognate(s) Osgar, Oskar, Oskari

Oscar is a masculine given name in the English and Irish languages. Cognates include the Scottish Gaelic Osgar, and the German and Scandinavian Oskar, and the Finnish Oskari.



The name is derived from two elements in Irish: the first, os, means "deer"; the second element, cara, means "friend". The name is borne by a character in Irish mythologyOscar, grandson of Fionn Mac Cumhail. The name was popularised in the 18th century by James Macpherson, creator of 'Ossianic poetry'. Today the name is associated with Scandinavia because Napoleon was an admirer of Macpherson's work and gave the name to his godson, Oscar Bernadotte, who later became Oscar I, King of Sweden.[1] The given name Oscar is not to be confused with the Old English Ōsgār, which is of an entirely different origin (from two Old English elements meaning "god" and "spear").[2]


People with the given name Oscar or Oskar

Fictional characters with the given name Oscar

People with the given name Oskari


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