The Gulf Between (1917 film)

The Gulf Between (1917 film)

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name = The Gulf Between

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director = Wray Bartlett Physioc
producer =
writer = Anthony Paul Kelly
J. Parker Read Jr.
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starring = Grace Darmond
Niles Welch
music =
cinematography = Carl Gregory
editing =
distributor = Technicolor Motion Picture Corporation
released = September 21, 1917
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country = USA
language = Silent film
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"The Gulf Between" (1917) was the first motion picture made in Technicolor, the third feature-length color movie, and the first feature-length color movie produced in the United States. It was filmed on location in Jacksonville, Florida in 1917 by the Technicolor Motion Picture Corporation, using its two-color System 1, in which, by means of a prism beam splitter, two adjacent frames of a single strip of black and white film were photographed simultaneously, one behind a red filter and the other behind a green filter.

After a private trade showing in New York on September 21, 1917, it was released on February 25, 1918 to play one-week engagements on a tour of a few major Eastern cities, accompanied by the special two-aperture, two-lens, two-filter projector required to exhibit it. Because of the technical problems in keeping the red and green images aligned by prism during projection, it was the only motion picture made in Technicolor's System 1. Later Technicolor systems would require no special projector. Today it is a lost film, with only a few frames surviving.

"The Gulf Between" was directed by Wray Bartlett Physioc. The lead roles were played by Grace Darmond and Niles Welch. The story was about a girl raised by a sea captain, and her rejection by the wealthy family of the young man she loves.


*Grace Darmond ... Marie
*Niles Welch ... Richard Farrell
*Herbert Fortier ... Robert Farrell
*Violet Axzelle ... Marie, as a child (as Violet Axzell)

*Charles Brandt ... Captain Flagg
*Joseph Dailey ... Cook
*George De Carlton ... Dutch
*Caroline Harris ... Mrs. Farrell
*Virginia Lee ... Millicent Dunston
*Louis Montjoy
*J. Noa ... Pete

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