The Biggest Loser Australia (Season 3)

The Biggest Loser Australia (Season 3)

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last_aired = May 1, 2008
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"The Biggest Loser" 3 was the third season of the Australian version of the original NBC hit American reality television series "The Biggest Loser". It premiered on the Ten Network on February 3, 2008, [ [ TEN announces winning 2008 lineup] URL accessed January 8, 2008] and was screened for 6 nights a week over 12 weeks. It was won by Sam Rouen on the finale broadcast on May 1, 2008

Host Ajay Rochester and trainers of the previous season, Shannan Ponton and Michelle Bridges returned to this season of the show, as did US trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, and part time trainer The Commando (Steve Willis).

Applications opened at the end of the previous season with over 6,000 people applying [February 02, 2008 [,23739,23148421-7642,00.html The Biggest Loser trainer Shannon Ponton shows no mercy] Courier Mail, URL Accessed February 11, 2008.] and primary photography was shot between October 2007 and February 2008.Fact|date=February 2008 As with the two preceding series of "The Biggest Loser", the winner titled "Australia's Biggest Loser" was eligible to win $200,000. [ [ enews: Your Guide to The Biggest Loser 3] 18 Jan, 2008. URL retrieved 24 January, 2008]

New elements to this season included "The Warehouse", where contestants choose their diet for a week, and a rival team of contestants trained separate from the main contestants in the United States. The season started with 30 contestants, of which 19 were selected to compete for the main prize.

Tagline: "The challenges are tougher than ever, the goals even more rewarding."

eason Overview

List of episodes

Game variations

*Black team: Of the unsuccessful 15 remaining contestants, 4 were selected by the Commando to become the new black team to be flown to USA and be trained by Bob and Jillian with the added benefit of having no temptations or challenges. Contestants were weighed in at the Biggest Loser campus where earlier US seasons of the Biggest Loser in the USA were filmed. The contestants in the black team are Michelle, Carrianne, Bryce and Steven. Steven quit in week 3 because he thought he couldn't play the game well, he was replaced by JJ, the second eliminated contestant.

*The Warehouse: An addition to this season is a dark room with contestants being given the choice of two or three types of foods to have as their diet for the week with contestants having to use their knowledge of food to make the best decision. Except for the first week, in which everyone decided on one or the other for all contestants, the biggest loser of the week would choose the two or three options for the teams.

*Hidden camera in the kitchen: In week 5, the trainers and their teams got a package that contained two DVDs stating "Red/Blue Team in Action." It turns out that for the past four weeks, a hidden camera was placed in the kitchen, watching the contestants go to the refrigerators and pantries. There were two refrigerators and two pantries in the kitchen, one of each for the blue team and one of each for the red team. The red team was up first, and showed Sam (a former blue team member who would later return to the blue team) stealing chocolate topping, Cosi stealing ice cream, and Garry taking out a half-dozen soda cans, all from the blue team's refrigerator and pantry. The Blue team was up next, and showed Michael taking kangaroo meat out of the red fridge, and then shows Kirsten stealing cheese to make a toasted cheese sandwich for herself and Alison. There were only two slices left, so she took them for herself and put the empty pack back in the fridge. Alison then came in looking for more ingredients, Kirsten showed what she did, and Alison was horrified. Finally, Michael is shown looking around, trying to figure out where the camera was (although how he knew that there was a camera there is unknown). Interestingly, all contestants are allowed to order in any food to have "in addition" to the food that the Warehouse picks for them, and they can order "anything they want", so if one contestant in the house orders any junk food, everyone in the house would be faced with a real-life temptation. After watching the videos, Michelle threated her team, saying that if anyone on her team is caught eating ice cream again, they will get a punishment that they don't want to know about.

*Mid game prize money: With half the contestants remaining in the game, the walk revealed a game twist where the contestant with the most weight loss for the week had the chance of winning $50,000 with the condition that they must leave the game. This amount was to be taken from the total prize pool of $200,000. It happened later when there were only five contestants left. Every contestant was offered this opportunity, the amount of cash being the same percentage of $100,000 that the percentage of each contestant's starting weight that they had lost to that point in the game. The first contestant to accept their own amount would leave the game, the others would not.

Team arrangements

* White team: All 30 contestants were competing as individuals until 15 were selected to be in a temporary White team. Twelve eliminated contestants also returned wearing white shirts toward the end of the game. The Final four wore black shirts at the time.
* Teams: The 3 main teams are Black, Red and Blue. Black was the first team to be formed with 4 contestants chosen by the Commando to have a second chance and train with Bob and Jillian in the US as part of a surprise twist. 14 out of the 15 contestants in the White group were dissolved into Red and Blue teams chosen by Sam (Blue) and Cosi (Red) as a reward for winning the first major challenge. Monica was the only contestant eliminated as a white team member because the two teams needed to start out even.

Game elements

The episodes and elements of the show are screened on a weekly rotation in the following set up:
*Sunday: Weigh-In
*Monday: Elimination
*Tuesday: The Warehouse
*Wednesday: Temptation
*Thursday: The Walk
*Friday: Major Challenge

The Weigh-in

At the beginning of the season and beginning of each week, contestants are weighed and compared to their previous weight. Within teams the total percentage of weight loss for the team must beleft as a cliffhanger and combined with elimination episodes. The total combined starting weight of contestants was displayed, unlike in previous seasons which was 2137.3kg for the highest to avoid elimination. Weigh-in episodes were generally screened on Sunday nights, or initial 15 contestants. This did not include the weight of the black team or other eliminated contestants.

Elimination notes

*After the Week 7 elimination (Carrianne was eliminated), Ajay announced that a major curveball was coming. This was later revealed to be that the contestants were going to singles. After the announcement, the contestants found different coloured shirts in their room, which is the first time it has happened.
*JJ, Bryce, and Michelle are the only contestants to be eliminated twice; JJ was first eliminated in an official elimination in week 1, returned week 4 as a replacement contestant, and quit week 7. Bryce was first eliminated in week 9 in an official elimination, returned two weeks later via a special challenge, and then took a money offer and surrendered his place in the game. Michelle was first eliminated by the Super Challenge, returned one week later via a special challenge, and was re-eliminated at an official elimination.


In week 10 the contestants went to Hawaii to fulfill their nightmares. Garry climbed a mouintain, Kirsten paraglided, Sam swam in a shark cage, but then hopped out of the cage, Michelle went up 5 000 feet in an engine-less glider and Cosi and Alison jumped 10m into a blowhole.

The 11 at home

After 19 contestants were chosen to compete for the main prize, the remaining 11 were sent home. Michelle and Shannan helped the contestants lose weight via the internet. They gave them gym memberships and $10,000 in prize money from the Biggest Loser Club online website to compete for. Throughout the season, some episodes had segments in which Shannan and Michelle would catch up with these 11 to show the viewers the progress they made.


The two hour finale was broadcast on May 1, 2008.

Sam was announced the winner, having lost 71.7kg or 46.48% of his body weight. He took home $200,000. At the starting age of 19 going on 20, Sam is the youngest contestant in any series of "The Biggest Loser" worldwide, and became the youngest contestant ever to win the title of the biggest loser. Alison placed second, losing 55.2kg or 45.46% of her body weight, and Kirsten placed third, losing 54.9kg or 43.30% of her body weight. They took home $25,000, and $10,000 in prize money respectively.

Of the eliminated contestants (JJ did not attend, but was mentioned), Sean won $30,000 as a runner up prize for losing the most weight among them, 79.8kg or 45.70% of his body weight.

Out of the at-home 11, Craig Smith was the winner. His starting weight was 142.3kg and now weighs 91kg, a loss of 51.3kg or 36.50% of his body weight. He won $10,000.

All 29 contestants present at the finale, including the three finalists, the eliminated (excluding JJ), and the at-home players were also weighed in at once, on the superscales. Their original combined starting weight was 4,051.5kg; they had lost a grand total of 1153.9kg. (28.48%)

Cast and personalities

*Host: Ajay Rochester returned for a third consecutive season to host the third season.
**Shannan Ponton and Michelle Bridges returned for their second season. Shannan trained the blue team and Michelle the red team.
**US trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels also made brief appearances appear, training a secret black team of contestants in the United States.
**Australian Commando trainer Steve Willis also appeared in the first three episodes, along with other episodes to train the blacks and to participate in the challenge to get two of the blacks (Bryce and Michelle) back in the game, as well as the Dine out option for temptation, Week 3.


The season began with 30 contestants, 15 were selected by Shannan and Michelle to enter the white house; however, to make sure that each team had the same number of players, one would have to be eliminated. Of the remaining 15, 4 received a second chance to become part of the black team selected by the Commando to be trained by Bob and Jillian in the USA, leaving the remaining 11 to compete for $10, 000 with Biggest loser club online.

Original contestants

*Alison Braun - Perth, WA, Age: 34, Starting weight: 121.7kg, Goal weight: <60kg, Occupation: Therapy Co-ordinator
*Andrew Cosi Costello - Murray Bridge, SA, Age: 28, Starting weight: 140.8kg, Goal weight: <90kg, Occupation: Currently a radio announcer on SAFM. Previously a radio announcer for Adelaide's Triple M [ [,25543,5028650-5014156-3,00.html Adelaide Now...] - Gallery photo. URL accessed January 8, 2008]
*Deborah Debbie Dunn - Fennell Bay, NSW, Age: 39, Starting weight: 135.2kg, Goal weight: 75kg, Occupation: Office Co-ordinator
*Kirsten Binnie - Melbourne, VIC, Age: 32, Starting weight: 126.8kg, Goal weight: <70kg, Occupation: High School Teacher. She used to be a water polo player for Australia
*Monica Smith - Perth, WA, Starting weight: 116.8kg, Goal weight: 70kg, Occupation: Child care assistant
*Nicola Coyle - Gold Coast, QLD, Starting weight: 112.6kg, Goal weight: 70kg, Occupation: Student/Receptionist
*Nicole Rees - Adelaide, SA, Age: 23, Starting weight: 136.3kg, Goal weight: 70kg, Occupation: Registered Nurse. She is Carrianne's twin sister
*Rachel Hogg - Perth, WA, Age: 20, Starting weight: 134.7kg, Goal weight: 85kg, Occupation: Casual worker
*Sheridan Wright - Melbourne, VIC, Age: 26, Starting weight: 120.1kg, Occupation: Teacher
*Garry Guerreiro - Redfern, NSW, Age: 32, Starting weight: 206.2kg, Goal weight: 120kg, Occupation: Financial Services
*John JJ Jeffrey Adelaide, SA, Age: 33, Starting weight: 131.6kg, Goal weight: 85kg, Occupation: Truck Driver. JJ was given a second chance to replace Steven who quit the game.
*John Morrall - Noosa Heads, QLD, Age: 44, Starting weight: 150.3kg, Goal weight: <100kg, Occupation: Advertising Manager. Although a competing contestant, John is not eligible for a cash incentive due to having hypertension which restricts his activities. [Tuesday February 5, 2008, [ The Biggest Loser - Episode Three] ]
*Michael Sandford - Orange, NSW, Starting weight: 175kg, Goal weight: 125kg, Occupation: Trainee Accountant. Played representative football
*Samuel Sam Rouen - Campbelltown, NSW, Age: 19, Starting weight: 154.6kg, Goal weight: 93kg, Occupation: University student
*Sean Holbrook - Camperdown, NSW, Age: 45, Starting weight: 174.6kg, Occupation: Roof Plumber. He has diabetes.

econd chance contestants

*Michelle Lozanovski - Sydney, NSW, Age: 20, Starting Weight: 120.7kg, Occupation: Apprentice Hairdresser
*Carrianne Rees - Adelaide, SA, Age: 23, Starting Weight: 111kg, Occupation : Registered Nurse. She is Nicole's twin sister
*Steven Pelham - Cairns, QLD, Age: 29, Starting Weight: 166.6kg, Occupation: Sales Manager. He is a single father with a baby daughter named Aeisha-Jane
*Bryce Harvey - Brisbane, QLD, Age: 24, Starting Weight: 139.2kg, Occupation: Community Development Manager

Third chance contestants

These contestants were chosen after 12 eliminated contestants were given to chance to win there place back into the game by a race with the trainers. The two contestants that were chosen were Michelle and Bryce.

Unsuccessful contestants

*Misilei Mamae - Age: 35, Starting Weight: Unknown, Occupation: Security Guard
*Dianne Brooker - QLD, Age: 30, Starting weight: 115kg, Occupation: Customer service representative. Her starting weight is known because she was the only unsuccessful contestant to be featured in a promotion.
*Alison Hallion - SA, Age: 36, Starting Weight: Unknown, Occupation: Hotel Manager. Has a 19 year old son called Jesse
*Lauren Coyle - Age: 23 Starting Weight: Unknown
*Sandra Sandy Catlin - WA, Age: 36, Starting Weight: Unknown, Occupation: Teacher
*Stacey Sulivan - Starting Weight: Unknown
*Steven Haynes - Age: 37 Starting Weight: Unknown Occupation: Policeman
*Adam Jackson - NSW,Age:27,Starting Weight: Unknown, occuppation: Real Estate Agent
*Craig Smith - Brisbane, QLD, Age : 38, Starting Weight: 142.3kgs, Occupation: Disability worker, Craig is a single father with a 3year old son called Noah.
*Damien Webb - NSW, Age: 36, Occupation: Ambulance Officer
*Darryl Lawandos - Age: 35, Starting Weight: Unknown

Production and release

Filming locations & dates

Primary film locations were in [ "The White House"] located at 4 Kinka Road, Terrey Hills, Sydney, New South Wales coord|33|40|48|S|151|11|54|E. Elements were also filmed in Los Angeles, California.

Primary production commenced in October 2007 and completed in February 2008.Fact|date=February 2008

Air dates and channels

The program began screening on 3 February 2008 on Network TEN and continued weeknights at 7:00pm and Sundays 6:30-7.30pm each week.

Reception and public response

Television viewing and ratings

The season premiere attracted 1.91 million viewers, an improvement of 118,000 on the previous season premiere. [February 4, 2008 [ Dance Up A Ratings Storm] - premiere ratings. eNews, URL accessed February 5, 2008]

The season finale attracted an average of 1.88 million viewers, peaking at 2.35 million. It was marginally down on the previous two seasons but still became the highest rating program of the year at the time of broadcast. [ [ TV Tonight: Loser wins the night] ]


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* [ Google Maps of contestant hometowns]

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