List of diplomatic missions in the Republic of China

List of diplomatic missions in the Republic of China

The Republic of China (on Taiwan since 1949) hosts a number of representative offices from many countries. However due to its specific conditions, and the posture of many countries to follow a one-China policy and recognise only the Government of the People's Republic of China, only a small number (19) of states actually have a genuine diplomatic mission in Taiwan. These countries tend to be small and economically insignificant countries in the Pacific, Caribbean and Africa, whose presence in Taiwan is largely prompted by the host Government to promote its legitimacy.

States that do not recognise the Republic of China carry out representational, reporting and other duties in Taiwan through various offices, which have a wide array of titles. [1]



Representative and Trade Offices

  •  Argentina (Argentina Trade and Cultural Office)
  •  Australia (Australian Commerce and Industry Office)
  •  Austria (Austrian Office Taipei) and (Austrian Trade Delegation)
  •  Belgium (Belgian Office, Taipei)
  •  Brazil (Brazil Business Centre)
  •  Brunei (Brunei Darussalam Trade and Tourism Office)
  •  Bolivia (Bolivian Commercial and Financial Representation)
  •  Canada (Canadian Trade Office in Taipei)
  •  Chile (Chilean Trade Office, Taipei)
  •  Czech Republic (Czech Economic and Cultural Office)
  •  Denmark (Trade Commission of Denmark, Taipei)
  •  European Union (European Economic and Trade Office)
  •  Fiji (Fiji Trade and Tourism Representative Office)
  •  Finland (Finland Trade Centre)
  •  France (French Institute)
  •  Germany (German Institute)
  •  Hong Kong (Hong Kong Economic and Cultural Co-operation and Promotion Council)
  •  Hungary (Hungarian Trade Office)
  •  India (India-Taipei Association)
  •  Indonesia (Indonesian Economic and Trade Office)
  •  Ireland (The Institute for Trade and Investment of Ireland)
  •  Israel (Israel Economic and Cultural Office)
  •  Italy (Italian Economic, Trade and Cultural Promotion Office)
  •  Japan (Interchange Association)
  •  Jordan (The Jordanian Commercial Office)
  •  North Korea (Chosun-Taiwan Trade Office)
  •  South Korea (Korean Mission in Taipei)

Branch Offices



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