Secretary of State of New Jersey

Secretary of State of New Jersey

The Secretary of State of New Jersey is responsible for overseeing artistic, cultural, and historical programs within the U.S. state of New Jersey, as well as volunteerism and community service projects within the state.

The New Jersey Division of Archives and Records Management, sometimes referred to simply as the "State Archives", is also under the authority of the Secretary of State. The State Archives is the repository for all vital statistics, including marriage and divorce records and birth certificates, and also maintains a separate set of files for the registry of wills. The Secretary of State oversees the Division of Tourism and the Division of Elections, and sets all tourism and election policy.

The Secretary is the Chief Elections Officer of New Jersey. Prior to April 1, 2008, the electoral division was under the New Jersey Attorney General.[1]

In New Jersey, registry of corporations is not the responsibility of the Secretary of State. The New Jersey Department of the Treasury is responsible for the maintenance of corporate records.

In New Jersey, the Secretary of State serves a term of office concurrent with the that of the Governor.[2] Although the conventional wisdom is that the Secretary of State cannot be removed from office except "for cause" by the Governor or by way of legislative impeachment,[3] a recent law review article argues that the Governor does not have the authority to remove the Secretary of State "for cause,"[4] and this issue has not been tested.

The current Secretary of State is Kim Guadagno, who is simultaneously the state's Lieutenant Governor.

List of office holders

Holders of the office of Secretary of State include:[5]

  • Charles Pettit, 1776-1778
  • Bowes Reed, 1778-1794
  • Samuel W. Stockton, 1794-1795
  • John Beatty, 1795-1805
  • James Linn, 1805-1820
  • Daniel Coleman, 1820-1830
  • James D. Westcott, 1830-1840
  • Charles G. McChesney, 1840-1851
  • Thomas S. Allison, 1851-1861
  • Whitfield S. Johnson, 1861-1866
  • Horace N. Congar, 1866-1870
  • Henry C. Kelsey, 1870-1897
  • George Wurts, 1897-1902
  • Samuel D. Dickinson, 1902-1912
  • David S. Crater, 1912-1915
  • Thomas F. Martin, 1915-1926
  • Joseph F. S. Fitzpatrick, 1926-1931
  • Thomas A. Mathis, 1931-1941
  • Joseph A. Brophy, 1941-1946
  • Lloyd B. Marsh, 1946-1954
  • Edward J. Patten, 1954-1962
  • Robert J. Burkhardt, 1962-1970
  • Paul J. Sherwin, 1970-1972
  • Robert M. Falcey (acting), 1972-1974
  • J. Edward Crabiel, 1974-1977
  • Francis J. Carragher (acting), 1977
  • George W. Lee (acting), 1977
  • Donald Lan, 1977-1982
  • Jane Burgio, 1982-1990
  • Joan Haberle, 1990-1992
  • Daniel Dalton, 1992-1994
  • Lonna Hooks, 1994-1998
  • DeForest Soaries, 1998-2001
  • Regena Thomas, 2002-2006
  • Nina Mitchell Wells, 2006-2010
  • Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno, 2010- [6][7]

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