Hachikō Line

Hachikō Line

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end = Kuragano Station
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linelength = 92 km
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gauge = 1,067 mm
el = Overhead catenary 1,500 V DC (Hachiōji - Komagawa)
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The Nihongo|Hachikō Line|八高線|Hachikō-sen is a 92 km regional railway line in the East Japan Railway Company system in Tokyo, Saitama, and Gunma Prefectures in Japan. Its endpoints are Hachiōji Station in Hachiōji and Kuragano Station in Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture. The line has a gauge of 1,067 mm.

Komagawa Station in Hidaka, Saitama, divides the line into two distinct sections. The southern section from Hachiōji to Komagawa is electrified, operating at 1,500 V DC. Some trains terminate at Komagawa, and some continue over the Kawagoe Line to Kawagoe Station. A few trains leave the Hachikō Line at Haijima Station, entering the Ōme Line and terminating at Tokyo Station.

The non-electrified northern section connects Komagawa with Kuragano. All trains continue on the Takasaki Line to Takasaki Station, where transfer to the Jōetsu Shinkansen is available. There are no through services connecting the southern and northern halves of the line.

Japan Freight Railway Company also operates trains on the Hachikō Line.

The Hachikō Line takes the first kanji of its name from the first character of Hachiōji (八王子) and the second from the first character of Takasaki (高崎).


Rolling stock

*205-3000 series 4-car EMUs x 5 (Kawagoe Line/Hachikō Line services)
*209-3000 series 4-car EMUs x 4 (Kawagoe Line/Hachikō Line services)
*209-3100 series 4-car EMUs x 2 (Kawagoe Line/Hachikō Line services)
*KiHa110 DMUs (formed as 1- to 3-car trains for services north of Komagawa)

Rolling stock previously used

*KiHa35 DMUs (until September 1985)
*103-3000 series EMUs (until October 2005)
*103-3500 series EMU (until March 2005)

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