Moskovskiye Novosti

Moskovskiye Novosti
Moskovskiye Novosti
(Московские новости)
Moskovskiye Novosti.png
Type Daily newspaper
Editor Vladimir Gurevich
Founded 1980
Language Russian
Headquarters Moscow, Russia
Official website

Moskovskiye Novosti (Russian: Московские новости, Moscow News) will be a daily newspaper in Russia to be relaunched in 2011.

It was previously a long-established weekly newspaper aimed at an educated, elite audience. In 2005-2008 it was owned by Arcadi Gaydamak. It is published in the Russian language. Most of the newspaper's stories in the Soviet period were translated into English and printed in the newspaper Moscow News.

During perestroika period, Moskovskiye Novosti gained huge popularity thanks to the liberal political stance, and to the principle of the newspaper to be "the bridge between the USSR and the Western world."

The newspaper was established in 1980 and went out of print on 1 January 2008.[1]

The new daily Moskovskiye Novosti will be launched in February 2011, and the first articles for the new newspaper are being published on Facebook since November 2010. The newspaper will be published as the partnership between Vremya Publishing House (the publisher of Vremya Novostei until 2010) which will produce the journalistic content, and RIA Novosti (owner of the brand Moskovskiye Novosti) which will provide the technology and infrastructure without interfering into the content in order to maintain editorial independence[2].

The newspaper will be available in print, mobile, website, and iPad editions.


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