Brazilian passport

Brazilian passport

The Brazilian passport is the official document for foreign travel issued by the Brazilian government, through the Brazilian Federal Police. The passport complies with both Mercosur and ICAO standards.

About the "Green" (old) and "Blue" (new) Models

The current model for Brazilian passports was adopted on December 2006 and follows the standard established by the Mercosur countries concerning color (dark blue) and the printing of the name "Mercosul" (Portuguese) or "Mercosur" (Spanish) on the upper portion of the cover with the name of the country below it. The new passport model was first issued to Brazilian citizens to travel outside Brazil starting in 2007.

The previous model was dark green and was not a machine-readable passport, nor had the name "Mercosul" printed on its cover.

Older passports (the "green" model) were produced by either the Casa da Moeda do Brasil, the government's official mint, or the American Bank Note Company. New passports (the "blue" model) are made solely by the Casa da Moeda.

The New Brazilian Passport

The new Brazilian passport is both a machine-readable passport, complying with the ICAO 9303 standard. When the passport is first issued, fingerprint, signature and photo are captured by the government and stored in a database, but only the holder's digital picture is included in the physical passport, in a two-dimensional barcode. The passport does not contain an RFID chip.

When traveling to Mercosur countries, Bolivia or Chile, Brazilian citizens may use their state-issued Identification cards in lieu of a federal-issued passport.

Visa-free travel

According to a study done by Henley & Partners, Brazilian citizens enjoy visa-free access to 99 countries and territories for short-term tourism visits. Brazil is ranked 20th in the study in terms of international travel freedom.



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