List of collective nouns by collective term A-K

List of collective nouns by collective term A-K

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aarmory An aarmory of aardvarks Spurious
abomination An abomination of monks Spurious [The phrase "An abomination of monks" is frequently cited as a legitimate collective noun for monks. It is actually a misinterpretation of the title of a Protestant treatise written by Jan Hus around 1400.]
absence An absence of professors Spurious
agenda An agenda of tasks

ambush An ambush of widows Spurious
ambush An ambush of tigers

anthology An anthology of prostitutes Spurious [An "anthology of prostitutes" is a pun on "anthology of prose", as "pro" is a common contraction for prostitute in Britain and elsewhere.]
anthology An anthology of prose

archipelago An archipelago of islands

armada An armada of ships

army An army of ants

army An army of caterpillars

army An army of frogs

ascension An ascension of larks

asylum An asylum of programmers Spurious
audit An audit of bookkeepers

aurora An aurora of polar bears

babble A babble of barbers Spurious
baffle A baffle of noobs Spurious
balance A balance of accountants Uncertain
bale A bale of turtles

band A band of jays

band A band of men

band A band of gorillas

bank A bank of monitors

bank A bank of swans

banner A banner of knights
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barren A barren of mules
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bask A bask of crocodiles

batch A batch of bread

bavin A bavin of brush (wood)

bazaar A bazaar of guillemots

bed A bed of snakes

bed A bed of clams

bed A bed of oysters

bellowing A bellowing of bullfinches

belt A belt of asteroids

bench A bench of Bishops

bench A bench of show dogs Uncertain
bevy A bevy of roes

bevy A bevy of beauties

bevy A bevy of quail

bevy A bevy of swans

bevy A bevy of ladies

bew A bew of partridges Uncertain
bewilderment A bewilderment of architects Uncertain
bind A bind of salmon
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bite A bite of midges Uncertain
blast A blast of strumpets Spurious
blessing A blessing of unicorns

bloat A bloat of bureaucrats Spurious
bloat A bloat of hippopotamuses Uncertain
body A body of pathologists Spurious
bond A bond of secret agents Spurious
book A book of wagers

bouquet A bouquet of pheasants
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bouquet A bouquet of flowers

brace A brace of orthodontists Spurious
brigade A brigade of soldiers

brood A brood of hens

building A building of rooks
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bunch A bunch of things

bunch A bunch of grapes

bury A bury of rabbits

bury A bury of conies

business A business of flies
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business A business of ferrets
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cache A cache of jewels

cast A cast of actors

cast A cast of eagles
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cast A cast of falcons
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cast A cast of hawks
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cast A cast of merlins
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cast A cast of vultures
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catalogue A catalogue of librarians Spurious
cavalcade A cavalcade of horsemen

cete A cete of badgers
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chain A chain of islands

charm A charm of hummingbirds

charm A charm of bees
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charm A charm of finches
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chattering A chattering of choughs

chine A chine of polecats

chorus A chorus of angels

circus A circus of monkeys Spurious
clamour A clamour of Rooks

clan A clan of hyenas

class A class of students

clattering A clattering of choughs
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clew A clew of worms Uncertain
cloud A cloud of grasshoppers

cloud A cloud of gnats

cloud A cloud of sea fowl

clout A clout of gnats Uncertain
clowder A clowder of cats

cluster A cluster of spiders

cluster A cluster of cats

cluster A cluster of grasshoppers

clutch A clutch of mechanics Spurious
clutch A clutch of eggs
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clutch A clutch of chicks
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cord A cord of collective nouns

clutter A clutter of cats

clutter A clutter of spiders

cog A cog of robots Spurious
coil A coil of wigeon

collective A collective of nouns

colony A colony of ants

colony A colony of bats

colony A colony of beavers

colony A colony of gulls

colony A colony of penguins

colony A colony of rats

colony A colony of lepers

colony A colony of rabbits

company A company of actors

company A company of moles

company A company of parrots

company A company of soldiers

complex A complex of psychoanalysts Spurious
conflagration A conflagration of arsonists

confusion A confusion of architects Uncertain
conglomerate A conglomerate of geologists Spurious
congregation A congregation of worshippers

congregation A congregation of plovers

congress A congress of baboons

conspiracy A conspiracy of ravens

constellation A constellation of satellites

converting A converting of preachers

convocation A convocation of eagles

convoy A convoy of lorries

convoy A convoy of trucks

cord A cord of fire wood

corps A corps of giraffes

corps A corps of anatomists Spurious
cortege A cortege of mourners

court A court of kangaroos Spurious [The phrase "A court of kangaroos" is frequently thought to be legitimate, given the (quite unrelated) expression "a kangaroo court". There is no known evidence of its legitimacy as a collective noun, however.]
coven A coven of witches

cover A cover of coots

covey A covey of partridges

covey A covey of pheasants

covey A covey of quail

covey A covey of grouse

cowardice A cowardice of curs

crash A crash of rhinoceroses

crash A crash of hippopotamuses

creche A creche of penguins

crew A crew of sailors

crowd A crowd of onlookers

cruft A cruft of hackers Spurious
cry A cry of dogs

cry A cry of hounds

culture A culture of bacteria

deceit A deceit of lapwings

deck A deck of cards

den A den of thieves

den A den of snakes

descension A descension of woodpeckers
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descent A descent of relatives Spurious
desert A desert of lapwings
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destruction A destruction of cats (feral or wild)

dilation A dilation of pupils Spurious
disguising A disguising of

dissimulation A dissimulation of birds
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disworship A disworship of Scots
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diving A diving of teal

division A division of soldiers

doading A doading of sheldrakes

doctrine A doctrine of doctors

dole A dole (or dule) of doves
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donut A donut of data Spurious
dopping A dopping of ducks (diving)

down A down of hares

draught A draught of butlers
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draught A draught of fish
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dray A dray of squirrels

drift A drift of swine

drift A drift of hogs Uncertain
drift A drift of fish

drift A drift of fishers
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drove A drove of pigs

drove A drove of cattle

drum A drum of goldfinches

drunken ship A drunken ship of cobblers

dule A dule of turtles

exaggeration An exaggeration of fishermen Spurious
exaltation An exaltation of larks
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eyrar An eyrar of swans Uncertain
faculty A faculty of academics

fall A fall of lambs

farrow A farrow of piglets

fellowship A fellowship of yeomen

fesnying A fesnying of ferrets
field A field of theoretical physicists Spurious
field A field of racehorses

flamboyency A flamboyency of homosexuals Spurious
flange A flange of baboons

fleet A fleet of mudhen Uncertain
fleet A fleet of ships

flight A flight of swallows

flight A flight of goshawks

flight A flight of doves

flight A flight of cormorants

fling A fling of sandpipers

fling A fling of dunlin

fling A fling of oxbirds
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flink A flink of cows

flock A flock of sheep

flock A flock of tourists

flock A flock of geese

flock A flock of camels

flock A flock of seagulls

flotilla A flotilla of ships

flush A flush of plumbers Spurious
flush A flush of ducks
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fluther A fluther of jellyfish

flutter A flutter of cardiologists Spurious
fry A fry of eels Uncertain
gaggle A gaggle of women

gaggle A gaggle of geese

galaxy A galaxy of starlets

galaxy A galaxy of stars

gam A gam of whales
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gam A gam of whaling ships
[cite web|url=|title=Oxford English Dictionary online]
gang A gang of elk

gang A gang of hoodlums

gaze A gaze of raccoons

giggle A giggle of girls

glaring A glaring of cats

glean A glean of herrings

graft A graft of tree surgeons Spurious
grind A grind of blackfish [cite web|url=|title=Oxford English Dictionary online]
grist A grist of bees

grove A grove of trees

gulp A gulp of swallows Spurious
hand A hand of bananas
hangout A hangout of nudists Spurious
harass A harass of horses

hastiness A hastiness of cooks
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head A head of curlews

heard A heard of harlots

hedge A hedge of bushes

herd A herd of fairies

herd A herd of cattle

herd A herd of elephants

herd A herd of zebra

herd A herd of cows

herd A herd of chamois

herd A herd of walruses

herd A herd of pigs

herd A herd of deer

herd A herd of antelope

herd A herd of whales

herd A herd of buffalo

hill A hill of ruffs
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hive A hive of bees

horde A horde of misers Spurious
horde A horde of gnats

host A host of sparrows

host A host of angels

house A house of senators

hover A hover of trout

hover A hover of crows
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huddle A huddle of lawyers

huddle A huddle of penguins

husk A husk of hares

illusion An illusion of painters

indifference An indifference of waiters Spurious
intrusion An intrusion of cockroaches Uncertain
jealousy A jealousy of architects Uncertain
kaleidoscope A kaleidoscope of butterflies Uncertain
kettle A kettle of hawks

kindle A kindle of kittens (cats)

kine A kine of cattle

kit A kit of pigeons
[cite web|url=|title=Oxford English Dictionary online]
knob A knob of waterfowl
[cite web|url=|title=Oxford English Dictionary online]
knot A knot of toads


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