Xavier (name)

Xavier (name)

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name = Xavier

caption=The castle of Xavier was restored by the Jesuits.
gender = Male
meaning = new house
region =
origin = Basque, Spanish
related names = Javier, Xaveria, Xaviell, Xaviero, Xayvion, Xever, Zavier
footnotes = "Xavier," WikiName - All About Names. <--accessed October 1, 2008-->

Xavier (pronounced ZAY-vee-er, the pronunciations ecks-ZAY-vee-er or ig-ZAY-vee-er are also common; in Spanish, hah-vee-AIR ; in French, gzah-VYAY; in Portuguese, shuh-vee-AIR) is a masculine name.

The name has Basque roots, etymologically originating in the word "exaberri" ("etxe berri" in modern standard spelling, meaning "new house"). It has been phonetically influenced by Navarrese Romance and has evolved along with other Castilian words.It was the family name of the lords of Javier, Spain.Due to the popularity of the Jesuit missionary saint Francis Xavier, it has spread beyond the Navarrese area.Other variations of this name includes Xabier, Xaverius, Xaver, Xever, Xaveer, Xaverius, Saverio. The feminine Javiera, Xaviera, Saveria, Zaviera, and Saverina are less common.

Notable People named Xavier


*Abel Xavier, Portuguese footballer
*Anderson Conceição Xavier (born 1980), Brazilian footballer
*Arlene Xavier, Brazilian volleyball player
*Babi Xavier (born 1974), Brazilian actress, singer and television host
*Cleiton Ribeiro Xavier (born 1983), Brazilian footballer
*Chico Xavier (1910-2002), Brazilian medium
*Emanuel Xavier, American poet/actor
*St. Francis Xavier (1506-1552), Spanish Roman Catholic saint and co-founder of the Jesuit Order
*Irene Xavier, Malaysian women's rights activist,
*Leonardo Xavier (born 1976), Brazilian martial artist
*Llewellyn Xavier (born 1945), Saint Lucian artist
*Marcos Ferreira Xavier (born 1982), Brazilian-Azerbaijani footballer
*John Xavier, stage name of American professional wrestler John Jirus

Given Name

*Xavier, Duke of Parma (1889-1977), of Spain
*Xavier Abril (1905-1990), Peruvian poet
*Xavier Adibi, American football player
*Xavier Becerra, American politician
*Xavier Cugat (1900-1990), Catalan-Cuban bandleader
*Xavier Malisse, Belgian professional tennis player
*Xavier Martinez (1869-1943), American artist of Mexican descent
*Xavier McDaniel, American professional basketball player
*Xavier Mertz (1883-1913), Swiss explorer
*Xavier Naidoo, German singer/songwriter
*Xavier Nady, American professional baseball player
*Xavier Rudd, Australian musician
*Xavier Susai, Australian comedian
*Xavier Zubiri (1889-1983), Spanish philosopher
*Francis Xavier Seelos, Roman Catholic Priest
*Xavier Kimbrough, American teenager
*Xavier Otero Keil, CEO of GetGreenPC (1988-Present)

ee also

*Javier (name), a variant of Xavier
*Jaffar, a similar but unrelated Arabic name meaning "bright".

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