Guest family

Guest family

The Guest family were a British family of the eighteenth, nineteenth, twentieth centuries who, among other things built a huge industrial business in the Dowlais Iron Company and later in Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds.

John Guest

John Guest (1722-1785Price (2007)] /25th November 1787Davies (2007)] Owen (1977)] ) was a brewer, farmer and coal merchant in Broseley, Shropshire. He collaborated with Isaac Wilkinson in starting the Plymouth Ironworks in 1763 and there came to the attention of Thomas Lewis and the other Dowlais partners. He moved to Dowlais and was appointed manager of the works on 30 April 1767. He built his first house at Morlais Brook, Gellifaelog but, isolated from his family, became a "lonely and melancholy man". By 1767, Guest had moved most of his family to Dowlais. [Owen (1977) "pp"13-15] . His children were:
*Thomas Guest ("infra"); and
*Sarah Guest who married William Taitt, (died 1815) another of the Dowlais partners.

Thomas Guest

Thomas Guest (died 1807) continued his father's work at Dowlais. He married Jemima Revel Phillips of Shifnal, Shropshire. They had three daughters and two sons:John (2004)]
*John Josiah Guest ("infra"); and
*Thomas Revel Guest (1790-1837), a partner in Dowlais with two shares and the firm's agent in Ireland. Along with his brother, he was one of the promoters and original shareholders of the Taff Vale Railway. On his death he left one share to his brother and one to his nephew Edward John Hutchins. [Owen (1977) "pp"29-30] Thomas did much to modernise production at Dowlais, employing several of his relatives, including: [Owen (1977) "p."16]
*Cornelius Guest;
*Charles Guest; and
*George Guest.

John Josiah Guest

John Josiah Guest (1785-1852) married:
*11 March 1817: Maria Elizabeth Ranken (died January 1818), the third daughter of William Ranken from Ireland.
*29 July 1833:Lady Charlotte Elizabeth Bertie (1812–1895), eldest child of Albemarle Bertie, 9th Earl of Lindsey. They had ten children, including:
**Ivor Bertie Guest ("infra")
**Montague Guest.

Ivor Bertie Guest, 1st Baron Wimborne

Ivor Bertie Guest, 1st Baron Wimborne (1835-1914), married Lady Cornelia Henrietta Maria Spencer-Churchill (1847–1927), daughter of John Spencer-Churchill, 7th Duke of Marlborough, aunt of Sir Winston Churchill. They had four daughters and five sons: ["Who Was Who 1897-2006" (2007) "Wimborne, Ivor Bertie Guest", A&C Black]
*Ivor Churchill Guest ("infra");
*Henry Guest (1874–1957); ["Who Was Who 1897-2006" (2007) "Guest, Lt-Col Hon. (Christian) Henry (Charles)", A&C Black]
*Frederick Edward Guest ("infra");
*Lionel Guest (1880–1935), married Flora Bigelow Dodge, daughter of John Bigelow, in 1905. Flora was the author of "Laughter and Tears" (1926) and the mother, by her first marriage, of John Bigelow Dodge; ["Who Was Who 1897-2006" (2007) "Guest, Hon. Lionel (George William)", A&C Black] ["Who Was Who 1897-2006" (2007) "Dodge, John Bigelow", A&C Black]
*Oscar Guest (1888–1958). ["Who Was Who 1897-2006" (2007) "Guest, Hon. Oscar (Montague)", A&C Black]

Ivor Churchill Guest, 1st Viscount Wimborne

Ivor Churchill married Alice Katherine Sibell Grosvenor, daughter of Robert Wellesley Grosvenor, 2nd Baron Ebury and they had two daughters and one son: [Boyce (2007)]
*Ivor Grosvenor Guest, 2nd Viscount Wimborne.

Frederick Edward Guest

Frederick married Amy Phipps (1873–1959), daughter of American industrialist Henry Phipps. The couple had a daughter and two sons both of whom emigrated to the U.S.. [Searle (2006)]
*Raymond R. Guest
*Winston Frederick Churchill Guest, (1906-1982) a polo player who married Lucille Douglas Cochrane (C. Z. Guest). The couple had two daughters:Fact|date=September 2007
**Alexander Guest; and
**Cornelia Guest.



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