1714 in music

1714 in music

The year 1714 in music involved some significant events.


*A school of dance opens at the Paris Opera.
*Michel Richard Delalande assumes full control of the French royal chapel upon the retirement of his last co-"sous maîtres". [cite book |last=Palisca |first= Claude V. |title=Baroque Music |origyear=1968 |edition=3rd |series=Prentice Hall History of Music |year=1991 |publisher=Prentice Hall |location=Englewood Cliffs |isbn=0-13-058496-7 |page=283 ]
*Francesco Geminiani arrives in London, where he obtains the patronage of William Capell, 3rd Earl of Essex.
*Georg Melchior Hoffmann, composer, marries Margaretha Elisabeth Philipp; he is already suffering from a terminal illness.
*Domenico Scarlatti becomes "maestro di cappella" at the Cappella Giulia in the Vatican.
*Francesco Maria Veracini visits London and performs at the Queen's Theatre.

Classical music

*Arcangelo Corelli - "Twelve concerti grossi, op.6 ", published posthumously
*George Frideric Handel - "Utrecht Te Deum"
*Johann Sebastian Bach:*"The Little Organ Book":*"Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland" (cantata)


The following operas were composed:
*Leonardo Leo - "Pisistrato"
*Jean-Joseph Mouret - "Les Fêtes ou Le Triomphe de Thalie"


*March 8 - Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (died 1788)
*March 24 - Carlo Giovanni Testori, composer
*July 2 - Christoph Willibald Gluck (died 1787 )
*September 10 - Niccolò Jommelli, composer (died 1774)
*September 25 - Jean-Benoit Leclair, composer
*December 23 - Johann Siebenkas, composer


*April 17 - Philipp Heinrich Erlebach, composer
*September 3 - Pietro Antonio Fiocco, composer (born 1654)
*"date unknown" - Guillaume-Gabriel Nivers, organist (born 1632)


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