Res (disambiguation)

Res (disambiguation)

Res or RES may refer to:
* RES (magazine), a bimonthly media lifestyle magazine
** RESFest, a digital short film festival run by the magazine
* Review of Economic Studies
* Res, an R&B singer
* RES - Registrazioni e Suoni (English: "RES — Recordings and Sounds"), an Italian record label focusing on experimental music
* RES - The School for Renewable Energy Science
* Renewable Energy Sources, ways to produce power that deplete extremely slowly (such as sunlight)
* The Reticuloendothelial system, part of the immune system
* An abbreviation of Resonance used in conjunction with Sound synthesis
* Randomized Exchange Sort (or bogosort), an extremely inefficient sorting algorithm that is not guaranteed to terminate
* Railway Enthusiasts Society, a railway society in New Zealand
* A Red Eared Slider
* Rail Express Systems, the mail sector of British Rail up to privatisation.

"Res" is also a very common Latin word meaning "thing", and as such is the first word of several Latin phrases:
* "Res gestae" ("Things done")
* "Res inter alios acta" ("A thing done between others")
* "Res ipsa loquitur" ("The thing speaks for itself")
* "Res judicata" ("A matter [already] judged")
* "Res nullius" ("An unowned thing")
* "Res publica" ("A public thing"), the origin of the word "republic"
* "Res Extensa", Descartes' physical world.

* res, a predefined intranetwork protocol that is use for internal database request. (other predfined protocol include: mailto)

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